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Square no Tom Sawyer

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Title Screen

Square no Tom Sawyer

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Platform: NES
Released in JP: November 30, 1989

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Square no Tom Sawyer is a Tom Sawyer game by Square.

Sound Test

Square no Tom Sawyer-soundtest.png

At the title menu, press Up, Up, Down, Down, A, B, Up, Down on Controller 2. Left and Right scroll through the tunes (denoted by the number at the bottom-right corner), while A plays the selected music.

Secret Messages

First Secret Message

  1. Start a new game, then go to the character menu by pressing Select.
  2. Select the bottom option to choose Tom.
  3. Select the top option, "ししょう" ("Master").
  4. Select the bottom option, "けってい" ("Select").
  5. Enter "ホワイトラビット" ("White Rabbit") as a master name.
  6. Select the top right option, "きめる" ("Accept").
  7. Hold B on Controller 2, and press A on Controller 1.

White Rabbit's Secret Message

Square no Tom Sawyer-msgrabbit.png
Yahoo~ Rabbit here.
Sato.. Lotus.. 25.. Tadamasa..
Lupin.. Cuatro.. Sekiguchi.. Kuma..
Noritake.. Kiriko.. Betamax..
Rauto.. and everyone else from Satoshi Systems..
how ya doin'?
I finally went and did it.

If you're reading this message, do be
so kind as to shoot me an email at
Telstar 363. I won't [sic] draw 5 people's names
at random and give them a fabulous gift.

More Secret Messages

To trigger these messages:

  1. Enter one of the phrases below as a master name for Tom.
    • Unlike the trigger method for White Rabbit's Secret Message, there is no need to hold down B on Controller 2.
  2. Return to the game and press B to enter the menu.
  3. Select the bottom option, "アイテム" ("Items").
  4. Select "つかう" ("Use") on the item "テント" ("Tent").
    • This will save your current progress and enter the master name to the battery-backed SRAM.
  5. Reset the game by pressing the Reset button, or performing a soft reset with Select + Start.
  6. Enter the Sound Test cheat at the title menu, but before entering the last button on Controller 2, hold Start on Controller 1.

If performed correctly, one of the following messages will be displayed:

Hannya Kayo Keru

Square no Tom Sawyer-msg0.png

Enter the phrase "ハンニャカヨケル" as a Master name for Tom ("Hannya Kayo Keru").

Firework Rocket

Square no Tom Sawyer-msg1.png

Enter the phrase "ロケットハナビ" ("Firework Rocket").

Salvia Flower

Square no Tom Sawyer-msg2.png

Enter the phrase "サルビアノハナ" ("Salvia Flower").

How are you doing? At long last, I've
found myself the father of two girls.
For me, this game also commemorates the
birth of my second daughter, Haruka.
My first-born, Mikoto, has become quite
the big sister. My wife, Takako, is also
as lively as ever.
  Anyway, take care of yourself.
Let's meet again someday.
			Nobuyuki Hoshino

House of Goldfish

Square no Tom Sawyer-msg3.png

Enter the phrase "ウチノキンギョ" ("My Goldfish").

How's everyone doing today?
I recently got a goldfish settled into my place.
He lives his life vigorously in a tiny room.
This goldfish is really selfish: He won't
talk to you when he's got bread. Weird, huh...?
I'm looking forward to see how big he'll
But this goldfish isn't gonna lose to anyone.
I bet it won't be long till he becomes a colourful carp.

Other Words

There are two more phrases that don't display messages, but they do trigger some interesting effects.

  • サンプンタイマ ("Three Minute Timer") - Triggers an animation of Tom running from the left side of the screen to the right. It takes three minutes in total, then hangs.
  • オワリガミタイナ ("I wanna see the ending.") - Triggers the ending sequence.