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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox)/Unused & Hidden Objects

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This is a sub-page of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox).

Unused Models


Guess what Squidward, we stink!

An unused model of the Smelly Sundae (from the episode Something Smells). It was intended to be a power-up, and can be seen in prerelease footage on SpongeBob's chair.
By using a hex editor, you can turn the underwear health into a trigger for the Smelly Sundae. The sundae allows SpongeBob and Patrick, while leaving behind a trail of rancid breath, to run faster and destroy Stone Tikis with a basic attack, lasting about 10 seconds. It was probably removed for being slightly overpowered. Strangely, the Xbox version has a higher resolution texture for the model than the other versions.


Come along, Mr. Doodles!

A textureless model of a worm (most likely Mr. Krabs' worm from the episode As Seen on TV) found in Shady Shoals. There are also four animation files for itː two idle animations, an 'attacked' animation and a walking animation. By switching the files for an NPC in Shady Shoals with the worm's files, it will appear in the game and try to run its animations, but due to the NPC's collision data, it will be partially in the floor. Its animations also seem to be broken.


Bfbb musclebobmodel.png
SBSP-BfBB-Speedo SpongeBot level eyes.png

An unused model of the Robot SpongeBob boss with Anchor Arms. While in the final game it does get Anchor Arms, it's only for a cutscene and it doesn't wear a speedo. Like the first phase Robot SpongeBob boss, the final phase can be seen within its eye sockets.

Beach Fish

Two versions of the fish NPC's have Goo Lagoon variants that aren't seen anywhere.


Bfbb earlyshinyobjects.png
An early image of the hub for SBBFBB, which shows early shiny objects in the background.

A row of early shiny objects.


Bfbb sandmountainexit.png

An exit sign meant for Sand Mountain found in the hub world.


Bfbb shinyobjectsbox.png

A shiny object donation box. The final game uses clams for shiny object gates.


Bfbb boat taxi.png

A model of a taxi with a UV map that does not fit the texture. While there is a taxi in the game at taxi stops, only half of it was modeled. This mesh has the other half intact.

sb_cabinet01.MODL and SB_cabinet02.MODL

Two shelves meant to be seen in SpongeBob's kitchen. They can be seen outside of the kitchen via camera hacks, and were likely forgotten to be placed by the developers.

Early Models

Early Flying Tiki

Early flying tikis as seen in early gameplay.

An early version of the flying tiki. It is pink and has lips. Interestingly, in the files, the used one is still called tiki_lovey_dovey.

Early Thunder Tiki

Frozen(?) early Thunder Tikis in an early version of a sand mountain level.

An early version of the thunder tiki.

Gary Sign


An early hint sign with a picture of Gary instead of a question mark.

Soccer Ball

How does the Soccer Ball smash?
The soccer ball in an early screenshot.
The soccer ball in another early screenshot.

A soccer ball, which later became the throw fruit and took the form of a watermelon. It can be seen in several early screenshots.

PUSH Buttons

Bfbb redbutton.png

Early buttons saying "PUSH", while in the final they have a picture of a hand. The texture for when it is pushed is actually used in an early version of the Goo Lagoon level.

Early Toll Gate

Bfbb earlytollgate.png

An early version of the toll gate. The texture is different and the shell says "stop" on it.

Fat Raft Guy

Bfbb fat raft guy early.png
Seen in an early screenshot.

The fat raft guy in Goo Lagoon was originally shirtless and wearing green swim trunks.

Unused Details

Some models have parts in them that aren't normally seen in-game.

Squidward's Clarinet

I've got a hot date with a little lady, and her name is Clara Net!

Squidward's clarinet is part of squidward_bind_01.dff.MODL, but he's never seen holding it or playing it.

Hidden Objects

Miscellaneous Objects


A Duplicatotron can be found under the one above it in Sandy's Dream during the "Swinger's Ahoy!" task. It is triggered when the one above it is destroyed; this is because it is in the original Duplicatotron's explosion radius. Hence the reason for 100 shiny objects rather then the 50 it usually gives you.


A Duplicatotron can be found in the left big fountain in the "Drain the Lake" task.


A Duplicatotron can be found under the one above it in Downtown during the rooftops section where it's on the yellow building. Like the Sandy's dream one, it is triggered when the above one is destroyed.


A Duplicatotron can be found underneath a hill in Sand Mountain... right under another Duplicatotron. This means that destroying the Duplicatotron on the surface won't stop the flow of robots being summoned, as they seemingly come from the side of the hill.

One of the world's greater mysteries

A group of checkpoints, all in exactly the same position, can be found underneath the beginning of the Sand Mountain slide. There appear to be several checkpoints here, but the text remains on the screen after they all activate, indictating there's many more checkpoints then it seems.

It's possible to activate one of these checkpoints without cheatcodes using a precisely timed glitch; it sends you near the top of a mountain around the center of the level. It's unknown if the rest of the checkpoints lead you to the same place.

This is wastin' me money!

Behind the Ski Lodge in Guppy Mound are several shiny objects, including a purple object underneath a rock. It's not possible to access these without cheatcodes.

SBSP-BfBB-Misc. objects.png

Some flags can be found near the starting area of Flounder Hill. They can't be accessed without cheatcodes.

the wonders of technological advancement

In the second Mermalair level, you can use the camera to clip inside the Mermalair Computer to find... Barnacle Boy!? Believe it or not, he's the person you actually talk to when you speak to the computer. The developers probably didn't feel like making another conversation spawn, and simply used Barnacle Boy's to save time.

SBSP-BfBB-Unused Shiny Objects RB.png

Underneath the entrance in Rock Bottom is a purple shiny object.

The whole ship is underwater, Captain.

Underneath the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard level is a shipwreck that's never seen at any point. It doesn't appear when the lake is drained.

In the level "The Small Shall Rule... Or Not", you can use the moonjump code to go underneath the Robot SpongeBob boss and find these texture-less platforms. It resembles the walkways used to get to the fuses, but with another platform underneath it. The bottom platform casts a weird light that you can actually stand on from the top.

Hidden Tikis

To do:
Get some screenshots of other hidden tikis; one exists in another Sand Mountain area (apparently).
  • A Thunder Tiki can be found underwater in Goo Lagoon, near the giant sand castle. It's possible to access this tiki by using a glitch which involves freezing the rising water in the giant sand castle area at a certain depth.

The purpose of this tiki, however, is clear; directly above the tiki is an gap between a row of Thunder Tikis on the bridge leading to the Goo Lagoon Caves. It's very likely that the developers slightly misplaced the tiki, and simply forgot about it.

Hey guysǃ
  • These two tikis can be found behind one of the ski lodges in the first Sand Mountain area. It's not currently possible to access these tikis without cheat codes. There's no other Floating Tikis or Shy Tikis in the level itself, which makes their existence rather odd.
Must be boring just sitting there all day
  • Two tikis can be found just off the northwest section of the Kelp Forest Slide. It's possible to access these two tikis using a glitch called the Bubble Bowl Boost (jumping and bubble bowling just one frame after Hans brings you back). The presence of the Stone Tiki is odd as they can't be broken while on a slide.