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Splatoon 3

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Title Screen

Splatoon 3

Developers: Nintendo EPD, Monolith Soft, TOSE
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: September 9, 2022

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
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*Out of bounds geometry in Splatsville (Grizzco building).

Splatoon 3, featuring a story mode nearly as complex as the Octo Expansion, expanded customization, Tableturf Battle, 100% more Callie, and 99% less Off the Hook, is no doubt the biggest, jam-packed and most chaotic installment yet.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
SPL3 UpdateIcon.png
Version Differences
Ay! (Heads up, the game was updated!)
SPL3 UnusedAnimIcon.png
Unused Animations
Up and down, and stretch your legs!
SPL3 LockerIcon.png
Unused Graphics
All sorts of placeholders and early stuff.
SPL3 DebugLeftoversIcon.png
Debug Leftovers
Were region-locked Splatfests intended to return?

Unused & Unobtainable Gear

Return of the Mammalians Sets

Damaged Hero Gear Set

SPL3 Clt MSN301.png SPL3 Shs MSN301.png
Gear icons for the "damaged" version of the Hero Gear.

Full Hero Gear Set

SPL3 Hed MSN302.png SPL3 Clt MSN302.png SPL3 Shs MSN302.png

Gear icons for the "full strength" version of the Hero Gear. A duplicate of this set is also present within the gear icon files named Hed_MSN306, Clt_MSN306 and Shs_MSN306, respectively. Their names suggest they may have been placeholders for another set of Hero Mode-exclusive Gear.

Armored Sets

SPL3 Hed MSN303.png SPL3 Clt MSN303.png SPL3 Shs MSN303.png
Gear icons for the first layer of armor the Hero Gear can get.

SPL3 Hed MSN304.png SPL3 Clt MSN304.png SPL3 Shs MSN304.png
Gear icons for the second layer of armor the Hero Gear can get.

Final mission Set

SPL3 Hed MSN305.png SPL3 Clt MSN305.png SPL3 Shs MSN305.png
Gear icons for the special version of the Hero Gear worn in the final mission's finale segment.

Captain 3 Set

SPL3 Hed MSN310.png SPL3 Clt MSN310.png SPL3 Shs MSN310.png
Gear icons for the Captain's Gear set.

Fuzzy Octoling Set

SPL3 Hed MSN110.png SPL3 Clt MSN110.png SPL3 Shs MSN110.png
Gear icons for the Gear set worn by the Fuzzy Octolings encountered in the mode.

SPL3 Hed MSN111.png
An Elite Octoling variant of the goggles is present, just as it was in second game.


Nails' Eye Textures

Underneath Nails' sunglasses is an eye texture that is normally never seen in-game.

SPL3 Nails UnusedEyeTexture.png

"Limited" Salmon Run Mode

Two gamemodes titled under the "Limited" mode are left unused in the files; Pair and Underground.

Both of the gamemodes have their own pay grades and titles, and could also be occasional experiences based on them being under the "Limited" mode.

Underground is a harder version of Salmon Run with many slight changes that create a tougher experience.
- Every boss has 30% more HP and moves 30% faster.
- 2 of the bosses that spawn will drop large Golden Eggs which add 5 eggs to the counter.
- The quota increases faster than regular, having a +3/+5/+7 quota.

Pair has no known data about it so far.

Originally, there was a 3rd mode, named Contest, but it was later adapted into Eggstra Work in the Fresh Season 2023 update. However, neither of these gamemodes or the Limited mode have any connection to Big Run.

Unused Models


To do:
Extract the texture and compare with final (in Japanese)

An early model of the lobby terminal screen, with a placeholder menu.

SPL3 100 LobbyTerminalScreen.png

Fld FesPollingPlace

An unused variant of the Splatfest Pledge Box, which seems to be very unfinished due to the lack of proper texturing and the simple blocky modelling.

SPL3 Fld FesPollingPlace.png


There is a model for an extremely unfinished Splatsville in its Splatfest variant. While there are textures, none of them are applied to the model itself. SPL3 Fld BankaraCityFes.png

Unused Music

Three identical copies of the lobby music from Splatoon 2 titled BGM LobbyVersus Normal Day, BGM LobbyVersus Normal Holiday and BGM LobbyVersus Normal Night are present in the files.

BGM LobbyVersus Normal Day

Unused Parameters


This parameter exists in the files for all stringers. It is normally always set to false, and setting it to true reveals an unused projectile tracer.

Internal Name Oddities

  • One of the City/Plaza Inklings' walking animations is named Walk_Plaza_HarleyQuinn.
  • Internally, the game refers to the "Respawn Punisher" ability as "Exorcist".
  • The Splatana Stamper is internally referred to as the "normal" splatana, despite being considered the more advanced variant in-game.

Internal Project Name

Splatoon 3's internal project name is Thunder, according to strings in the executable. This seems to go along with Splatoon 2's project name, Blitz, as Blitz is the German word for Lightning.