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Space Invaders (SNES)

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Title Screen

Space Invaders

Developer: Taito
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: SNES
Released in JP: March 25, 1994
Released in US: November 1997
Released in EU: 1997
Released in AU: 1997

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

To do:
Document differences between the Super Game Boy version.

Space Invaders are now invading your Super NES!

Unused Song

A They come or classic martian-themed song. ROM addresses 00883521 + 80CF0B03 or Game Genie codes 4F67-DF04 4FAD-34A7 will play this song anywhere after the intro. This song is also unused in the Super Game Boy version, released three years earlier.

(Source: nensondubois)

Hidden Staff Roll

Pro Action Replay code 7E011A01 will start the hidden staff roll instead of the demo sequence. ROM text for the staff roll can be found at 0x0C64. If you don't want to use a Pro Action Replay code, then wait for one of the demos to start. Once it's in progress, press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Down, Up, Up, Down. The credits will be shown instead of returning to the Title Screen either once you press Start or when the demo finishes.

(Source: nensondubois, ugetab)