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Source Filmmaker

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Source Filmmaker

Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: June 27, 2012

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
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Source Filmmaker is Valve's in-house tool for creating quite a lot of trailers and clips for its games, most notable being the Team Fortress 2 "Meet the Team" shorts. Shortened to "SFM" by those who use it (and from here on out, the rest of this page), it combines the look and feel of a non-linear video editor with what is essentially a 3D model viewer into one program. It's also known for being Garry's Mod's younger, but much more professional, brother, in terms of content creation.

Its successor is Source Filmmaker Reborn (unoffically dubbed as SFM2 by the community), which, as the name suggests, is included as part of Dota 2 Reborn. It improves upon the first SFM by using the Source 2 engine (utilized by Dota 2 Reborn), rather than the Source engine, heavy optimization on rendering, and the long-sought ability to utilize more than 8 lights properly, among other things.

Interesting Internal Filenames

Since the dawn of SFM, you've been able to add cosmetics, sounds, models and overlays that are found in Team Fortress 2 on anything via the side-menu. For cosmetics, it is now made even easier thanks to the option to assign an item in a dedicated right-click menu for all TF2 player models (if you wanted to place the hats/clothes/cosmetics on your model the manual way, you'd have to search up the filename for the cosmetic via the model browser, which'd require you to know the filename for said items). Below are a few interesting internal filenames for cosmetics, sounds and various other things found in SFM. These names are normally references from their point of origin, the update they were released in, or by their creator.

Maps, understandably, are in general named after the actual map name, rather than the above criteria, given you have to search for them in the TF2 server list. Even some official community maps keep to this scheme, only adding _final to the end of the filename.

*X replaces whichever class it is meant to be worn by.

**The same hat for each class exists to compensate for the different head sizes.

Name in TF2 Internal Filename Description
Mercenary id_badge* This badge is given to players who started playing Team Fortress 2 from October 10, 2008 onwards.
Snow Stompers eotl_winter_pants An odd name given to a pair of snow boots for the Engineer. The "EoTL" stands for End of The Line, the update it was released in.
Insulated Inventor insulated_innovator A Snow Coat for the Engineer that borrows its file name from its original name.
Coldsnap Cap briskweather_Beanie_X* The file name for this cosmetic is, once again, borrowed from its original name.
Ghostly Gibus all_class_domination_X* Named after the way you acquire the hat in question (dominating a player wearing the Ghostly Gibus).**
Ellis' Cap X*_ellis Named after the character Ellis in Left 4 Dead 2.**
A Rather Festive Tree oh_xmas_tree_X* A reference to the song "Oh Christmas Tree!" by Ernst Anschütz, made in 1824.**
Dadliest Catch nobody_suspects_a_thing_X* Named after a line in the Octodad: Dadliest Catch theme song.**
Candyman's Cap hw2013_harmburg The Pyroland version of the regular Harmburg, both of which are for the Spy. The Candyman's Cap was introduced in the Scream Fortress 2013 update (hence hw2013).
Harmburg jul13_harmburg A portmanteau of harm, and the hat style; hornburg, worn only by the Spy. The Harmburg was introduced in July 2013 (which explains jul13).
The Gentle Munitionne of Leisure sd_rocket_X* Named after the rocket found in the Special Delivery map Doomsday. This hat has the rocket in the aforementioned map.**
Mann Co. Cap X_cap* The first hat you'll receive upon purchasing something within Team Fortress 2 (a hat or a weapon for example). Since it's the first hat available to all "paying" users, it doesn't have that much of a fancy name.**
Proof Of Purchase veteran Given to those who had wasted $20 purchased the game before the Über Update when the game became free to play, those who have purchased The Orange Box, the Valve Complete Pack, or those who received a gift copy of the game. In the game's files, the hat is located in the class specific folder rather than being assigned a class name on the file itself.**
Noble Amassment of Hats hat_second_nr One of Seven hats in the game which make fun of Hats! In the game files, the hat is located in the class specific folder rather than being assigned a class name on the file itself.**
Counterfeit Billycock fwk_spy_disguisedhat Its name is borrowed from the design of the hat, in which the hat has a disguise mask on the front with a picture of the Backbiter's Billycock.
Spy Crab spycrab This cosmetic is odd because it is directly named spycrab in its location, and has its own folder inside of the Spy's cosmetics folder.
Wilson Weave starve_X This hat is based off of the protagonist's hair in Don't Starve. Its model name is borrowed from the main objective to avoid, starving.
Ye Olde Baker Boy newsboy Named after the association of paper boys and this hat.
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head pumpkin_head_X* This hat is given to those who achieve the Sleepy Holl0wnd achievement.
Magical Mercenary hw2013_the_magical_mercenary_X* An obvious reference to My Little Pony and the brony subculture that follows it. It's one of the few hats within Team Fortress 2 that also gives the mercenary wearing it (except Medic and Pyro) new voice lines, most of which refer to whether they're the prettiest Unicorn or not.


All the models below go unused in the games they belong in, or in SFM itself.

Repair Node

A scrapped building replacement for the Dispenser or Teleporter for the Engineer to use in Team Fortress 2. As the name suggests, it repairs nearby buildings, and was intended to do so while the Engineer was away from his Sentry Nest. It's fully modelled with no textures before being cut. It can be accessed in the current open beta of SFM, albeit with no textures. It can also be seen in its completed form in the Engineer update preview video in the background. To get some custom made textures for use in SFM, or even Team Fortress 2 for that matter, you can go here.

Interestingly, Source Filmmaker has a sound cache pathing referencing missing .wav files. A few of them are presumably about Spy getting hit by a car:


These sounds are actually used for this "short_one" called Expiration Date.

Unused Maps


This map is certainly an odd one. cp_cloak is a map that, upon playing within SFM's Game Mode or in TF2 itself, will present you with the models of all classes blown up enormously and surrounding the map. Note the odd facial expressions and "blank eyes". This is because the classes are not meant to have their models placed as props in maps. Truly a frightening sight.



This map appears to be an early, unfinished version of 2Fort, presumably the version used in the Team Fortress 2 trailer as it has no roof on the bridge, no water below the bridge and no details such as the holes and planks on the side of the bridge. It appears to be from after TF2 switched art style as it is in Source instead of GoldSrc, where TF2 had the more realistic art style. It is somewhat close to the final design, missing some features and textures.