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Street Fighter IV (NES)

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Title Screen

Street Fighter IV

Also known as: KuaiDa ChuanShuo (CH), The Legend
Developer: Hummer Team
Publisher: Ge De Industry
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released internationally: 1993

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

A mostly original fighting game by Hummer Team that predicted the release of the real Street Fighter IV...but that one doesn't have fighting bunny girls.

Unused Graphics


SFIVNES BunnyUnusedWalk.png

Unused (and possibly earlier?) head and hand variants as well as unused body tiles can be found in the graphics bank for the walking animation. The unused body does fit with the legs in the fifth sprite of the animation and the third variant of Bunny's head. It appears Hummer Team decided to reuse the same body and head from the fourth sprite of the walking animation however. The other two head variants appear to be earlier sprites of Bunny and the rest of the tiles for these may have been overwritten or edited.

SFIVNES BunnyUnusedJump.png

Found with the jumping graphics; it could've been an alternate jump sprite or another attack.

SFIVNES BunnyEarlyJumpPunch.png

An incomplete and nude Bunny sprite. This sprite looks like her jumping punch when you jump backwards or forwards but this is in the graphic bank before it. This sprite also used a different head that's similar to one of the heads above.

SFIVNES BunnyUnfinishedHitLow.png

Unfinished tiles for the legs and feet on Bunny's sprite when she's hit in the body. This was either meant for this sprite specifically or she originally had a different sprite for this state. In the final version, she reuses tiles from another hit sprite.

SFIVNES BunnyUnfinishedSpecial.png

This sprite is located in the same graphics bank as her card throw and spin attack. This may have been an earlier sprite of her card throw or it was meant for an entirely different sprite. The coloring on her body appears to be a bit strange however. The legs on this sprite were reused in the card throw animation.


SFIVNES ChunfoUnusedWalkSprites.png

In several graphic banks, there's various unused sprites of Chunfo walking. The last one is included in a bank with some of his other walking sprites but isn't even finished.

SFIVNES ChunfoUnusedPunch.png

In one bank, there's a duplicate of the upper half of his standing punch with a set of legs nowhere else to be used. This might've been an alternate crouching punch.

SFIVNES ChunfoUnfinishedPunch.png

An outline of one of Chunfo's first standing punch frame. Only the upper body tiles remain.

SFIVNES ChunfoUnusedCrouch.png

A different crouching stance that isn't seen anywhere.

SFIVNES ChunfoUnusedAttackFrame.png

This frame isn't used in any animation; it looks like this could've been part of an attack.

SFIVNES ChunfoUnfinishedFrame.png

An unfinished sprite located in one of his walking animation graphic banks. It even resembles the upper half of one of his walking sprites.

SFIVNES ChunfoUnfinishedLegs.png

Several unused leg tiles located near one of his walking animation graphic banks.


SFIVNES StalongGuileWalk.png

The majority of Stalong's graphics are edited versions of Guile's sprites from Hummer Team's Street Fighter II NES port. Stalong has a different walking animation but sprites of him using Guile's walking animation could be found in the ROM. The other walking sprites are missing because the graphic bank for it was completely removed in Street Fighter IV.

SFIVNES StalongGuileSonicBoom.png

Sprites of Stalong doing a Sonic Boom exist as well even though he uses different special attacks.

SFIVNES StalongGuileFlashKick.png

Stalong doing a Flash Kick but once again, it's unused because he uses different special attacks.

SFIVNES StalongUnfinished.png

Unfinished sprites found in the special attacks graphic banks. The 1st sprite looks like it could've been used for a back flip while the 2nd one could've been an additional frame for his jumping knee attack. Interesting enough, he appears to have boots here.

SFIVNES StalongKneeOutline.png

An outline which resembles part of one of his jumping knee sprites.


SFIVNES MusashiDizzy.png

In the game, it's impossible to make Musashi dizzy. However, he does have a sprite for this as well as the star that flies around his head. Unlike the other sprites, it's possible to view this by changing the value in 008F to 28 while fighting him.

SFIVNES MusashiUnfinished.png

Two unfinished bodies can be found in the graphics bank that contains his walking animations.

SFIVNES MusashiUnfinishedParts.png

In the graphics bank that contains sprites of him getting hit in the body, these tiles can be found. They don't appear to match up with any of the final sprites so the rest of the graphics for these may have been overwritten.


SFIVNES Icons.png

The portraits for the original fighters seem to be much bigger than the ones used in the game. The clones also contain the tiles for the backgrounds but they were never intended to be used since some of them aren't edited to match the character and some tiles even appear missing for them. Chunfo appeared to have originally used Moon's background for his portrait but ended up getting a whole new portrait instead. There's also several portraits of the original fighters that seem to lack the border as well. (However, Cliff is missing several tiles and it appears most of Bunny's tiles were completely overwritten by the character select's logo, leaving only the background left.) The portraits in the top row were later used in The Legend revision with some of them using different palettes.

SFIVNES SolbrainLeftovers.png

Hummer Team took some graphics from Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain but not all of them were used. The whole font is included in these graphic banks.

Missing Tiles

Cliff/Goho Li and Pasta/Rober

In-Game Fixed
SFIV CliffPastaDizzyIngame.png SFIV CliffPastaDizzyFull.png

Both of them are missing part of their foot when they're dizzy.


In-Game Fixed
SFIVNES BunnyWalkIngame.png SFIVNES BunnyWalkFull.png

Second sprite of her walk animation is missing part of her foot but the tile still remains in the ROM and was even reused for a later sprite.

In-Game Fixed
SFIVNES BunnyHitHighIngame.png SFIVNES BunnyHitHighFull.png

Both sprites are missing feet tiles in-game.


In-Game Fixed
SFIVNES ChunfoDizzyIngame.png SFIVNES ChunfoDizzyFull.png

His dizzy sprite in the game is missing part of his foot.

In-Game Fixed
SFIVNES ChunfoHitIngame.png SFIVNES ChunfoHitFull.png

The second frame of the animation of Chunfo getting hit in the face reuses the legs from the first frame, but it forgets to carry over a tile for his foot.


In-Game Fixed
SFIVNES StalongStandKickIngame.png SFIVNES StalongStandKickFull.png

Stalong's whole foot is missing in his standing kick.

In-Game Fixed
SFIVNES StalongCrouchKickIngame.png SFIVNES StalongCrouchKickFull.png

Stalong's missing part of his foot in his crouching kick.


In-Game Fixed
SFIVNES MusashiStandIngame.png SFIVNES MusashiStandFull.png

Even though the feet reuse tiles from the other standing sprite, part of his foot disappears here.

Unused Sounds

The NSF for this game contains some unused DPCM samples:

Track 19 - Unknown Sample

A short voice sample that isn't associated with any character.

Track 20 - Shoryuken?

Sounds like a character saying "Shoryuken". In the game, a different one is used probably because it sounds much better.

Also if you change the value in 0701 to 09, you can hear the round beginning fanfare from Hummer Team's Street Fighter II NES port:

Full Tracks

Track 1 - Title Screen

The only way to hear this fully is to use the sound test on the options screen. The demos start playing halfway through the track.

Track 4 - High Score

The high score screen ends before the track finishes. The only way to hear this fully is through the sound test.

Cliff's Second Palette

Every character loads up two palettes to be used for their sprites. While Cliff has two palettes, he only uses one for all of his sprites despite his second palette containing a different color. In the ROM file, AA1B to AA1D holds Cliff's second palette which contains white, orange and a reddish-brown. This could've been carried over from Ryu's palettes from Hummer Team's Street Fighter II since Cliff and Ryu share the same palettes and Ryu actually uses a second palette for his feet. Given how Goho Li is a palette swap of Cliff, he does have a second unused palette as well but it's just his first palette repeated.

The Legend

TheLegend Title.pngTheLegend CharacterSelect.pngTheLegend HighScore.png

The Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 contains a revision of Street Fighter IV which changes quite a bit:

  • All references to Street Fighter IV have been removed.
  • The wall on the title screen's building appears glitched.
  • The character select screen is entirely different; the layout has changed, the fighters use bigger icons (Chunfo uses his original one with the lightning background and no border) and some of the portraits use different colors. It's also possible for both players to choose the same character.
  • All the clones have been removed from the game but graphics for their portraits still exist in the ROM.
  • Some of the portraits have been mixed up. Chunfo uses Moon's portrait on the VS screen, Pasta and Stalong have their portraits swapped around and Musashi uses Conbon's portrait instead.
  • The high score font palette has changed and it's all gray.
  • At the beginning of the fight, the HUD displays "READY" and neither you or the opponent can move for a few seconds.
  • All the voice samples appear to be distorted.
  • The ending is glitched; all the characters are Cliff performing his own animations while using the other characters' palettes. The ending also loops and there's no way to leave the screen.

Unused Graphics

TheLegend AlternateTitle.png

Graphics for an alternate title do exist in the ROM. The Chinese name for this game does translate into something like "Fighter Legend" which is what the font might've spelled out.

TheLegend CharacterSelectLogo.png

Although the character select screen changed, the graphics for the logo still exist in the ROM. Instead of the Street Fighter IV subtitle, it has a different font that could spell out "Fighter Legend".