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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator (SNES)

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Title Screen

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator

Developer: Interplay
Publisher: Interplay
Platform: SNES
Released in US: December 1994
Released in EU: March 1995

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator is both a decent Star Trek game and a decent 3-D combat simulator in its own right. Players assume the role of a Starfleet cadet who commands various simulators and completes various missions assigned to them. While some are scientific and objective, most of them involve blowing stuff up with your weapons.

Unplayable Content

STstarfleetacademy 1player1.png STstarfleetacademy 1player2.png

STstarfleetacademy 1player3.png STstarfleetacademy 1player4.png

STstarfleetacademy 2player1.png STstarfleetacademy 2player2.png

In Combat Training and Two Player Training, a number of starships are left unselectable. The game uses two bytes for what ships you can select: one is for "Combat Training, player", while the other is for "Combat Training, computer" and "Two Player Training, both players". Normally, only the first seven ships can be selected (the restriction was likely put in place to limit how many Bridge layouts had to be designed). The maximum selection values are 11 and 17, respectively. Any value higher than these will cause the game to freeze when the simulation starts.

There are button combinations to remedy some of the problem, but a memory editor will be required to access the remaining unused ships for the 2nd value.

In either mode, hold L + R + SELECT and press A, Y, B, Y, then let go of the first buttons. This will unlock ships 8 and 9 for the 1st value and ships 8-13 for the 2nd one.

In Two Player Training, enter the above code, then have Player 1 select a Gorn Cruiser and Player 2 select a Romulan Phoenix. The Phoenix must win the fight. After the battle is over, go to Combat Training and the Federation Prototype-A (1st value #11) should be available for selection.

ID Name Comments
14 (0x0D) Alien - Battle Cruiser A generic battle cruiser found in the campaign, with abilities comparable to the Excelsior class.
15 (0x0E) (none) This vessel has no name. It is a massive cube that barely (if at all) takes any damage. It has a maximum speed double that of the fastest ship, and its weapons require very few shots to destroy an enemy vessel. Curiously, its phaser weapons do not do any shield damage. To do damage to the hull, the shields must be reduced to 50% or less for such damage to occur. To put it another way, it's basically an untextured Borg Cube.
16 (0x0F) Federation Prototype-A - Heavy Cruiser A ridiculously overpowered Excelsior-class with excessive torpedo capability. This can be unlocked for the player only in Combat Training, but not anywhere else without modifications.
17 (0x10) Klingon Bird of Prey Prototype - Battle Cruiser This is the ship that is used in the "The Undiscovered Country" simulation. Even without the cloaking device and ability to fire while cloaked, its speed, hull tolerance, and weapons easily rival the Constitution class, making it very dangerous.