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Star Wars: Starfighter (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Star Wars: Starfighter

Developer: LucasArts
Publishers: LucasArts (US), Activision (EU), Electronic Arts Victor (JP)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: October 4, 2001
Released in US: February 19, 2001
Released in EU: March 23, 2001

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Star Wars: Starfighter is a game where you fight Hollywood celebrities with fighting stars from the Star Wars universe.


Europa Platform Text
A lot of leftover text from when the game was known as "Project Europa".


The following can be found by entering the respective code at the Code Setup screen.

"Unused" Codes

HOTEL and SIZZLE show DEFAULT.PSS, a simple scrolling "DEFAULT". They seem to be placeholders for more developer messages.

Also in the cheats.con file are four codes which can't be entered as there aren't any numbers in the codewheel.

defproc Code_extra1
        CD_RunStep codeextra1

defproc Code_extra2
        CD_RunStep codeextra2

defproc Code_extra3
        CD_RunStep codeextra3

defproc Code_extra4
        CD_RunStep codeextra4

Developer Messages

  • LTDJGD: The message "Hello to my two boys" will appear below the code input box.



  • TEAM


  • WOZ

Concept Art




Debugging Features

Crash Handler

With the help of an emulator and Cheat Engine, you can type numbers into the cheat menu. This allows you to enter the "Unused" Codes. All of them play the "DEFAULT" movie listed above. However, entering one of these codes a second time does the same thing, but crashes and shows a crash handler with debugging information (memory used, memory free, etc.) and tries to output a log to development hardware.

USB Keyboard Functionality

There's a lot of debugging features left over that can be activated by plugging a USB keyboard into the console and entering different button combinations.

- Ctrl + F1 toggles a debug display.

- Ctrl + P freezes and unfreezes the game.

- Ctrl + S mutes/lessens most of the audio.

- Ctrl + A activates Director mode, where it toggles between your view and focuses on various enemies and friendlies in the level, which is roughly the same effect as the "DIRECTOR" cheat.

- Ctrl + Backspace quickly reloads the current level a few times without restarting it.

- PgDn skips to the next level, and pressing it again brings you to the menus.

- Some of the Numpad buttons, notably *, -, and a few others change FOV, camera modes, and the 3rd person camera's position.

- Several keys around the J key toggle wingmate commands.

- Esc + / activates a powerful debug command console.


The game actively looks for a file called COMMLINE.TXT on the game disc but never finds it. According to the lead developer, it was "used in development to specify information to the game on start (usually passed from I think the compiler, which was Metrowerks CodeWarrior, into the game)". This file is located in the Xbox version, however, and the PlayStation 2 version won't see any use of this functionality again due to it requiring developer software.

Command Console

Plugging in a USB keyboard as documented above and pressing both the Esc and / (forward slash) keys at the same time will open up a powerful command console with many capabilities. While there's no list of what it can do, proper syntaxes can be found inside AUTOEXEC.CON and inside the game's PAK archives which can be unpacked with this BMS script:


Incorrect usage of the console can lead to instability. A work-in-progress list of correct syntaxes and their functions can be found here:



Out of the seemingly endless uses of the command console, one of the more interesting ones is FreeCam. It's exactly what it sounds like - a free camera mode. To activate it:

1. Switch to 3rd person view.

2. Do Ctrl + P to freeze the game.

3. Open the command console.

4. Type "FreeCam" without the quotes.

5. Press Enter.

You can now move around the level with complete control of the game's camera. You can also freeze and unfreeze the game while in FreeCam mode using Ctrl + P again. The controls are slightly awkward:

- A/G rotates left or right.

- E/D/S/F moves forwards, backwards, left, and right.

- R/V are elevation controls.

- 1 through 0 above the QWERTY row changes the camera's speed.

- Arrow keys pan the camera around.

To exit FreeCam mode, switch camera modes with Select on the controller, using Ctrl + P if you used it to freeze the game.