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Title Screen


Developer: Guillemot
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in US: December 8, 2004
Released in EU: March 11, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Sprung was one of the Nintendo DS' launch titles, notable for being one of the few western-developed dating sims released commercially and physically in the United States. The game puts you in the roles of both Becky and Brett, two twenty-somethings on vacation in the mountains with their wild cast of friends.

The game is generally text-based and can be considered both an adventure and a dating sim.

Unused Areas

An unused scene with the description - "You meet Kiki in a bar. Get drunk." can be found within the game's files. Another scene, "Love in the Lift", is also unused; this is likely an earlier version of Brett's first scene "Lift off!" and is shown in a screenshot in the game's booklet. It has the description "Learn to score with the ladies".

Unused Scene Dialogue

Serving The Freezing Dish (Becky)

The game has unused dialogue involving a successful method of inserting laxatives into Conor's drink in this level. The level's description mentions this as one of three successful ways to complete the level, but it is impossible in-game.

You drop sixteen laxatives into Conor's drink!

This additional path also includes an unused "golden line".

I put sixteen laxatives in your drink.

An Eye for an Eye (Becky)

Because there is no successful method of inserting laxatives into Conor's drink in the previous level, there are a few branches of dialogue between Becky and Elliot referencing that which go unused. If you use cheats to load into the level before having completed the previous level, this scenario is used by default.

Oh. So that must have been before you dumped all of the laxatives into his drink.
I mean you shouldn't be, seeing as you already got your revenge.
Everyone heard about that. I felt kinda bad for him.
Every guy on the mountain is terrified of you.
It's hard to seduce someone by freaking him out. Unless he's into that type of thing.
I bet you had a hand in that too, you conniving little trick. Get out of here before I have you removed.
I'm gonna page him. He and I need to have a few words.
Hmmm...hope he doesn't press charges.

Bonus: Snow Bird Shopping Spree (Becky)

Erica has programmed dialogue in this scene for when Becky doesn't have any money. Becky will always arrive at this level with either $25 or $50, so this goes unused.

You don't have any money. Sorry.

The following lines also appear to be unused.

You have to tell me what you want to buy! That's the way it works here. Money for products.
You're not a commie, are you?

The Crush (Brett)

This level has a few lines of text that don't appear to be accessible, including a method of using the "Heimlich Maneuver Pamphlet" item to stop Erica from choking, which doesn't happen in the game because it doesn't allow the "use item" function in between her choking and passing out.

You whip out the brochure and quickly master the basics of the Heimlich technique and wrap you [sic] arms around Erica from behind!
[Erica]: URGH! URGH!
You dislodge the blockage from Erica's trachea. Erica falls to the floor and catches her breath.
[Erica]: Brett! You saved me!

Unused Level Descriptions

Internally, the game stores different parts of these levels as separate scenes. However, the game processes them all as checkpoints within the same level, so these level descriptions are never seen.

Clashing Cliques (Becky)

[Description]: Alex is going to throw water on Kiki.
[Objective]: Stop her!
[Description]: Kiki might get Alex fired.
[Objective]: Stop her.
[Description]: Kiki is still upset.
[Objective]: Convince Alex to apologize to Kiki.

Cupid Behind the Scenes (Brett)

[Description]: Coach Elliot in the ways of love to get him off your back!
[Objective]: Help Elliot Hook Up with Shana.

Unused Item Dialogue

There is unused dialogue for items that are impossible for Becky or Brett to ever receive in their respective paths or never have an opportunity of using on certain characters.

Amorous Action (Becky)

Amorous Action is an item used by Brett in-game and has the effect of kissing whoever you're talking to. Becky never receives this item, but still has programmed dialogue for when it is used.


Erica is excited.

When used on Erica as Becky, she will say these things on each consecutive use until a GAME OVER screen is reached.

Becky, stop being weird!
No seriously, stop it!
Just give me a second to send a resort-wide text message...
[TAP TAP] Becky... is no longre...shoot, longer...into guys. Send.
With you out of competition the boys on the mountain are mine. Mine!


When used on Alex as Becky, she will say the following things all at once, but this won't lead to a GAME OVER screen.

Becky, what are you doing?
I don't do that!
Not since college...


Leanne only lets you use it once, leading to an GAME OVER after the following dialogue.

You and your friend Brett are awful fresh! I don't think I'm gonna talk to you any more.


Shana also only lets you use it once, but has two lines of separated dialogue.

Sorry, but I'm not hip to the whole free-love thing.
I'm gonna go cleanse my aura of your tainted energy.


Kiki's dialogue is unique in that you can use the "item" on her a total of five consecutive times before reaching a "GAME OVER" screen, each with unique lines. The fourth set of lines even gives Becky a chance to respond with two options, though both of the responses lead to the same result.

Becky, cut it out. We both know how to kiss.
Or at least I know how to kiss.
Actually, you know what? I think you are a better kisser than me.
Probably because I don't waste a lot of time kissing!
Remember at the homecoming fair when you and I raised money in the kissing booth?
Though I think the two of us combined didn't raise as much as Erica in the dunk tank.
[Kiki]: At first I thought you were just joking but now...
Becky, are you hot for me?
[Becky]: Yeah, right. I totally want you. / Don't be ridiculous.
[Kiki]: Why not? I get hit on by girls all the time, I'll have you know!
One even bought me a drink once. So there.
OK, now you've officially freaked me out. I'm gonna go...stand over there.


Conor will say this and then continue the conversation.

Why are girls always all over me? Am I that irresistible?


Elliot will say this and then continue the conversation.

Becky! What's gotten into you?


Brett will say this and then continue the conversation.

What was that for?


Oh Becks, I knew you would take me back!
Let's get out of here.

This text will follow and lead to a GAME OVER screen.

Getting back together with Sean means leaving the mountain.


Well I'm not gonna say no to that! Come here you hot little snow bunny!

This text will follow and lead to a GAME OVER screen.

You and Lucas are arrested for indecent exposure.


Becky Skye just kissed me! In public. I....I...I....I...

This text will follow and lead to a GAME OVER screen.

Great, now he's catatonic.

Rabbit's Foot (Becky)

Rabbit's Foot is an item that can be received by Brett in his first level. Becky never receives this item, but still has programmed dialogue for when it is used.


Uggh! That's fake, right?
Tell me it's fake, Becky, tell me it's fake!


Who carries those? You're even weirder than I thought.


Once I had a rabbit fur coat...
But it got ruined at the dry cleaners. Apparently it's really hard to get some stains out of rabbit fur!


Leanne leads to an immediate GAME OVER after the following dialogue.

I used to have a pet rabbit named Peter...
Until that one winter when my family was snowed in and the roads were blocked for days...
I'm sorry..I just can't talk to you right now!


Shana continues the conversation after the following dialogue, but takes the Rabbit's Foot.

Oh, the poor little thing!
I'm going to give it a burial, Becky.


Using the item on Conor will initiate dialogue between Becky and Conor and then resume the normal conversation.

[Conor]: Hey, I used to have one of these on my first set of car keys.

Candy Stevenson gave it to me after we...

[Conor]: Used it to pull the homecoming parade float.


Hey, cool, I always wanted one of those!


Brett doesn't take the item despite his dialogue.

Hey cool, thanks!


Using the item on Sean will initiate a conversation between Becky and Sean and then resume the normal conversation.

[Sean]: Hoping to get lucky, Becks?
[Becky]: Yes.
[Sean]: Really?
[Becky]: But not with you.
[Sean]: Oh.


So if I rub this the right way will it help me get lucky?


Danny takes the item upon giving it to him.

Will this make me lucky?

Hay (Brett)

Brett receives this item from Erica at the very end of the level "The Crush", but must give it to Shana in the following scene (who has different dialogue in that scene when it is given), making this text unused. Leanne is the only other possible character it can be given to, but a generic "no thanks" item dialogue plays if you attempt to during that level.


Are you saying I look like a horse?


Giving the item to Erica triggers a GAME OVER following her dialogue.

[Erica]:Ah!!! Where did you get that?!?! I'm so allergic!
Erica begins having a horrible sneezing fit. And then an aneurism.
She dies. You are so screwed.


What, did you come straight here from a rodeo? Put that away.


Ah that straw takes me back to my days on grampa's ranch in Odessa.


Hay is murder.


Um I didn't bring up the giant bale of hay because I was trying to be polite [sic]


Is that supposed to be some kind of tribute to my flaxen locks? I'm not flattered.


Don't build your house here, little pig. We've got zoning laws.


You know, most people I would question why they had a twenty pound cube of dried grass, but not you.


Hay! How's it going? No, seriously put that away.


That hay's not gonna 'bale' you out, man. Concentrate!

Unused Text

Unused debugging text can be found within certain levels that is never intended to be reached.

Guess Who? (Becky)

Default box. Should not get here!

An Eye For An Eye (Becky)

This text actually does appear within the level, spoken by Elliot, however, it is only part of the normally impossible Conor Laxative route.


Blind Date (Becky)

shouldn't get here! (default link)

Indecent Proposal (Brett)

default box should not get here!

Cupid Behind The Scenes (Brett)

This is the box we access when something that shouldn't happen does.

The Hot Tub Rub (Brett)

Whoops box.

Bonus: 2 Fast 2 Flirtatious (Brett)

Whoops box. Whoops box. Whoops. Whoops.

Hormone Havoc (Brett)

This Whoops box is lazy. Laziness abounds in whoops boxes.

Unused Music


Completely different from the other Apartment music in the game, it remains unused in both the game and the music section. Its name indicates that it was to be used when characters were displaying sad emotions.


An alternate version of the former. Features slightly different instrumentation.


Intended for disappointment on the Ski Lift, evidenced by its name. Features completely different instrumentation from the final Ski Lift themes.


Intended as a boredom theme in the Ski Shop, evidenced by its name. Features completely different instrumentation from the final Ski Shop themes.

Unused Image


Sprung's Image Gallery section has 52 images that can be unlocked by collecting items throughout the game and completing scenes. With normal gameplay, however, only 51 images can be unlocked. This image, titled "Capture the Heart", is completely unobtainable without the use of cheats. It was likely meant for a late scene in Brett's path.

Scene Number Function

Pressing the L and R buttons simultaneously on the character select screen will display the number of the level that the selected character's save file is on.

Regional Differences

The European edition of the game has a slightly different splash screen, reflecting its extended title from the game's European box art.

US Europe
SprungUSSplash.png SprungEuropeSplash.png