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Stargate (Game Boy)

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Title Screen


Developer: Probe Entertainment
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Platform: Game Boy
Released in US: July 1995
Released in EU: 1995

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Stage Atlantis drop foreign squiggly piece in three-of-a-pairs and watch it magically disappear!

Stargate GB Unused Logo.png

Game Genie code 021-F3B-E6E will display an unused Acclaim Logo at startup.

Dummy Cinema

Stargate GB Dummy Cinema.png

Game Genie code 211-F3B-E6E will display an unused dummy cutscene message at startup. This is displayed because the game does not load a proper cutscene identifier.

Unused Credit Screens

These may have been cut because of the time it takes to start the game was considered too long.

Unused Credits Screen 1

Stargate UE Unused Credits 4.png

Game Genie code 071-F3B-E6E will display the first unused credits screen at startup. This was likely intended as the introduction screen.

Unused Credits Screen 2

Stargate UE Unused Credits 3.png

Game Genie code 081-F3B-E6E will display the second unused credits screen at startup.

Unused Credits Screen 3

Stargate UE Unused Credits 2.png

Game Genie code 091-F3B-E6E will display the third unused credits screen at startup.

Unused Credits Screen 4

Stargate GB Credits 1.png

Game Genie code 0A1-F3B-E6E will display the fourth unused credits screen at startup. Steve Collete is the music composer, however he is unlisted.

Broken Sound Test

Stargate GB Sound Test.png

Game Genie code 002-22B-7F2 will replace the title screen with a functionless sound test.

(Source: nensondubois)