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Spy Fox: Operation Ozone

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Title Screen

Spy Fox: Operation Ozone

Developer: Humongous Entertainment
Publisher: Humongous Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: April 28, 2001

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Poodles Galore has constructed a giant orbital aerosol hairspray can to destroy the ozone layer so she can have a world monopoly on her SPF 2001 sunscreen, and it's up to Spy Fox to stop her. Can he do it? Probably, but it may be too late for Humongous Entertainment anyways.

And then Spy Fox was never heard from again. Oh well, he had a pretty good run of it.

Unused Text

Debug Output

The game outputs hefty quantities of debug console messages. They're most easily viewed by running the game in ScummVM and setting the debug level to 0 or higher.

Debug Rooms

There are several debug rooms for quickly modifying the game state. To enable them, add the line WhosABigCheater=I to the configuration file (last letter case-insensitive, so i will also work).

Room Select


Activated by pressing the G key. Click on a room to go to it.

Item Select


Activated with I. Click items to place them in the inventory. Note that having more than 12 at once will crash the game.

Path Select


Activated with C. Allows most game options and some important flags to be set.

(Source: ScummVM Wiki)

Unused Scenes

Freaky Muscle Shack

One more bizarre Humongous Easter egg for the pile. Go to the Universal Imports shack, hold the Up and Right arrow keys simultaneously, and click on the proprietress to get this... this... explanation-defying thing.

God knows what it's doing in the game.

Aliens Ate My Cookies Ad






Left over in the resources for the intro sequence is this unused teaser for A Gaspocket Adventure: Aliens Ate My Cookies, a (trendily prerendered) adventure game developed by Humongous subsidiary Gaspocket that was slated for release around the same time as this game, but ultimately canceled.


Oddly, the ad's background is the only graphic in Operation Ozone to use 16-bit color - everything else uses 256 colors, despite the fact that the game actually does run in high color mode. Preview versions of the game used 256 colors; it's not clear if the color mode was upgraded so the ad could be included, if the ad was put in due to the color mode being changed, or something else entirely.

Unused Graphics

More placeholders, more temporary animations, more stuff.

Spy Car

Graphic Notes




Placeholders for the Spy Car's destination indicator.

Chicle Cache

The chicle room has a near-complete set of test animations for the chicle-boulder escape sequence.

Graphic Notes
SPYOZON-room-12-akos-3-sequence-0-chicle-1.gif Fox places the Spy Toaster.
SPYOZON-room-12-akos-3-sequence-1-frame-0-chicle-2.gif He pops into the air and pulls the handle to release the chicle.
SPYOZON-room-12-akos-6-sequence-0-chicle-3.gif He gets his chicle, but... uh-oh!
SPYOZON-room-12-akos-3-sequence-2-chicle-4.gif Just shoot it, Fox! Or run for your life, whatever works.
SPYOZON-room-12-akos-4-sequence-0-chicle-5.gif Running across the pillars...
SPYOZON-room-12-akos-5-sequence-0-frame-0-chicle-6.png ...and toward the exit.
SPYOZON-room-12-mult-0-awiz-0-chicle-pillar-1.png SPYOZON-room-12-mult-0-awiz-1-chicle-pillar-2.png


Temporary graphics for the collapsing pillars, probably originally used in the test sequence above.

Cosmetics Factory Entrance

Used Unused
SPYOZON-room-17-obim-571-im-0-window-normal.png SPYOZON-room-17-obim-571-im-1-window-opaque.png

There's an extra object graphic for the window the guards sit behind that shows it opaque instead of clear. Possibly it was supposed to change to this after the Spy Ear puzzle was solved, or there was meant to be an alternate version of the puzzle that didn't involve eavesdropping on the guards.

Cosmetics Factory Rocket


An early graphic for the Sticky Stun Bun's splatter.


What it looks like on the intended backdrop.

Bea's Bees

Graphic Notes
SPYOZON-room-32-akos-4-im-0-bees.png Some bees, much larger and more cartoonish than the used versions. This is the only graphic and there's no animation defined, so it may have been a placeholder.

Moon Base Hangar

SPYOZON-room-35-awiz-4-focus-1.png SPYOZON-room-35-awiz-5-focus-2.png

These background sketches are for a focus-switch transition from Poodles to Fox during the initial arrival cutscene that never came to fruition. In the final game, Poodles simply walks out of frame, revealing Fox.


A mockup of how it would have looked, using the existing graphics.

Powder Puff Control Room

Graphic Notes
SPYOZON-room-38-akos-13-sequence-0-frame-28-save.png The last frame from Fox's entrance sequence has an embedded message. Naturally, it's skipped over in-game.

Outer Space

Graphic Notes
SPYOZON-room-47-akos-3-sequence-0-frame-0-fox-closeup.png Early version of the close-up of Fox shown the first time he sees the can.
SPYOZON-room-47-akos-6-sequence-0-frame-0-rocket-enter.gif Test animation of the rocket flying into the can...
SPYOZON-room-47-akos-7-sequence-0-frame-0-rocket-land.gif ...and landing in it.


Graphic Notes
SPYOZON-room-2-akos-0-im-0-saveload-unknown.png A simple save/load preview placeholder dating all the way back to Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo. This game's version is resized to fit the larger image slots.
SPYOZON-room-2-akos-0-im-1-saveload-unused.png Another preview, this time of the sewers in Spy Fox 2: Some Assembly Required with a horribly-broken palette.


Graphic Notes
SPYOZON-room-41-mult-4-awiz-0-arrow blackbg.png SPYOZON-room-41-mult-5-awiz-0-arrow blackbg.png Up and down arrows (their backgrounds are transparent, but shown black here for clarity). Probably meant for scrolling through parts of the credits with multiple subsections, but in the final game this is simply done by clicking on the credits panel.


Graphic Notes
SPYOZON-room-0-mult-1-puttracenod.gif SPYOZON-room-0-mult-2-puttraceshake.gif


A few graphics from the game restart prompt of Putt-Putt Enters the Race somehow wound up stored with this game's opening logos.
Graphic Notes
Spyfox2-room-1-rmim-0-interface-bg.png A placeholder background for room 1, which exists only to store the inventory interface components. Identical in appearance and usage to a graphic from Spy Fox 2.

Unused Music

A few of the vocal songs have unused instrumental versions, though not all of them.

Title File
The Poodle Menace
For Your Pies Only
Mission Implausible
Some Assembly Required
View To A Dill
From Poodles With Love

The load/save music from Putt-Putt Travels Through Time is also still here. Seriously.

Unused Dialogue

Just like its predecessors, this game has a smattering of unused and almost entirely unremarkable dialogue. This xdelta patch re-enables everything listed below except the bowling shoes messages, which can easily be triggered using the inventory debug room.

Grappling Granny

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox I should make use of the Grappling Granny to get over that quicksand.
Spy Fox Walking through just isn't going to work.
Spy Fox Eeyuck!
Spy Fox That quicksand is the consistency of Grandma Fox's oatmeal.
Spy Fox It would be easier to cross if I used the 'Grappling Granny' again.
Spy Fox I can't get through the quicksand that way.
Spy Fox I'd better make use of the 'Grappling Granny' SPY gadget again.

A series of messages for when Fox walks into the quicksand after already solving the Grappling Granny puzzle. Fox uses the Granny automatically whenever he needs to cross in the finished game; perhaps at one point he didn't, and it proved too aggravating to have to do it manually every time.

Pro Shop

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox I don't need another pair of bowling shoes.
Spy Fox I already have a pair of bowling shoes, I don't need another pair.
Spy Fox I really don't think I need another pair of bowling shoes.

These lines play on the beauty clay path when the bowling shoes are used on the shoe rack after trading for the flippers. Of course, it's impossible to have the bowling shoes after trading them, so these can't be heard.

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox I'd like another bowling shirt, Sport.
Sport Sorry, pal, one per customer.
Sport I'd be happy to trade you, though.
Spy Fox Can I have that bowling shirt?
Sport Sure, but you have to trade back the other bowling shirt.
Spy Fox I think the color of that bowling shirt would work better for me.
Sport I'm sure it would, but you have to trade back the other shirt first.

Some lines meant to be played when a shirt on the rack is clicked with one already in the inventory. Instead, the game automatically trades whichever shirt is in the inventory (possibly another intentionally-removed headache-inducer).

Wig Maker

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox I didn't know that was back in style.
Spy Fox Tres chic.
Spy Fox How trendy.

When the wig style indicator is clicked, Fox says the name of the selected style. One of these lines should play at random afterwards, but it doesn't happen because of a script bug.

Clam Pile

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox The Pearl Detector shows that there is no pearl here.
Spy Fox There isn't a pearl here.

Because of a scripting error, only the second half of the pearl detector failure messages play. The first one should precede "I need to keep looking", while the second comes before "I should keep looking".

Prickly Pear Ranch

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox Those look like nut shells.
Bobby Llama They are indeed, Pilgrim. I have recently freed the nut from the shell helping it on a journey to my well being.
Spy Fox If those aren't nut shells, then I'm a nut-head.
Bobby Llama Those are indeed nut shells. But whether or not you are a nut-head is yet to be determined.
Spy Fox You must really like nuts.
Bobby Llama Inside it's hardened shell, the nut finds oneness which, when released, carries its oneness straight to our tum-tums.

An alternate set of conversations for clicking Bobby Llama's bowl of nutshells. The script that would trigger them is simply never called.


File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox E4.
Spy Fox H6.
Spy Fox I5.
Spy Fox B8.
Spy Fox D3.
Spy Fox F2.
Spy Fox W5.
Spy Fox Y7.
Spy Fox R9.
Spy Fox T1.

Abbreviated messages for clicking the jukebox's song labels. Instead, Fox always reads both the number and song title. These may have been meant to play from the second click on, as with similar labels, but if so the trigger was removed entirely - no code calls the script that plays these.

Undocumented INI Settings

Palette Display


Adding ShowPalette=1 to the configuration file adds a window showing the currently-loaded palette. Pressing P with the window highlighted cycles through the palettes (though only palette 1 is ever used) and also reloads the palette. It won't update automatically on changing rooms, so it has to be refreshed manually in order to work.

Path Select

The INI settings ForceLand and ForceWater force every new game onto a particular route. ForceLand=1 makes the required food item a Prickly Pear Pizza, while ForceLand=2 makes it a Secret Donut XY. Similarly, ForceWater=3 puts the game on the beauty clay path, while ForceWater=4 enables the pearl path.

No Water Effects

Adding DontUndulate=1 to the configuration file disables the ripple effects in the underwater areas, presumably as a fix for computers that couldn't handle it.

(Source: ScummVM Wiki)