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Source Filmmaker

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Source Filmmaker

Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: June 27, 2012

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Source Filmmaker is Valve's in-house tool for creating quite a lot of trailers and clips for its games, most notable being the Team Fortress 2 "Meet the Team" shorts. Shortened to "SFM" by those who use it (and from here on out, the rest of this page), it combines the look and feel of a non-linear video editor with what is essentially a 3D model viewer into one program. It's also known for being Garry's Mod's younger, but much more professional, brother, in terms of content creation.

Its successor is Source Filmmaker Reborn (unoffically dubbed as SFM2 by the community), which, as the name suggests, is included as part of Dota 2 Reborn. It improves upon the first SFM by using the Source 2 engine (utilized by Dota 2 Reborn), rather than the Source engine, heavy optimization on rendering, and the long-sought ability to utilize more than 8 lights properly, among other things.

To do:
  • Are the leftover assets from the Qt version of Hammer different from the normal version?
  • Are there any other unused graphics in the SFM Qt port?


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Day One Release Content
A collection of internal Valve content from the first release of Source Filmmaker.


Several graphics from earlier iterations of SFM are still present in the final release.

SDK Launcher

These unused graphics are present in game/platform/tools/sdklauncher/images, the asset directory for the Qt SDK launcher.

The final version of the SDK launcher does not rely on HTML to display its main content, so these images are not used.

SFM Qt Port

These images are located in game/platform/tools/images/sfm where SFM's UI assets are stored.

These icons were likely used to create new elements in the Animation Set Editor. Instead, a simple plus icon with a dropdown menu is used.

Activated versions of the above icons.

A button to select a MIDI source. This is only possible in earlier versions of SFM.

icon_timeline_up-activated.png icon_timeline_up_activated.png
SFM-Revision-IconTimelineUpActivatedOld.png SFM-Revision-IconTimelineUpActivated.png

An earlier version of the up navigation button in the timeline. Possibly saved with a wrong name during development.


Some Meet The Team sessions included with Source Filmmaker include hidden details inside of the element tree.

Meet The Soldier

Included under the transform attribute of camera20 in the element viewer is a DmeTransform element with a rude name.

         "id" "elementid" "debcb461-cd28-4d05-a935-e16e78fc475d"
         "name" "string" "fuck"
         "position" "vector3" "963.0141601563 -2037.4447021484 -319.9352111816"
         "orientation" "quaternion" "-0.0469732024 -0.00159835 -0.9983171821 0.0339672603"
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Mocap Functionality

Using the -mocap command line parameter causes SFM to attempt to connect to a local "mocap server" using the port 26462. This is likely an internal Valve tool, as motion capture is used extensively in official TF2 movies.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Split-Screen Mode

Since SFM uses the Alien Swarm engine branch, the TF2 game mode will allow for (buggy) 2 player split-screen support.


SFM must be loaded without -tools mode, otherwise change the engine.dll offset 0x11d91a to b8 02 with a hex editor to set max_splitscreen_players to a value of 2, allowing SFM to start with -tools mode.

Once any of the above criteria is met, set ss_enable 1 and run the command ss_map [mapname] in console to start a game in split-screen.

Usually the second player is controlled with a joystick, but using the cmd1 and cmd2 commands, any key can be bound to each player.

Use the following commands to bind simple movement and attack controls to each player:

    cmd1 bind w +forward
    cmd1 bind a +moveleft
    cmd1 bind s +back
    cmd1 bind d +moveright
    cmd1 bind mouse1 +attack
    cmd1 bind mouse2 +attack2
    cmd2 bind w +forward
    cmd2 bind a +moveleft
    cmd2 bind s +back
    cmd2 bind d +moveright
    cmd2 bind mouse1 +attack
    cmd2 bind mouse2 +attack2

Additionally, the convar in_forceuser can be adjusted to switch between players using the default control layout.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


All the models below go unused in the games they belong in, or in SFM itself.

Repair Node

A scrapped building replacement for the Dispenser or Teleporter for the Engineer to use in Team Fortress 2. As the name suggests, it repairs nearby buildings, and was intended to do so while the Engineer was away from his Sentry Nest. It's fully modelled with no textures before being cut. It can be accessed in the current open beta of SFM, albeit with no textures. It can also be seen in its completed form in the Engineer update preview video in the background.


Interestingly, Source Filmmaker has a sound cache pathing referencing missing .wav files. A few of them are presumably about Spy getting hit by a car:


These sounds are actually used for this "short_one" called Expiration Date.

Unused Maps



This map appears to be an early, unfinished version of 2Fort, presumably the version used in the Team Fortress 2 trailer as it has no roof on the bridge, no water below the bridge and no details such as the holes and planks on the side of the bridge. It appears to be from after TF2 switched art style as it is in Source instead of GoldSrc, where TF2 had the more realistic art style. It is somewhat close to the final design, missing some features and textures.