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Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People/Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

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This is a sub-page of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People.

Cheat Talk

In the english.langdb file are internal directions for The Cheat's lines, used by Matt Chapman to give Cheatachu and the helium man the right intonations. As a bonus, this episode also includes dialogue for Pom Pom. Find out what the little and big yellow dogs are really saying!

Since The Cheat has so many lines in this episode, only the more interesting lines are included.

Context Subtitles Translation
The Cheat
Craig's giving the business to Dangeresque Too Menh heh heh heh heh! Menh henh hshe hen ee! [Ha ha ha ha ha! You're too late, Dangeresque! No one can defeat me!]
Pom Pom
First entering the secret laboratory Burbble bubble burble burbble! [You?! You're not allowed in here! Somebody get him out of here!]
Dangeresque reveals his grilled cheese sandwich knife plan Burble? [obviously burbling in a way that questions Dangeresques masculinity]
Dangeresque gives the ruby back to the Professor Burble? [Did it take much to get the gem back from Sultry Buttons? She seemed pretty dangerous.
Pretty hot too... I mean I'd do her...
but then again I'd do the Mandrell sisters in a '78 Dodge Charger behind the abandoned Denny's.
Ah, the memories.]
Dangeresque asks if he's okay after getting robbed Bubble bubble! [Well, your old flame just ran off with my Ruby, you dumb ass! And I still need the launch codes!]
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Lines

All subtitles are ripped directly from the game's english.langdb script file. Any errors or inconsistencies are intentionally preserved.

Some lines in the game script were never recorded. In lieu of an ID, those lines will have their offsets listed instead.

Alternate Lines

There are a few lines from an earlier draft still in the game. One of them was recorded, and the other two are inconsistencies between The Cheat's dialogue and his voice-over dialogue.

Early Line - 76304000 Final Line - 81045376
Hey, that looks like the thing from the back of my cereal box this mornin'. Hey, that looks like the number 8 combo meal from El Taco Leche's!
[I have brilliantly orchestrated the demise of the greatest action team in history!
And I don't mean the Action 5 News team!]
I have brilliantly orchestrated the demise of the greatest action team in history!
And I don't mean the Channel 5 Action Cool 5 News team!
[Now my robot will finish you off as I make my great escape!] Now my robot will finish you off as I make my greatest escape!


Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Another hole to dig, another government secret uncovered! Lines for digging with the shovel, similar to lines that were in the first episode.
Hey, what have we here?
No dirty little secret stays buried for long when Dangeresque is on the job!
While hacking that up with this absurdly large knife would be fun,
need to stay focused on the job!
A generic error message for using the knife on inhuman targets, this was never properly hooked up.
I better not waste any of this formula. Another generic line for trying to use the rainforest formula on any unspecified thing.
I don't wanna have to cut Cutesy Buttons hair again. Owww.
Nope. This stupid trinket is practically useless. Hey look, the trinket has three generic error messages! Not that you'd know from playing.
Nah. I may never find the exact perfect place to use this dumb thing.
Doesn't look like it'll fit here either.
Yeah, a painting this exquisite would add some much needed class to
this place, but it deserves to be in the classiest place there is... my pants.
Painting generic error message yes.
I need to put this somewhere Marzipan can see it. Preferably in mortal danger. Now this, on the other hand, is an error message that should have replaced the other plant error message
once it's necessary in the plot for Strong Bad to cut Marzipan's hair by distracting her. It's not, though.
Now why would I want to use that on myself? And a catch-all for using any other item on yourself that, once unused, catches nothing.

Smoky Office

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Do you have a sister? Because I assume out of the two, you'd be the smart one! This is one of two compliments written for complimenting Marzipan in the office.
Actually, I'd be the pretty one.


Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Freeze scumbot! This should be the first line said when aiming at the Grizzlysharkasaurasbot, but it's skipped.

Brainblow City

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Coach Z
Dangeresque! What are you doing?!
A second scene for pointing the Nunchuk Gun at Renaldo during the rooftop shootout.
Relax, Renaldo! They won't be expecting this!
Coach Z
But it's not gettin' us anywhere.
Give it time.
Ok, that's enough time. Let try Plan C!
0x2B311 N/A This is the edge of the city.
Beyond this point is nothing but empty souls and broken dreams.
Plus there's like a $10 cover fee to get in...forget that!
Five more city limits messages. Most are generic, though the first and fifth seem
like they could be put in the game if they were ever recorded.
0x2B3E2 N/A Looks like this way is blocked off.
0x2B43D N/A I can't go further any in this direction.
0x2B49E N/A This is as far as I can go.
0x2B5A2 N/A I could pass the city limits, cross the river and end up in "Joisey", but then
I'd be up in "Joisey" soooo... I'll just stay here.
Hey! You solved the Lost Kidnapping Case! Your father would be proud!
The "Lost Kidnapping Solved" newspaper was originally an actual item in the player's inventory.
Once the item was cut, this conversation with Bubs was no longer accessible.
You knew about DADgeresque all this time?!
Umm... I... What? You're breaking up! I'm going into a tunnel! *crrrrkkkkk*

Secret Lab

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
How was I suposed to know that this switch controls all the nuclear tidal
waves in the world and could wipe out life as we know it with a single flip!?
Another line for messing around with the cardboard computer.

Old Club

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
King of Town
Alright! Time to put up or shut up! One for you, one for me. Another for you,
one more for me. Ok, pick you best card and lay it on the table!
A third message for The King of Town's card dealing, this one was deemed to be redundant.
King of Town
I'm the dealer and since there's no Ace or Rock on this table, I get to decide
which cards are best!
Should be used after Strong Bad asks why the King of Town's cards won during a tie, but the line is skipped.

Exotic Locales

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Strong Sad
Strongbad, what am I wearing? This is supposed to be Egypt I should
be wearing a keffiyeh or a shemagh.
Two lines cut from the introduction to "Cairo", since Strong Sad wears the same outfit in every area.
Shut up, we're rolling!
0x40949 N/A Yeah, well you said it was the only way you'd be the stunt man again
and everyone else here is Union, so I didn't really have a choice.
Unrecorded dialogue explaining why Strong Bad let Strong Sad write Perducci's backstory.
0x40A0E N/A Strong Sad
[In one of his silly accents] You wont regret it!
What can I get for this? Trying to pawn the diamond or ruby on Strong Sad in Cairo would/should/could prompt this conversation.
Strong Sad
Hmmm... I'll give you five bucks for it.
But it's a priceless gem!
Strong Sad
Take it or leave it.
I'll leave it! But I do admire your underhanded corruptitude.
0x4D69C N/A Check out my gun, dad! I removed the safety and it's got a nunchuk
silencer, just like the one you used to have!
Instead of recording this, they just used the "Take a look at this!" line from earlier in the episode.
That was the quickest plane ride I ever took! I feel like I just left this place! Never properly implemented, this would be used after flying to the location you were currently in.

The Sun

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
0x2251D N/A The Cheat
Unused noises from The Cheat after getting kicked out of the airlock.
Different grumblings from the same episode are reused instead.
I did not see that comin'. Who knew there could be TWO of them?! The start of seven(!) unused conversations between Renaldo and Dangeresque.
It's not possible to talk to Renaldo about anything in particular here.
Coach Z
If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed ya!
I'm just glad you shot the right one!
Or did I?
No, I did.
You think that contraption can really drill right through this space station
into the sun?
And here's Renaldo giving a vague hint on how to solve the solar drill puzzle, cut like so much diamonds.
Coach Z
It looks a little dull from here, but I don't wanna stick around to find out!
Hang in there Renaldo, first I need to take care of Craig and his evil robot!
What do you think the deal is with this crazy Craig character? Dangeresque and Renaldo discuss what's up with Craig. All five conversations of it cut, all cut.
Plus, title drop! Is that worth anything to you?!
Coach Z
I don't know! It's like he's workin' on some sort of...crime...project.
You mean this whole thing has been one big, CRIMINAL PROJECTIVE?!
Coach Z
In 3D!
I can't believe Craig has been behind this criminal projective all along! Here's the second Craig conversation.
Coach Z
If only we had known, maybe we could've counter-projected!
What did I ever do to him?
Was he like, some guy from high shcool that I made eat pudding off the floor?
The background of Craig is further shrouded in mystery after these lines were deleted. Plus, pudding.
Coach Z
No, that was me.
Oh, thats right. You love pudding!
What kind of name is "Craig" for a criminal mastermind anyway? In the end, they did stop thinking about it, forever.
Coach Z
Yeah, if it was like, "Large Craig" or "Evil Craig" or "Craze-o Craig"
I could understand, you know?
We better stop thinking about it.
I think he's trying to drive us mad with plain-namery.
Maybe Craig is the guy that was behind us at the tool booth last week. Plus, there's no such thing as a "tool" booth. This conversation...never happened.
Coach Z
Oh, you mean when you were trying to convince the toll guy that he should
have to pay you for the privilege of having you drive through his station?
Yeah, he honked for like, 30 minutes then decided to go around!
I gave him the double deuce.
Coach Z
Nah, that guy was taller, and had way more fists in my face!

House of Strong

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
0x28A64 N/A Homestar
And you never paid my cousin Carl for his body double work.
Homestar's MPD was diagnosed and treated before the final script came in.
0x28AD6 N/A Homestar
[Sounds like Barry White] That's right, Strong Bad.
Coach Z
Yeah! You ruined my big moment! This movie is terrible. Boo! I demand a remix!
Though these lines are used, the way they're mixed together makes it hard to hear any of them clearly.
I can't believe you had the nerve to do what you did! Gimme my money back!
I can't sell merchandise based on this garbage!
Strong Sad
This is just another example of how the modern cinema is being ruined by
formulaic hollywood script writing!
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Graphics

File Name Image Comments
SBCGEp4Icon newspaper104.png
Icon for the cut Newspaper item.
ui_icon_drill104, ui_icon_thecheat SBCGEp4Icon drill104.pngSBCGEp4Icon thecheat.png Icons for the cut solar drill and Craig conversation options with Coach Z.
(Source: Original TCRF research)