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StarCraft/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of StarCraft.

Unit Sounds


Possible additional laser cannon sound effects. In the end, the Wraith and Battlecruiser share the same laser sound set.
Alternate Reaver attack and hit.
Possible audio for a Photon Cannon firing and hitting something.
Alternate attack for Battlecruiser.
Alternate attack for Wraith.







Death cry of an Archon. Was replaced with a generic explosion sound.




Probe attack.


Appears to be part of the audio used for warping in builds. Only pshbld00 and pshbld03 are used since clicking on a building during warping produces that building's regular audio effect.


High Templar's Moving audio.
Alternate Psi Storm attack.





Advisor: Abandoning auxillary structure.




Ready audio for Civilian.

A death voice clip intended for Civilians exists, but ultimately shares Marine's death voice clip.


Unique death for Ghost.


Unique death for Goliath.


Mineral extraction.


EMP Shockwave.

A unique death voice clip for Samir Duran exists as well, but ultimately used the regular ghost's death voice clip. A variation of this was intended for Infested Duran, too.



Scourge basic attack. Unused since its attack involves crashing into an enemy.


The target unit's dying audio for Spawn Broodling is used instead.


Loops the audio of the Plague spell.
Unused pissed.
Unused what.
Unused yes.




The Hyrdalisk had its own unique attack audio.


Only the first pissed is played for the Overlord.


Attack effect. In the game's development stages, the Queen had a basic attack.
Loops the audio for Defiler's Dark Swarm, even though it's found in the /queen folder.
Alternate Parasite use.


The Ultralisk uses some of the yes audio for its what audio.

Unused Starcraft soundtracks



Campaign Missions

Terran Missions

"tutorial" (Boot Camp)

Advisor: It is these blue crystals that are the source of minerals. Use your SCV's to gather additional minerals.

This is supposed to play a while after you run out of minerals. This remains broken in the original campaign, but was fixed in the downloadable "Precursor" campaign, which uses a variant of this mission on Chau Sara.

"terran3" (Desperate Alliance)

Advisor: Magistrate, analysis shows that it may be possible to break through the Zerg's defenses and reach Mengsk's transports.

Advisor: We've broken through to the dropships.

According to disabled triggers in this level, these would have been played when you destroyed one of the Zerg's buildings (before 2 minutes was up) and later if you destroy the Zerg hive before the counter reached zero.

"terran7" (Biting the Bullet)

Advisor: We're getting distress calls from several of the fringe colonies. The Zerg have initiated a new offensive, and Protoss warships are wreaking havoc on some of the outer worlds. I'll patch you in to the emergency planning commission:

Raynor: This defensive crap just isn't working! This is just like Mar Sara, man... Look, it's risky, but I think we can save the Colonists and still buy time to get off-world. If we attack the main Zerg Hive Cluster, they'll have to recall their forces to protect the nerve center.

Duke: That'll never work. Where'd you study tactics, boy? You'd be outnumbered at least twenty to one.

Raynor: You damn coward! What, does the prospect of saving innocent civilians instead of wiping 'em out churn your stomach?

Duke: I don't need to take that from you, boy!

Kerrigan: Are you two through?

Mengsk: She's right. Save it for the Zerg. I think your plan's a wild one Jim, but it's worth a try. Lieutenant Kerrigan?

Kerrigan: Agreed.

Mengsk: Very well, then. Commander, you have tactical authority. Captain Raynor and General Duke will assist you.

Duke: We kicked those Zerg's butts, but don't start pattin' yerselves on the back just yet. I've picked up a whole new load of Zerg signals comin' straight for us.

Raynor: Yeah, just what we need... How many are out there, Dukie?

Duke: Well... more than we can handle...

Raynor: Great.

Advisor: Commander, I have an incoming transmission from the Protoss flagship, Gantrithor... I'll patch it through.

Raynor: Oh, man... What the hell do they want? Stay alert people, these guys play hardball.

Tassadar: Terran Commander, I am Tassadar, High Templar and Executor of the Protoss Fleet. I come bearing no ill will towards you or your brethren. I have watched your battle with the Zerg and stand ready to aid you in your struggle against them.

Raynor: Wow... well, hell. The more the merrier.

Tassadar: I commend your courage.

The entire campaign was left unused, including all the audio files.

"terran9" (The Big Push)

Raynor: Alright kids, let's find a spot to park these bad boys.

The audio files for this mission indicate that Jim Raynor may originally have been planned to appear in this mission as a hero Vulture.

In addition, if this mission had victory dialog, it was overwritten by the dialog used in "terran10".

"terran10" (Operation Silent Scream)

Advisor: I've monitored Confederate satellite data as you requested. Confederate forces are still mobilizing for their counterstrike. Arcturus has called for a quick round-table before continuing with our assault. Patching you in...

Mengsk: We stand now upon the very threshold of victory over the Confederacy. The only thing that can save them now is if we falter in our resolution. And we are not going to falter.

Mengsk: Commander, you've demonstrated exemplary skills thus far. You will spearhead our invasion. Take your force straight to New Gettysburg and establish control over the area.

Kerrigan: Arcturus, that's not what we discussed! Even if we can capture it, how will we ever hold that area?

Duke: Once the area has been secured, I'll come in to put down any attempted counterstrike..

Raynor: How are you going to do that?

Duke: I'll do it, boy. You just wait... I'll do it.

Given this mission was never made available during regular gameplay, there are a number of audio files that were never used. All the victory audio files were used in Mission #8, The Big Push.

Zerg Missions


Found in several Zerg scenario /wav folders, though they are never used.

"zerg5" (The Amerigo)

Daggoth: Kerrigan, I suggest you leave behind some Hunter Killers to keep the Terrans off our trail.

While included in the /wav folder for this scenario, it was never included in the map. It was (probably) left out since it would ruin the surprise in the following cinematic.

Protoss Missions

"tutorial" (First Strike)

Fenix: Ah, Executor! En Taro Adun! It is good to see you once more upon the field of battle. I feared we would be left to protect the province with no reinforcements. I should not have questioned the Conclave's judgements so hastily.

Fenix: Heh, heh... I was remembering the time we faced the Tagal on Dannuth VII. They outnumbered us thirty to one that day. Yet we overcame their legions like true Templar, just as we shall overcome our foes today. I wish Tassadar could be here with us...

This unused tutorial contains some of the audio files used in mission #1, though the first one was re-recorded and made shorter and the 2nd one was never used.

"protoss6" (Into the Darkness)

Raynor: That won't be easy, man. That's Kerrigan down there leading those Zerg. She won't let us go without a fight.

Tassadar: I know, my friend. With all due respect to you, and to the feelings you once had for her, you must know that I will not hesitate to destroy her should she pose a threat to us. Nothing shall prevent me from delivering the Dark Templar to Aiur. Nothing.

These audio files are included in the mission briefing, but were disabled. It is likely they were left unused since Kerrigan does not appear during the mission. This cut section of the briefing does appear in the StarCraft 64 version of the mission, albeit without the audio.

(Source: StarCraft)