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SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom (PlayStation 2, Wii)

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Title Screen

SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom

Developer: Incinerator Studios
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Wii
Released in US: October 20, 2008
Released in EU: October 31, 2008
Released in AU: October 23, 2008
Released in KR: December 11, 2008

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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To do:
Look into opening the .trb files, as they may have unused content. The .trb files are made to work with Blue Tongue Entertainment's Toshi Engine.

SpongeBob and friends fight a bunch of booger monsters in their final adventure on the PlayStation 2.

Due to Blue Tongue Entertainment working on de Blob, THQ hired Incinerator Studios to handle the sequel to Attack of the Toybots, reusing the same engine; unfortunately, the combination of it, and many, many bugs (including being able to corrupt the save file by saving in the hub) would effectively halt the Unite! series.

It is also notable for being the only entry of the series not to feature characters from The Fairly OddParents! at all, and to not get a Game Boy Advance incarnation.


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Prerelease Info

Unseen Geometry

Bubble Bass Boss

GlobsOfDoom Unseen Rectangle.PNG

Underneath the stage of the Bubble Bass boss fight two rectangular prisms can be seen under Bubble Bass' hands, away from the player's normal field of view. When he uses his left hand to attack, the left rectangle moves to the right, and when he uses his right hand to attack, the right rectangle moves to the left. The rectangle will move back to where it started once Bubble Bass finishes his attack.

(Source: UnclePaul894)

Unused Audio

SpongeBob SquarePants

Audio Transcript Notes
Look's like we're back to square one. Maybe this line was planned for the Girl-Eating Plant boss when it spits SpongeBob and Technus out?
RUNNNNNNNN!!! SpongeBob saying to run away from something. It is hard to guess where it was planned to be used.
Do you smell that? That…smell. It's the smelly smell that smells…smelly. A reference to Mr.Krab's line from "Help Wanted." It is unclear where this could have been used, maybe the sewer section in Bikini Bottom?
First, bun. SpongeBob reciting the ingredients of a Krabby Patty.
Then, patty! This set of lines for making a Krabby Patty were likely meant to be used in the Bubble Bass boss fight.
Followed by ketchup. Presumably, instead of simply placing the entire patty on the grill, the original plan was to have the player place each individual ingredient onto the grill before it could be fed to Bubble Bass.
Mustard. Another line related to Krabby Patty making.
Pickles. Hopefully, they don't wind up under Bubble Bass' tongue this time.
Onions. A line for SpongeBob placing onions on a Krabby Patty.
Lettuce. Yet another line related to Krabby Patty making.
Cheese. You would think that after doing it countless times, SpongeBob wouldn't need to remind himself how to make a Krabby Patty.
To-may-toes. SpongeBob playfully saying "tomatoes" when making a Krabby Patty.
Anddddd...bun. Based off the way he says it, this would have been for placing the final ingredient, the top bun.


Audio Transcript Notes
A Krabby Patty! This unused line might have been planned for the Danny Phantom and Plankton combo attack, or maybe Bikini Bottom level 2.
KRABBY PATTIES!!! Another Krabby Patty related voice line.
YES! Plankton exclaiming "yes." Maybe it was planned for Plankton being happy about finding Krabby Patties?
NO!!!! Plankton shouting "No!" It is so vague it could have played anywhere.
The plant monster went that way. Most likely meant to be used in Retroville level 2.
I...guess I can let you out. This would have been used for encountering an NPC trapped in Morphoid goo.

Danny Phantom

Audio Transcript Notes
I need a break! A rather generic voice line, it is hard to figure out the exact situation it was planned for.
What is THAT? Danny reacting to something surprising. Like the above line, it is too vague to pin-point a specific place it might have been used.
There's debris blocking the roads. Maybe...there's another way around? A voice line that was probably planned for either level Danny is playable in.
The giant plant came through here. It seems that the Girl-Eating plant was planned to leave a trail through Retroville level 2.
Hold on, I'll save you! This line was meant to be used for encountering an NPC trapped in the goo.
No need to thank me, just doing my job! If it was used, this line would have played after rescuing an NPC. Way to humble-brag about it, Danny.
Okay, let's head back. This unused line was made for when the Mawgu portal appears at the end of the level.


Audio Transcript Notes
Look's like a dead end. Or is it? Dun dun dun! A rather humorous unused line. Due to the vagueness, it is hard to guess where it was planned for.
It's only vulnerable from the inside. Probably a line meant for the Girl-Eating Plant boss fight, since you have to go inside it to win.
THIS is a wonderful plethora of technology you know. I love it! Technus enthusing about technology he found. While this could reasonably fit in any of the levels he is playable in, it could have also been for Retroland, since there is evidence Technus and Beautiful Gorgeous were originally playable there instead of the GIR boss.
This place needs better mall security. Technus lamenting how Paul Blart was unable to stop a 50-foot plant monster.
What a dangerous marvel! Considering that it's Technus, this was probably about a dangerous piece of technology. Another line that is hard to pinpoint what it was planned for.
I hope no one is watching... An unused line for being embarrassed disguising as a girl in the Retroville boss fight.
Um, this is not my color. I'm an autumn. Another unused Retroville boss fight line. Technus, you are bright green, I really don't think you're an autumn.
Look at how those cars smash, I love it! It would have been used in the Retroland level and seems to mention a scrapped rollercoaster car hazard.
This ancient ride cannot hold itself together. Most likely, the "ride" was one of the rollercoasters in Retroland, but the part about it being "ancient" is a bit strange.
You seek help from the genius of gadgetry? A line that was supposed to be used when encountering an NPC trapped in goo.

Jimmy Neutron

Audio Transcript Notes
Retroland is in BAD shape! A slightly different version of the line he says at the beginning of the Retroland level.
We have to stop that plant! Here, Jimmy is referring to his Girl-Eating Plant, which has been brainwashed by the Morphoids.
All aboard! Jimmy channeling his inner train conductor. Likely meant for a scrapped rollercoaster ride segment.
Please secure all loose items. Another line probably meant for a rollercoaster ride in Retroland. In the final game, you walk on a rollercoaster track, but you never ride a rollercoaster.

Beautiful Gorgeous

Audio Transcript Notes
I guess we're stuck in here with this mutt. Beautiful Gorgeous lamenting how Tak and herself are trapped with the Ghost Dog.
Here puppy puppy puppy! She is playfully beaconing the Ghost Dog in this clip.
Time to get to work. An unused line with the exact same dialogue as one of SpongeBob's used lines, it could have fit in anywhere, really.
It's alive! HAHA...oh no wait. She is referencing Frankenstein, only to realize the thing coming to life is not something she wants. A bit of a stretch, but this might have been planned for when the Ghost Dog runs into electricity, gets stunned, then recovers. It would be like the electricity "zapped it to life" after shocking it.
Chew on that, pooch! Seems like she is taunting the Ghost Dog, presumably after damaging it.
Fetch that! Another line for the Amity Park Ghost Dog boss fight. In the final game Beautiful Gorgeous is playable for the Ghost Dog boss, but she says no unique lines during it, leaving all her Ghost Dog related voice lines unused, excluding "Ew, Morphoid Rabies!" which was repurposed for Bikini Bottom level 1.
I am going to need a BATH after this. This unused line could have been meant for anywhere, given you wade through goo half the game, but judging off it's proximity to the other unused lines numerically, it was likely made for the Ghost Dog boss.
Ugh, where's the doggy door when you need it? A doggy door will do you no good...you'll need the PLUNGER OF DOOM!!!
I'm NOT a chew toy! Yet another scrapped line for the Ghost Dog boss.
Watch the outfit, you mangy mutt! Might have been planned to play when the Ghost Dog used its charge attack.
The entrance is blocked? Based off the file name number being after the other Ghost Dog lines, this was probably made for Retroland.
Look's like we have trouble. Very generic line, but like the above, it was probably intended for Retroland.
At least the plant left a trail. An unused line for finding a trail left by the Girl-Eating Plant, like the ones Danny Phantom, Plankton, and Jimmy Neutron have.
Be careful, those cars will squash us like pancakes. "Those cars" refers to a scrapped segment that involved dodging rollercoaster cars in Retroland. It seems Beautiful Gorgeous and Technus were planned to be the playable characters for that level, but considering that Jimmy Neutron has lines for Retroland as well, it probably wasn't set in stone.
The tracks are falling! There is one brief moment where the rollercoaster tracks fall in Retroville level 1, but Beautiful Gorgeous isn't playable there in the final game.
It's a long way down. Intended for being on a tall rollercoaster.
We need to get to the next track... It seems Retroland was originally going to involve a lot of platforming on rollercoaster tracks.
I'm coming just...stop whining! Most likely a voice line meant for an NPC trapped in goo shouting for help. In the final game the only place she could have used this line is Bikini Bottom level 1 with Gary, but SpongeBob says "Gary? Gary!" instead.
I don't know why I bother. A snarky line that is hard to guess where it was planned to be used.
I HATE rollercoasters. Beautiful Gorgeous has so many lines for Retroland, and she isn't even playable there!
Yeah yeah, now scram. This was going to play after an NPC thanks you for freeing them.
Let's go see what the Old Crab has in store for us next. Her voice line for making it to the Mawgu portal at the end of the level. Seems to be the only time outside of cutscenes that a character would talk about the Wise Old Crab...if it wasn't unused.
That's one way to do it. Very vague, hard to guess where it was meant for, yada yada, you know the drill.


Audio Transcript Notes
Oh no! Looks like we're not getting back out that way. Seems to imply that an entrance to an area became blocked.
That door…is not quite open anymore. Likely related to the unused line above.
Shocking! Tak apparently saw something he thought was shocking...not much to say about it.
Take that you pesky phantom pooch! Sounds like Tak just successfully attacked the Ghost Dog boss.
Ew, evil dog droll! Background chatter meant for fighting the boss of Amity Park.
I've heard of mad dog, but this is ri-di-cu-lous. Another Ghost Dog boss fight line. Is "mad dog" supposed to be some kind of pop culture reference?
Sit, no, bad dog! In the final game, while Tak is playable for the Ghost Dog fight, he only says one line in the beginning that lampshades how this is yet another science lab location and never mentions the actual Ghost Dog.
Play dead! I said play dead doggy! It's a ghost dog. Technically, it already IS playing dead.
Olay! This voice line could have been used for successfully tricking the Ghost Dog into touching the lasers.
I'm not your chew toy! This might have been made for when the Ghost Dog performs its charge attack, but it could have played anywhere in the fight and still make sense.
Ground this! Interestingly, Traloc has this same unused line meant for the GIR boss fight. This could mean Tak was considered for the GIR boss fight.
Up, up, and away! Intended for either Tak or something else flying into the air.
Runaway! The ground is attacking! A second line similar to one of Traloc's unused GIR lines, providing more evidence he was a candidate for fighting GIR.


Audio Transcript Notes
That house is alive! The Traloc and Dib combo played during Amity Park level 2 was originally meant for the GIR boss fight.
Looks like we're back to square one. Traloc would have said this when being thrown out of Zim's house for the next phase of the GIR boss.
Ground this! A line for stunning the Robo-Parents.
You know this hut really needs redecorating. Apparently, Traloc doesn't like Zim's sense of style.
What's with the monkey? Probably a response to seeing Zim's framed photo of a monkey.
Runaway! The ground, it's alive! He would use this line during GIR's extending arm attack.
The floor is possessed by juju! Traloc mistaking GIR's arms shooting through the flooring as "juju."
Go for the eyes! This would have been used for when GIR rests on the ground in his vulnerable state.


Audio Transcript Notes
My work here is almost COMPLETE! Simply an alternate take of one of Zim's used lines.
We must find GIR! Another take of the line Zim says in Zim's Town level 1 about getting to GIR.


Audio Transcript Notes
This lever should clear the ventilation system. An alternate take of the line that Dib says in Amity Park level 2.
This lever should open the vent system. Yet another version of the aforementioned line.
AHHHHHHHHH!!! An unused audio clip of Dib screaming. According to NT08.txt in the Sound/EN folder, Dib is falling as he is screaming. It might have been planned for when GIR throws the heroes out of the house and they fall to the ground.
Uh oh, these gnomes don't look friendly. It seems that Dib was planned to be playable for the GIR boss fight. This presumably would have played when encountering Zim's gnomes.
That house is alive! Dib reacting with surprise to Zim's house moving around...which is a little strange, since Dib is aware of Irken technology.
Lasers! Pew pew pew pew pew! Dib making laser noises. It likely played while the gnomes used their laser attack.
Robots...why did it have to be robots? A voice line that would have played when the Robo-Parents were deployed.
Mmm, looks like we're back to square one. A line for getting thrown out of the house for the next phase of the boss battle.
I'm not sure I like that little robot anymore... The "little robot" in question is most likely GIR. Apparently Dib has a soft spot for GIR?
Not this again! This is a bit vague. It could have been used for encountering the gnomes/Roboparents again or the start of the next phase.
Pew pew pew pew pew zzzch! More laser imitation.
Don't these gnomes ever get tired? It would have been used when seeing the gnomes for the second or third time.
Roboparents, you're grounded! Probably used for when the lever is pulled to short-circuit the Roboparents.
Ground THIS! Another line for stunning the Roboparents. It seems Dib had a lot of lines for this level.
I wish I'd brought some tacos. Apparently, seeing the piece from the Vessel of Portentia made Dib hungry.
I love what you've done with the décor! Dib being impressed with Zim's decorating skills, it would have been used for when you enter the house.
What's with the monkey? In all likelihood, this was referring to the framed picture of a monkey in Zim's house.
Runaway, the tiles are attacking! A line for when GIR shoots his arms up through the floor.
The floor is getting its REVENGE! An alternate, more hammy line for GIR's floor attack.
The eyes! GO FOR THE EYES! The quote that would have been heard for when GIR was vulnerable.

Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots Leftovers

Unsurprisingly, Globs of Doom was built upon Attack of the Toybots's engine, so there are a few leftovers from that game:

  • The achievement list.
  • Character health icons.
  • Copyright-related screens.

Version Differences

There are a few minor changes between the PS2 and Wii versions:

  • The PS2 lacks the fog during slide sections the Wii version has.
  • Textures seem to be a lower resolution in the PS2 version, likely due to its weaker hardware.
  • Confusingly, the PS2 version runs at 60 FPS, while the Wii version runs at 30 FPS.
  • The music is higher quality in the Wii version, using a sample rate of 44100 Hz, while PS2 ranges from 32000 Hz, 22050 Hz and 16000 Hz.