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Title Screen


Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in JP: September 5, 2008
Released in US: September 7, 2008
Released in EU: September 5, 2008
Released in AU: September 4, 2008

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Spore is one of Maxis' most... unusual ideas. Sadly, thanks to a long and rocky development period, it quite possibly has more unused content than used.

To do:
  • Finish documenting existing finds. Get screens of the unused editors. Lay it out better. "There is a full article on removed features in the SporeWiki here."
  • A whole list of game states Spore can enter can be found here
  • Someone on the SporeWiki made a short list of unused graphics. It's not that great, but maybe somebody might find this handy? [1] (Note: The entry "Chinese or maybe Japanese script" likely refers to Spore_Graphics~!graphics_atlas~!#3C7EB9A5.png and Spore_Graphics~!graphics_atlas~!#3C7EB9A4.png, which is a part of this)
  • Add images of stuff, and stuff which can have actual images.
  • Document remaining unused UI stuff.
  • Add mention of remaining unused editors.
  • Hunt for unused content in DLC/Patch Packages.
  • Document translation and version differences for base game and DLCs.
  • Finish searching through the leaked Demo, official Demo, and full Creature Editor Standalone. Some stuff has turned up already, so this is definitely worth looking into.
  • Do we really need to list a texture separately from the SPUI it is used for? Mention of the texture predates all knowledge of the SPUI format, soo...


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Unused Models
Bits and pieces that survived any cleaning that was done.
Unused PROP files
This stuff is pretty interesting, if you can read it.
Unused Achievements
Some rather bizarre unused achievements.
Unused Sounds
These creatures never made these noises since the dawn of time.

Unused UI and Graphics


SPORETCRF layouts atlas~!editorPalette.spui.png

A variant of the parts palette bar, as seen in several promotional videos from 2007. Interestingly, unlike the final version (layouts_atlas~!editorPartsPalette.spui), this version has no arrows to see the next/previous set of 9 categories. It also lacks a number of blocks related to the selection effect present in the final version, but if the videos are any indication, this is probably just because it had no such selection effect. It also has a ComboBox, which was visible in the videos, and appeared to contain some kind of debugging list, so this feature was likely not intended for the final game. There is no paint mode counterpart to this piece of UI, as it was probably overwritten completely for the final game. In fact, the debugging ComboBox may hint that the only reason this SPUI wasn't overwritten as well is because it was used as a separate debugging version, although this has not been proven.


SPORETCRF layouts atlas~!E3LaunchScreen.spui.png

The iconic Editor/Stage selection screen from the E3 2006 demo. Given the mention of E3 in the filename, it seems this SPUI may well have never been planned for the final game at all. The "Dev UI" button seen on the far right does not appear in-game.



This texture contains several extremely early labels and icons for some editors and stages. Note that some of these editors are not present in the final game. These textures are used for the E3LaunchScreen, listed above.


SPORETCRF layouts atlas~!launchscreen.spui.png

Unlike E3LaunchScreen, this SPUI is very unpolished, and does not appear to have been intended for players' use.


SPORETCRF layouts atlas~!-90A57BFA.spui.png

This unused SPUI appears to be an early (or development) version of the interface for starting a new save planet, presumably at Civilization stage. The icon, however, clearly features a Cell, oddly enough.

Unused Editors


SPORETCRF editor setup~!floraeditorsetup-prop.png

There is a Flora editor which went semi-unused in the final game (it is technically used for the Sporepedia Viewer, but not as an actual editor), which can be accessed by running SporeApp.exe with the command line option -state:FloraEditor. It is very glitchy and doesn't allow saving of your... "creation" unless a part with the "fruit" ability is present.

Also worth noting that if you do save your plant, the plant may crash the game. If the Galactic Adventures DLC is installed, this can be avoided with the "gaprop" tag, although due to a bug in the tag's behaviour, all other tags must be removed. This bug is not specific to flora.


SPORETCRF editor setup~!celltemplate-prop.png

There is also a Cell Editor thought to be meant for the game's Developers. It can be accessed by running SporeApp.exe with the command line option -state:CellEditor. It features several variants of each of the standard parts, with the exception of the three eyes - instead, there's a fourth eye, known as "Long Eye".

Cake Editor

To do:
Find the files related to this editor

There is also an unused, albeit incredibly strange, 'Cake Editor'.

Unused Animations


To do:
What is the difference between music_physical_nosound.animation and music_physical.animation?



These appear to be test animations tied with the Physical song.

(Source: SMC Database)

Mahna Mahna

To do:
Upload a video of these animations




These test animations are leftovers from this test video which these animations are tied to Mahna Mahna song from the The Muppets.

(Source: SMC Database)

Unused Music

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The song is Olivia Newton-John — Physical, this is tied to these unused Physical animations.

The Muppets — Mahna Mahna

To do:
Filename of this song

The song is The Muppets — Mahna Mahna, this is tied to these unused Mahna Mahna animations.

Unused Creations


Spore Eyeguy.png

There is an unused cell that never appears in the Cell Stage, seemingly as a test for different cell parts. Interestingly, most of the parts on it are placed in midair slightly offset from the main body, and slightly asymmetrically at that. Also interestingly, the flagella parts on it have bulbs on the end of them. These are actually the same flagella part from page 4 of the "Extended" Cell Editor (cell_parts~!cl_movement_flagella_04) but with different values for the part's normally-inaccessible morph handles.


Spore PaintSwatch.png

The template for the paint sprites that appear in the Cell Editor is an actual cell, called "PaintSwatch".

Naming Oddities

Fin parts

The fin parts in the Creature Editor are Detail parts in the final. However, unlike every other Detail part, their internal hashed name does not start with the prefix ce_detail_, but rather ce_movement_, which is the prefix used for feet. This is a leftover from the scrapped Aquatic Creature Stage, where fins would have had actual use as movement parts.