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SpongeBob SquarePants 3-D Pinball Panic

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Title Screen

SpongeBob SquarePants 3-D Pinball Panic

Developer: Ezone
Publisher: Nick.com
Platform: Adobe Shockwave
Released internationally: 2004

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

SpongeBob and friends get trapped in pinball machines.

Unused Graphics

Graphic Description
Spongebob Stop The Car A very compressed explosion.
Sbpinball rodentlight.jpg The life bar from the Ezone game Space Wombat.
Sbpinball bubbles.jpg A group of bubbles.
Sbpinball fun.jpg Some metal with "FUN!" painted on it, clearly meant for the Krabby Land table.
Where am I? While not actually unused, there's more to the texture than what's seen, which is just the billboard part.
W to wumbo! A yellow W.

Unused Text

At 0x3F3FB in 00e39493.dat is some text leftover from Space Wombat.

Race mode: Defeat the boss and find the hidden clock icon before time runs out!
Collect mode: Defeat the boss and find the hidden blue gumnut!
Race mode:
/to unlock the clock icon before time runs out!
collect mode:
to unlock the blue gumnut!

At 0x61D4E are some serial numbers that look like they're meant to be used with Shockwave.com's ValidateKeyXtra that some other 3D Groove games such as Alien X or Death From Above use.


00f135cf.fff has leftovers from Wild Thornberrys 3D Chopper Chase.

AA5,[ #firstplay: "PLAY", #instructs: "HOW TO PLAY", #highscores: "HIGH SCORES", #instructions1: "GAME FEATURES:
-- Play as one of your favorite 'Wild Thornberrys' characters in a fully 3D world 
choose from Eliza, Debbie, Donnie, Nigel and Marianne!
-- Three ways to play: You can travel on foot, hop in a helicopter or rev up a motorcycle!
-- You'll find backpacks to help you on your mission scattered around each level! 
Green Backpack: Vehicle Repair 
Yellow Backpack: Extra Points 
Purple Backpack: Turbo Speed", #instructions2: "CONTROLS:
ARROW KEYS: Move your character or vehicle
SPACEBAR: On Foot -- Jump 
you can use this to climb up on rocks!
SPACEBAR: In Vehicle -- Activate turbo or powerslide
ENTER: Enter or exit your vehicle
ESC: Pause or quit the game
C: Change camera view. You can play the game from a third-person point of view or from your own point of view!
B: Back up if you get stuck
The Wild Thornberrys Movie' are on the prowl in Africa's Serengeti National Park. It's up to the Thornberrys to round up the animals and bring them back to the game park before the poachers can get their hands on them! Remember 
speed is key 
you MUST get to those animals before the poachers!!!" ]

00f142b6.fff has leftovers from Fairly OddParents Information Stupor Highway.

6ED,[ #firstplay: "PLAY", #instructs: "HOW TO PLAY", #highscores: "HIGH SCORES", #instructions1: "GAME FEATURES:
-- Surf through the Internet on an email envelope as Timmy!
-- Three exciting gameplay modes to choose from:
RACE: Beat Krokers evil green viruses!
TIME TRIAL: Beat the clock!
EMAIL RESCUE: Collect the emails!
-- Each mode has three difficulty levels to challenge you.", #instructions2: "CONTROLS:
LEFT / RIGHT ARROW KEYS: Move Timmy left and right
UP / DOWN ARROW KEYS: Accelerate and brake
SPACEBAR: Powerslide - makes Timmy faster, but not as easy to steer
ESC: Pause or quit the game
C: Change camera view
B: Back up if you get stuck
M: Music on or off", #instructions3:"PICKUPS:
Grab these pickups along the way to increase your score and win the race!
Speed Boost      Freeze Opponents    Extra Points
In 'Email Rescue' mode collect these email envelopes to win!"