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Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People/Homestar Ruiner

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This is a sub-page of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People.


More notes than you would care to read on the game's development and coding structures.

Costume Sharing

Another costume feature was planned for SBCG4AP: Trading outfits with other people playing the game. This was ultimately cut, but not before dialogue was recorded for it.

Sound ID Sound Subtitles
What's a mailbox doing here?
The Cheat
Mrh meh mrzhe merh.
You mean I can send outfits to other people playing this awesome game? Tell me how!
The Cheat
Meh-mer zme merzh-mehzmma, mer mimi-zhe merh me mrzhemeza! Mrzheme merzheme mer me zha!
Paper, did you get that?

This texture, obj_mailboxphotobooth, would be used on the mailbox. It's the same mailbox used on the Homestar Runner e-mail page.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cheat Talk

In the english.langdb file are internal directions for The Cheat's lines, used by Matt Chapman to give the little guy the right intonations. Find out what the yellow anvil is really saying!

Context Subtitles Translation
Strong Bad approaches The Cheat in the photo booth. Mrhms mhersmr meh? [Do you want your picture taken?]
Strong Bad asks what the (removed) mailbox is doing in the booth. Mrh meh mrzhe merh. [It's for trading outfits]
The Cheat gives a hint about collecting onions in Marzipan's yard. Meeeh, me-mehrs! [Mmmm, onions!]
The Cheat gives a hint about the cell phone at The Track. Meeh! Mehme Meh Mi! [Dude, a free cellphone!]
The Cheat gives a hint about the hedge in Marzipan's yard. Meeh, mi-mehr me weep! [Dude, that hedge is whack!]
The Cheat gives a hint about Jela-Ton! Mimer meh Mimi-mon! [Fluffy Puff Jela-Ton!]
The Cheat gives a hint about using the holes in Marzipan's yard. Mehr me meh me? [Can you dig it?]
The Cheat arrives after Strong Bad calls for him at the track. Me, mi-mehr, mi meme? [What up, amigo?]
The Cheat agrees to mix the Jela-Ton. Mi me-meee! [No problem!]
Strong Bad compliments The Cheat's mixing ability. Me mi-mi, mi! [You know it, babe.]
Strong Bad, after kicking The Cheat into the washer, asks how he's doing. Me-mehr mimimi me mehr mer, me meh! [Why don't you come in here and find out, pink boy?]
Strong Bad distracts The Cheat in the laundry room. Me mihr? [What's what?]
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Lines

All subtitles are ripped directly from the game's english.langdb script file. Any errors or inconsistencies are intentionally preserved.

Test Conversation

No audio for this conversation. It just tests the dialogue system, and it's in english.langdb starting at 18E3:

STRONGBAD arrrrrr!!!!
STRONGBAD I like email.
HOMESTAR The sky is rather blue.
STRONGBAD Homestar, what sort of cheese do you like?


Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
No thanks, I've already eaten. Intended to be heard when using the Onion on Strong Bad, but the game gives a generic error line instead.
No really, I'm full.
This coupon can only be redeemed by Bubs' Concession Stand. An unused error message for using the coupon on anything but Bubs.
I'm drawin' with my map now, addin' to the world now, bendin' space 'n' time now... Strong Bad was supposed to say these couplets when he added new locations to his map.
Now let's see, the vanishing point should be...
There! Genius!
Notice the artist's attention to sweet deals and awesome styles...
Well, that was a complete waste of time. These lines would be used after using the map to go to the location you're already in.
The game simply prevents you from doing this, playing none of these quips.
Whew, that was tiring.
Annnnd, we're back.

House of Strong

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Hey Strong Bad, I've got a whole mess of Total Load waiting for you over at my concession stand.
Come pick it up before it eats a hole on my counter. Stay peaceable, Bubs!
This is the original confirmation e-mail for Total Load. This can be seen in early clips of the game.
Oh yeah. I almost forgot about that stuff.
I really should go pick that up when I don't have anything better to do. Which is most of the time. This is the message for opening the e-mail subsequent times.
Dear Strong Bad the Great, How do you tie your mask without any fingers?
Confused in Peoria, Christine B.
Another alternate e-mail. The final message is as follows:
"Hey Strtong Bad, What's the deal with the little tie-things on the backa your mask? -Christine B"

Strong Bad's response is drastically different; Instead of insulting C.B., he actually answers the question.
That's a dang good question! How DO I tie my mask?
Strong Sad
You make me do it!
Oh yeah. Another Strong Bad mystery solved.
I'm glad we got THAT cleared up. This is the message for opening the e-mail subsequent times.
Not dancing? At some point, the developers decided that it was funnier if Coach Z liked mopey, depressing music.
Coach Z
Oh no, Strong Bad. I tried that sensitive white boy music once... and boy do I look bad in eye makeup!
I'd better not... If I make this hole any bigger Bubs might get his surprisingly dainty ankles caught in it. One of several messages meant to be used after trying to use the shovel on an already dug hole.
The subtitles don't match up with the actual spoken dialogue.
My bones are brittle, crunchy, and covered in peanut butter!

The Track

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
My superior Strong Bad brain tells me that this is marks the start of a race of some sort. This would be used when clicking on the starting line before the race starts, but it can't be clicked. Oh well.
Hello there, me. Talking to Homestar in the locker room while wearing the Homestar Costume would produce this dialogue.
Unfortunately, it's impossible to talk to him in the full costume since to steal his costume, he needs to get in the shower.
You can't talk to him in the shower, and he never comes out until you leave the locker room, at which point he flees the area.
Why hello there Homestar. You're looking very proportional today.
Aren't you surprised to see me?
No. I talk to myself all the time.
Hello again. Talking to him again in the Homestar Costume gives another short conversation.
Hello, Homestar. You rule.
No, I don't. I suck. I mean you suck. I mean we su- Aw, forget it.
That's right, Jerry! Two Homestars for the price of one! Head in the game! Diaper down!
Homestar- And one more conversation for the two Homestars. Those guys are weird.
Shhh! Take back the night! Taste the rainbow! Bring the noise! Fight the bear!
Well, this is going nowhere.
If Zola Budd doesn't get you, this hole sure will... Clicking on the dug hole should produce a unique line, but the dialogue was never properly linked up.
I'd rather not... all this digging is really doing a number on my lats... and quads... and, um, cloits. Another unused "use shovel on hole" line.
I may have gone a little bit overboard. Only a total moron would think that Pom-Pom's scarfing down
THAT much Total Load.
Clicking on Pom Pom / Strong Mad's locker after dumping Total Load should produce these lines.
Instead, clicking just closes the lockers back up.
We've replaced Strong Mad's usual sweetener with Total Load Total Body Fitness powder...let's see
if anyone notices.


Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
Whatcha doin' with that battle axe taped to a hockey stick, Strong Bad?
According to the game's dlg files, the flashback to Strong Bad ruining the party was supposed to be voice only.
Since it was changed to an actual scene, and Telltale didn't want to add this object to the game, this line was cut.
Nom nom nom nom...<burp!> Yummy! After receiving the doormat chocolates, Marzipan was originally going to eat them. She just takes them instead.
The subtitiles have a burp sound effect that's not in the actual audio.

The Field

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
...Oh, sausages, like I don't got enough to deal with right now...
These are lines for Strong Bad approaching an angry Bubs, but they're impossible to hear.
After insulting Bubs, he goes back to his normal, entrepreneurial self. Bubs is a pretty chill guy.
Hey there, chump!
Buy something or I'll sit on your cat!
Yeah, you just keep on walkin'...
These are the equivalent lines for walking past an irritated Bubs.
Don't wanna sell anything to him, anyway...
-- Walkin' around like his whatzit don't stank...
Can't dig any deeper into Strong Badia without getting a permit from the Tire. > USE SHOVEL ON HOLE
I don't understand you.

Strong Bad's comment for wearing the beret (which is not available in this episode) uses the same audio, but the subtitles are from an earlier draft:

Early ...uh... would you like some french bread? French fries? French... toast? ...I didn't really rehearse this role very well.
Final Oh, Mademoiselle! Oh, Cosmopolitan! Oh, Elle! Oh, Vogue! Oh, how you say... Redbook?

K.o.T. Castle

Sound ID Sound Subtitles Comments
There's a gross sticky trail of gross slime oozing out of that gross vent up there...
The drain pipe below the castle's vent was originally a slime trail. Probably changed to make the solution more obvious.
That's like the King of Town's chin on all-you-can-eat enchilada night...bleugh.
Get plunged, slime trail! The solution's still the same, though, it's just that using a plunger on slime is less obvious than using it on a drain pipe.
I don't think this insanely tall stack of waffles is gonna hide me. A reference to an object that was cut from the game entirely. Read on for more information!
I think it's better to let sleeping hedges lie... Like the various holes, each hedge sculpture has a unique line when trying to shear them again.
This is the only line that's not properly hooked up.
I'd better not. If I dig this hole any deeper, I might hit the King's septic tank.
Also known as the Poopsmith's room.
Stop trying to dig in holes already. It's just not happening.
Strong Mad Night Security and Bloody Pulp Beater. Available on Saturdays for parties! Clicking on Strong Mad while in the vent should produce these lines...if only he was clickable.
Man, I could hock a nice one right on to Strong Mad's shoulder plateau from up here.
This must be where the Poopsmith keeps his special titanium-tipped shovels locked up...
for those crusty hard-to-smith piles of whatsit.
Another line for clicking something -- the shovel case -- that cannot be clicked. Why, Telltale, why?!
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Graphics

Unused Models

File Name Image Comments
obj_wiimotebitten.d3dmesh Sbcg4ap wiimotebitten.png A bitten Wii Remote. It was seen in the announcement trailer at the end, but isn't used in-game.
obj_strongbadcarlomesh.d3dmesh Sbcg4ap strongbadcarlomesh.png An early version of Strong Bad's model, with a flat face texture, round mouth and very long thumbs.
obj_homestaroutlinetest.d3dmesh Sbcg4ap homestaroutlinetest.png An early version of Homestar Runner's model which, judging by the filename, was used for testing the cel-shaded outlines.

Unused Textures

File Name Image Comments
env_saltlick SBCGSaltlick.png A salt lick object was supposed to be in the King of Town's castle. 'cause he likes to eat, you see.
obj_cartridgemimesweeper_text SBCGCartridgemimesweeper.png A "Mime Sweeper" cartridge that might have appeared in the FunMachine before Snake Boxer was changed into a cart.
obj_drawinghsralarmbrain SBCGDrawinghsralarmbrain.png This image is technically used (when Homestar is first seen drawing), but it's seen for 2 seconds and it's not legible.
obj_dialogmap SBCGDialogmap.png An object image for the map, back when it was an item and not an option on the HUD.
obj_posternostrongbad Back Off Weak Bad This was likely intended for Strong Sad's door, as the room can't be entered normally and Strong Sad will not let you in if you interact with the door.
obj_rugstrongsad SBCGEp1Rugstrongsad.png This was the original texture for the rug in the House of Strong living room, as seen in the first gameplay trailer:
obj_wafflesstack SBCGWafflesstack.png A stack of waffles to appear in the King of Town's castle. This would be an object that Strong Bad couldn't hide behind.
Since this would make the object pointless and just take up space, it was removed from the castle.
obj_wafflesstacksyrup SBCGWafflesstacksyrup.png A different waffle image with more syrup. Mmm.
ui_disguise_iconhatunclesam SBCGEp1Iconhatunclesam.png An unused Uncle Sam hat costume piece.
ui_disguisetitle SBCGDisguisetitle.png This seems to be an early title for the game's costume system.
ui_mapextras_mapicon_brickwall SBCGMapicon brickwall.png The Brick Wall is a location in the game, but it's never important enough to be placed on the map.
ui_mapextras_mapicon_soapbox SBCGMapicon soapbox.png The Soapbox, though, is only in the tutorial for one scene, it's not placed on the map, and it's not really a location. It's just behind Bubs'.

Early Graphics

SBCGFloppydiscsb5.pngSBCGEp1screengameloading alpha.png SBCGEp1Screengamesbsnake01 alpha.pngSBCGEp1screengamesblogo alpha.png SBCGEp1Screengamesbbg.png

These early Snake Boxer images show that the game was originally played on the Lappy 486, not the FunMachine. All but the disc image, obj_floppydiscsb5, are stored as obj_screengame files.

Early Final
SBCGComplimentEarly.pngSBCGInsultEarly.pngSBCGHomestarIconEarly.pngSBCGBubsIconEarly.pngSBCGSnakeGameIconEarly.pngSBCGExitIconEarly.png SBCGComplimentFinal.pngSBCGInsultFinal.pngSBCGHomestarIconFinal.pngSBCGBubsIconFnal.pngSBCGSnakeGameIconFinal.pngSBCGExitIconFinal.png

Earlier dialogue and item icons are still in the ttarch file. The early icon file names are structured as ui_dialog_(name), while the final ones are under ui_icon_(name).

The early icons use a red border and are 128x128, not 256x256, images.


The mustache costume piece and map also have item images, but they're not coded as items in the final game.

Early Final
SBCGMapIconSBHouseEarly.pngSBCGMapIconBubsEarly.png SBCGMapIconTheStickEarly.png SBCGMapIconSBHouseFinal.pngSBCGMapIconBubsFinal.pngSBCGMapIconTheStickFinal.png

The map's crayon drawing icons were originally crappy pencil drawings. A positive change, that.

SBCGMapnavigation back.png

There's also a "BACK" button that's not needed in the final game.

Episode 1 Episode 2+
SBCGStrongBadiaShirtEp1.png SBCGStrongBadiaShirtFinal.png

The Strong Badia shirt is coded at this point, but the image hasn't been finished yet. The image changed from the flag on a yellow shirt to the coat of arms on a brown shirt.

(JayTheBrainMann: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text

On the Wii version, the .ttarch files are contained in a folder that has this following folder name.


This is probably a folder path on one of Telltale Games' computers.

(Source: Original TCRF research)