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Sonic Lost World (Windows)

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Title Screen

Sonic Lost World

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 2, 2015

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

To do:
A LOT of leftovers from the Wii U version are in the game.
To do:
Apparently, there are many unused voice lines for Sonic and the Deadly Six, but...WHERE?

Sonic is back again! Only it's from a previous adventure, or more specifically, one that was ported over from another platform.

Unused Videos

Windows version has several unused videos that do not exist in Wii U version.

Found in the game data files is this video called SLW_Broll_Kiosk_14thMay. Converting it into a playable format shows off what looks to be a demo sequence that isn't shown anywhere in the game. The section featuring Desert Ruins Act 2 features minor differences between both the Wii U and Windows versions, like increased fog density, increased draw distance, and increased depth of field.

Demo Video Wii U Windows
SonicLostWorldWindows HoneycombHighway Demo.png

Distant geometry like leaves are visible from much further away.
SonicLostWorldWindows HoneycombHighway WiiU.png

The Wii U version has less depth of field, and less geometry visible.
SonicLostWorldWindows HoneycombHighway Windows.png

The Windows version is identical to the Wii U, but is missing the depth of field effect.

Also found is a video called opening_trial. A leftover from the Wii U demo. It has two audio tracks, each one having different music.

In addition, there are two pairs of movies titled 'ev110' and 'ev110_trial', and 'ev120' and 'ev120_trial'. They are exactly the same.

Unused Option

Sonic Lost World SSAO Option Scrapped.png

The "screen space ambient occlusion" option was originally planned to be added in the video preferences to allow the choice of enabling and disabling it, but that option was scrapped from the settings.

It is the only option in the game that does not have text stroke effects and has a bubble that is in a hexagonal shape.

It can be displayed on the bottom of the screen by either hex editing the FOV multiplier at 0x1333EA to a lower value like 00 00 10 3F or by changing the resolution to a narrower aspect ratio like 1024x1024 or 2048x2048 after replacing the original slw.exe file with Brandondorf9999's fixed executable attachment on WSGF. Also, clicking on that bubble will play an error beeping sound and the option will not change.

Goal Ring

The model of the Goal Ring in Sonic Lost World

The Goal Ring was used in Multiplayer mode of Wii U version, but the Windows port removed said mode so the Goal Ring is now completely unused. However, the model (cmn_obj_goalring.model), sound effect, and coding of it remains in the game and works correctly if placed in a level.

Unused Eggman Voice Lines

Eggman has some voice lines that weren't used in the Wii U/PC Version. Apparently, some were used for the 3DS version.