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Spin Six

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Title Screen

Spin Six

Also known as: Kurukuru Action: Kurupachi 6 (JP)
Developers: Creatures, Zener Works
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: DSiWare
Released in JP: April 1, 2009
Released in US: June 21, 2010
Released in EU: December 31, 2010
Released in AU: December 31, 2010

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Spin Six is a port of Nonono Puzzle Chailien, but with Spin Six (KuruPachi 6) as the only mode. The Chailiens which appear in this game (obscure tiny alien creatures) were renamed "Chaliens" for the English versions.

Furthermore, one of the sub-modes of Spin Six (the "taisen" or battle mode) was removed, along with the multiplayer capabilities of the original game.

Unused Music

To do:
Possibly more are in the sdat unused.

The below names are the internal names in the game's .sdat files (/eng/kuru86_dsi.sdat and /usa/kuru86_dsi.sdat). The unused music includes tracks leftover from Nonono Puzzle Chailien.


In Nonono Puzzle Chailien, this theme plays on the mode selection menu, but is arranged differently. It seems to be unused in Spin Six.

Regional Differences

The US version features an ESRB notice before it actually loads. The UK English version doesn't show a notice at all.

For some reason, the UK English version's title screen uses an uncapitalised "developed by" instead of the US version's "Developed by".

The logo is different between versions.