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South Park (Windows)

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Title Screen

South Park

Developer: Iguana Entertainment
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released in US: March 1, 1999

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

The Windows version of South Park is arguably the definitive way to play the series' video game debut. Unfortunately, the game is still as mediocre as ever.

Unused Graphics

The following folders are included in Data.mrg.


Two unused loading graphics, loading and loadpic.

Four unused background textures. Only the one with Cartman's face is used.


dirty.pcx is a peculiar scribble.

SouthPark Win Dirty.png


Assets for a different unused credits sequence consisting of screencaps from episodes of the show and text overlays. The used credits sequence is text overlaid on the camera moving through in-game areas. Also included in the folder is CREDITS.TXT, which lists the order in which the images would be displayed.

The screencaps originate from the Season 2 episodes Ike's Wee Wee, Conjoined Fetus Lady, The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka, City on the Edge of Forever, and Summer Sucks.

An additional three assets not listed in the txt file. "Carl" is Carl Wade, lead programmer on the N64 version. This rendition of him can be seen in the credits of that version.


Contains a scribbly test font.


Multiplayer health icons for four animals who appear throughout the single-player campaign. They appear before the four characters that were added in the Windows version (Jesus, Satan, Santa, Shelly).


SouthPark Win P24 01.pngSouthPark Win P24 02.pngSouthPark Win P24 03.pngSouthPark Win P24 04.pngSouthPark Win P24 05.pngSouthPark Win P24 06.pngSouthPark Win P24 07.pngSouthPark Win P24 08.pngSouthPark Win P24 09.pngSouthPark Win P24 10.png


SouthPark Win P23 01.pngSouthPark Win P23 02.pngSouthPark Win P23 03.pngSouthPark Win P23 04.pngSouthPark Win P23 05.pngSouthPark Win P23 06.pngSouthPark Win P23 07.pngSouthPark Win P23 08.pngSouthPark Win P23 09.pngSouthPark Win P23 10.png


SouthPark Win P25 01.pngSouthPark Win P25 02.pngSouthPark Win P25 03.pngSouthPark Win P25 04.pngSouthPark Win P25 05.pngSouthPark Win P25 06.pngSouthPark Win P25 07.pngSouthPark Win P25 08.pngSouthPark Win P25 09.pngSouthPark Win P25 10.png


SouthPark Win P26 01.pngSouthPark Win P26 02.pngSouthPark Win P26 03.pngSouthPark Win P26 04.pngSouthPark Win P26 05.pngSouthPark Win P26 06.pngSouthPark Win P26 07.pngSouthPark Win P26 08.pngSouthPark Win P26 09.pngSouthPark Win P26 10.png


Intro15.pcx is a cropped screencap from the show's intro.

SouthPark Win Intro15.png

MouseCursor.pcx is a placeholder cursor reading "Beefcake!".

SouthPark Win MouseCursor.png

Unused Models

Expansion Pak

The model for the Expansion Pak still exists in the PC version, as well as the cutscene for when the Expansion Pak is detected. It will always use the last sky and last song loaded.


Out of Bounds Objects

Many things exist outside of the levels in this game. Some are for cutscenes which make sense, but there are many clearly misplaced items as well... or maybe compiler errors? After all, this is the cousin of Turok 2 which seems to have done this a few times too. Notice that many misplaced items seem to be below somewhere that they would have made sense to be.

Show Intro Cutscene

A pink tree exists behind the bus stop that you see in the show's intro.

South Park Pink Tree.png

Character Select

A school bus is parked next to the boys in the character select menu, but is off the screen and normally can never be seen.


Most likely unrelated, but it is interesting to note that there actually is a school bus player character that cannot be chosen in-game by any means.


Chapter 1 Level 1

Seems like they wanted to give you some Cheesy Poofs when you get the dodgeballs at the cabin, but for whatever reason, it ended up below.


There is a wooden arrow underground, not far from the Cheesy Poofs.


Chapter 1 Level 2

Right at the start of the level, there are a row of trees that can't be seen normally during gameplay.


Another box of cheesy poofs under the ground. Just like the first level, they happen to be near dodgeball pickups.


Chef's house floats in the void. This is actually where the cutscene takes place at the start of this level.


Chapter 2 Level 3

The cutscene that plays after beating the Clone Blob boss actually takes place in a separate arena off in the void.


Chapter 3 Level 3

Similar to the Clone Blob, but the other way around. The UFO Core that you confront is just for show. You're actually teleported to an arena off in the void where the fight takes place after the cutscene.


Developer Credits

At the start of SouthPark.exe is credit for the EXE compression.

Compressed by Petite, Copyright(c)1998 Ian Luck.PE