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Splatoon/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Splatoon.

As usual, American and European/Oceanic regions got two different English localizations of the game. The American version of the game is extremely retro-'90s in a tongue-in-cheek way, while the European release is relatively straight in comparison. Notably, the EU/OC release uses slightly harsher language than the American version of the game due to religious swear words such as "damn" not being viewed as particularly offensive in British and Australian English (not that they're particularly offensive in American English either, but you know).

Those changes aren't present in the sequel, as the European-English version is based off of the American-English translation.


Stage Quotes
What's with their obsession of chips- I mean fries, NOE?
Weapon Descriptions
Yup, even the weapon stats were slightly changed.
Octo Valley
Give em heck- I mean hell!


  • When an online match ends, it will say "Finish!" in the Japanese version, "Stop Battling!" in the European version, and "GAME!" (in all caps) in the North American version.
  • In lieu of full voice chat, players can attempt a very limited form of communication via the D-Pad, featuring differently translated messages in each version. Pressing Up sends the message 「カモン」 (literally "come on") in the Japanese version, "To me!" in the European version, and "C'mon!" in the North American version. Pressing Down sends the message 「ナイス」 (literally "nice") in the Japanese version, "Nice!" in the European version, and "Booyah!" in the North American version.
  • When Judd is announcing the score, the Japanese and European versions of the game will have a % next to the turf inked, however the USA version has solely the number.


In the USA version, Spyke uses British Cockney slang, compared to the European version, which he uses plain slang instead.

USA Europe
Now who're you? Not to be harsh love, but you're lookin' right moldy at the moment. ...Who are you? Listen, not to be harsh or anything, but you're not looking too fresh right now.
I can't be dealin' wif blokes below Level 4 on the freshness scale. I ain't in the habit of associating with folks who aren't at least Level 4 on the freshness scale, y'see?
So maybe go do a bit of battlin' before you come back, yeah? So maybe you wanna go do a bit of battlin' before you come see me again.

Final Boss

The final boss has different lines depending on the version. The North American version gives the final boss music puns, while the European version, he has more generic lines closer to the original Japanese text.

Europe USA
I'll take back what's mine! GYAH HA HA! I'ma remix your face!
Are you ready for this? Y'all ready for this?
Ghrargh?! Grraaargh?!
Impudent inksquirt! Slimy little hipster!
Let him have it! After him!
Eat this! Peep THIS!
Go, my minions! You can't handle my spicy wasabi beats!
OK, it's on now! Oh, it's on!
I'll...make...SQUID SOUP OUTTA YOU! You 'bout to get MASHED UP!
Who do you think you are?! Do you even know who you're messin' with?!
Way to be, Agent 3!
Spread as much ink as you can! Blast those Octorpedos! Blast those Octorpedoes!
I'll get you for that! How dare you!
What's this? This song? What's this? Where mah beats?!
You've got it upside down! Radio override activated!
Huh? What's this?! Huh?
That heavenly melody... It's the one and only SQUID SISTERS! That heavenly melody... It's the one and only SQUID SISTERS!!
Agent 3! Take care of gramps for us, 'kay? Agent 3! Take care of Gramps for us, 'kay?
As they say - sometimes the best offence is...running for your life! As they say - sometimes the best running for your life!
Just a little further, Agent 3! Just a little farther, Agent 3! an you! I'MA DUBSTOMP YOU INTO OBLIVION!
Now! Strike the finishing blow! Now! Finish him!
Oh no... Vanquished... Oh no... So sad...
So...sad... black...

Ending Cutscene

The ending cutscene's dialogue involving the Squid Sisters midnight Newsflash is mostly different except for one line.

Europe USA
Nobody's here this late, but we have a NEWSFLASH! OK, it's late, but we've got a midnight NEWS FLASH!
What what what? What's going on at this hour?! Wait, what's going on?! What time is it?
Whoa, really?! That's a shocker! Whoa, for serious?! That's a shocker!
Where could it have been? I guess we'll never know! Where was it, anyway? I guess we'll never know!
Well, at least it's back now! Well, hey, at least it's back now!
Ah, a happy ending! Wanna blast one more song? Yeah! Let's ROCK!
At this time of night? ...Oh, why not! ...At this hour?! Ehhhh, why not!


Most splatfests have different themes between regions. So far, only three themes have been shared between multiple regions: Cats vs. Dogs in both North America and Europe (not at the same time), Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Green/Blue (in all regions on the same weekend, although not at the same time), and the Miitomo-themed Fancy Party vs. Costume Party (in all regions simultaneously, across two days due to timezone differences).

Pokemon Red & Blue

USA Europe
A Splatfest that will finally settle an old score! A theme that will finally settle an old score!
Did you go for the cover with the hot Charizard? Did you go for the cover with the cool Charizard?
Or did you realize that Blastoise is WAY cooler? Or were you tempted by the mighty Blastoise?
I'm one fiery squidkid, so Charizard speaks to me. I'm all about Fire types! So Charizard speaks to me.
You can pick Charmander as your starter in Blue too. Charmander can be your starter in Blue, Callie.
But you can't get Vulpix in Red. That's what's up! But you can't get Vulpix in Red. That's what matters!
You...can't...what? But I've spent YEARS searching! You...can't...what? Years of searching, wasted!
Nope, you gotta trade with someone who has Blue. You'll have to trade with someone who has Blue.
Nobody has Blue, Marie! It's the inferior version. Nobody has Blue because Red is obviously cooler!
Sigh...this Splatfest is going to be trouble... Oh boy...this battle's going to be a fierce one, isn't it?
And make it double! I do. But now I'm not sure if you deserve my Vulpix.
We'll protect Inkopolis from devastation! I hope we can protect the stages from devastation!
And unite all squids within our nation! Or maybe it'll unite all squids within our nation?

Gear Names

Some pieces of gear have different names in each region.


Europe USA
Armour Jacket Replica Armor Jacket Replica
B-Ball Vest (Away) B-Ball Jersey (Away)
B-Ball Vest (Home) B-Ball Jersey (Home)
Baby Jelly Shirt Baby-Jelly Shirt
Layered Camo LS Camo Layered LS
Dark Urban Gilet Dark Urban Vest
Firefin Sweat Navy Firefin Navy Sweat
Forest Gilet Forest Vest
Grey College Sweat Gray College Sweat
Grey Mixed Shirt Gray Mixed Shirt
Grey Vector Tee Gray Vector Tee
Green Check Shirt Green-Check Shirt
Mountain Gilet Mountain Vest
Octoling Armour Octoling Armor
Pirate Stripes Tee Pirate-Stripe Tee
Power Armour Power Armor
Rainy Day Tee Rainy-Day Tee
Red Check Shirt Red-Check Shirt
Sage Green Polo Sage Polo
Sailor Stripes Tee Sailor-Stripe Tee
Shirt and Tie Shirt & Tie
Pink Shrimp Polo Shrimp-Pink Polo
Sky-Blue Squideye Sky Blue Squideye
Squid Pattern Waistcoat Squid-Pattern Waistcoat
Sunny Day Tee Sunny-Day Tee
Vintage Check Vintage Check Shirt
Tricolour Rugby Tricolor Rugby
Yellow Urban Gilet Yellow Urban Vest


Europe USA
Armour Helmet Replica Armor Helmet Replica
Cycle Helmet Bike Helmet
Camo Mesh Cap Camo Mesh
Colourful Headphones Designer Headphones
5-Panel Cap Five-Panel Cap
Fugu Bell Hat Blowfish Bell Hat
Safari Hat Jungle Hat
Noise Cancellers Noise Cancelers
Octoling Scope Octoling Goggles
Football Headband Soccer Headband
Snorkel Snorkel Mask
Jungle Hat Safari Hat
Fashion Cap Streetstyle Cap
Coloured Shades Tinted Shades
2-Stripe Mesh Cap Two-Stripe Mesh


Europe USA
Acerola Wellies Acerola Rain Boots
Armour Boot Replicas Armor Boot Replicas
Blue Biker Boots Blue Moto Boots
Blue Plimsolls Blue Slip-Ons
Dark Green Hi-Tops Hunter Hi-Tops
Football Studs Soccer Cleats
LE Football Studs LE Soccer Cleats
Ltd Edition Lo-Tops LE Lo-Tops
Biker Boots Moto Boots
Neon Green Sea Slugs Neon Sea Slugs
Red Plimsolls Red Slip-Ons
Squid-Stitch Plimsolls Squid-Stitch Slip-Ons
Squid Ink Brogues Squink Wingtips
Green Wellies Green Rain Boots

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