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Street Slam

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Title Screen

Street Slam

Also known as: Dunk Dream (JP), Street Hoop (EU)
Developer: Data East
Publisher: Data East
Platforms: Neo Geo, Arcade (Neo Geo)
Released in JP: December 9, 1994
Released in US: November 1994[1]
Released in EU: 1994

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Street Slam aka Street Hoop aka Dunk Dream aka Data East's answer to NBA Jam.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Since the game was released under three different names, each region got its own title screen. The Japanese and American versions are similar to each other, while the European logo is completely changed.

Japan US Europe
Street Slam (Neo Geo) - JP Title.png Street Slam (Neo Geo) - US Title.png Street Slam (Neo Geo) - EU Title.png


In the Japanese and European versions, players can choose between ten national teams, although in Europe the order is slightly changed, so that France replaces Japan as the default highlighted team in the upper-left corner. In the US version, national teams are dropped in favour of US cities, with jersey colors coincidentally similar to those of NBA teams.

Japan US Europe
Street Slam (Neo Geo) - JP Teams.png Street Slam (Neo Geo) - US Teams.png Street Slam (Neo Geo) - EU Teams.png

Team Select Dipswitch

In the European and United States versions, there is a Team Select soft dipswitch setting that changes one of the teams. The setting ranges from 1 to 99, though most of them aren't used.


This setting changes the team second from the left on the bottom row.

Team Select Team
1 China
2 Mexico
3 Brazil
4 Australia
5 Sweden
6-99 China


This setting changes the last team, selectable by going left on the default team of Los Angeles.

Team Select Team
1 Seattle
2 Portland, OR
3 Boise
4 Las Vegas
5 Billings
6 Cheyenne
7 Salt Lake City
8 Denver
9 Albuqueque [sic]
10 Fargo
11 Sioux Falls
12 Omaha
13 Kansas City
14 Oklahoma City
15 Minneapolis
16 Des Moines
17 St. Louis
18 Little Rock
19 New Orleans
20 Milwaukee
21 Indianapolis
22 Louisville
23 Nashville
24 Jackson
25 Birmingham
26 Atlanta
27 Columbia
28 Charlotte
29 Richmond
30 Charleston
31 Cleveland
32 Portland, ME
33 Manchester
34 Burlington
35 Providence
36 Hartford
37 Newark
38 Baltimore
39 Wilmington
40 Honolulu
41 Anchorage
42-99 Seattle
(Source: LordBBH)