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Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix

Also known as: Pocket Fighter (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CPS-2)
Released in JP: September 27, 1997
Released in US: September 1997[1]
Released in EU: 1997

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

This is what happens when you take characters from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Red Earth, squish them down into super-deformed versions of themselves, place them into a parallel world where they exist together, and have them fighting to collect colored gems while pulling out all sorts of stuff and changing into wacky over-the-top costumes. It's Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix! Also, there's Capcom character cameos in the stages too!

It also has an uniquely catchy soundtrack, which is a special treat for fans when it comes to bringing some Rhythm Heaven and WarioWare-esque humor into this kids-oriented Street Fighter game filled with Capcom characters, and it's also notable for being the only Capcom fighting game with more playable female characters than male.

To do:
  • Investigate into the game for unused sounds and content if possible.


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Prerelease Info
Translation Differences
"There were some good parts!"... of the game's localization, that is.

Hidden/Unused Graphics

SGFMMRyuIconFront.png SGFMMRyuIconBack.png Ryu


Hidden in Ryu's tiles is a canned drink that goes unused.


The cat that appears in Ryu's Story Intro has sprites in gameplay, but it goes unused.


Some kind of object that goes unused. Its proper palette is unknown.


Graphics for this toy dinosaur is hidden in Ryu's tiles, but it is also unused.


SD graphics for Ryu's duffel bag that he carries with him in his Story Intro and Ending is hidden in his tiles! It goes unused in-game though...


This supercharged Hadouken effect for Ryu is hidden in his tiles. It's unsure what they would be used for... but if the unused effect had been implemented, it would have once functioned similar to the Hashogeki (or even its "Shin" variant), which became Ryu's V-Reversal move in Street Fighter V, and would later become a special move in Street Fighter 6.

SGFMMKenIconFront.png SGFMMKenIconBack.png Ken


Graphics for an unused attack effect are hidden in Ken's tiles which are unused.

SGFMMIbukiIconFront.png SGFMMIbukiIconBack.png Ibuki


Graphics for a small frog walking are hidden in Ibuki's tiles.


Mini Faces


All 12 playable characters have unused mini face graphics for when they are being possessed during Ibuki's Flash/Costume Combo throw in their tiles! These would have been seen if a character has been wall bounced during the throw. Sadly, these are never seen in normal gameplay, as only the first frames are used instead for every character.

X-Men vs. Street Fighter / Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Ryu Leftovers


Hidden in Zangief's tiles are leftover sprites and effects of Ryu using his Shinku Hadouken Super Combo from certain Capcom CPS-2 tag-team fighting games (such as X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes). These don't match up with this game's SD art-style, but rather the art-style of the Street Fighter Alpha series'. They were somehow being added in by accident, as their palettes are no longer present or correct, so the developers had forgotten to remove them!



Hidden in the tiles for the HUD is this Mobichan from Side Arms Hyper Dyne. Its palette is no longer present or correct.

Debug Filler Graphics


An unused filler graphic with text reading "NULL" that can be found many times throughout the graphics ROMs to fill empty space.



These unused filler graphics are also duplicated many times over in the ROM, presumably to fill empty space.



These arrows are hidden in the tilesets for the small text. One of these (the small one facing right) are used for when you enter the Debug Menu.

Effects and Shapes


These graphics are hidden in the HUD's tileset.

Small Numbers


In Ibuki's tileset, these unused numbers can be found.

Joysticks and Button Graphics


These joysticks and button graphics can be found in the HUD tilesets. Perhaps these were intended for a "How To Play" demo?

Unused HUD "1"

This "1" for the "Round" text is found in the HUD tiles, but it isn't complete, as there's no filling in it.

Unused Used
SGFMMArcUnused1.png SGFMMArcUsed1.png

Unused Small "Fight!" Text


A smaller version of the "Fight!" text used for the HUD that goes unused.

Unused "Wins" Text


This "Wins" text is found in the HUD's tileset. It would have been used instead of the yellow HUD combo message text that appears in-game when winning a round against another player.

Unused Scrolling "WINNER" Screen


Tiles for this scrolling screen with the words WINNER on it is hidden in the tileset for the backgrounds, although it's only used in the Japanese version of the game on the victory screen.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan US Asia
In Japan, the game is titled as Pocket Fighter. This title was also used for the US and European PlayStation ports! In the US, it's titled as Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. In Europe, the US logo is used, but the copyright text remains the same as in Japan.

The Western versions, aside from having a completely different name, also use a slightly different logo when compared to the Japanese version. It adds Chun-Li's bracelet (which made the "O" in "Pocket") and Felicia's pawprint (which was the pattern in the "K") to the background in order to keep the symbols of all 10 starting characters, and the Japanese name of the game on the piece of paper was changed to "Mini Mix". The copyright text at the bottom is also different in the US version, but remains unchanged in European versions.

The Announcer's voice clips were also changed to reflect the game's name change.

Attract Demo

US Japan/Asia
The US release includes an Advisory Warning before the Attract Demos... ...but the Japanese and European releases remove it. On with the fight!

In the US version, an Advisory Warning was shown just before the Gameplay Attract Demos. The Japanese and European versions don't have this.

In addition, the Gameplay Attract Demos play out much differently between the Japanese/European and US versions.

Loading Screens

Just like the title screen, the region's appropriate logo is used on the loading screens. Before a battle, its background is blue, after a battle its background is red.

Japan International
This one is used for the Japanese version... ...and this is the version used outside Japan.

Victory Screen

To do:
Add screenshots to compare.

The Japanese version features the words "WINNER" scrolling on the victory screen that is exclusive to that version, but this was removed in the Western versions.

Character Names

As in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Lei-Lei and Gouki's names were changed to Hsien-Ko and Akuma respectively, and Tabasa's name is changed to Tessa in the Western versions, which is consistent with her prior appearance in Red Earth. The Announcer's voice clips were also changed to reflect this.

Japan International
Lei-Lei Hsien-Ko
Tabasa Tessa
Gouki Akuma

Character-Specific Win Quotes

To do:
  • Add the Japanese-exclusive Character-Specific Win Quotes and their translations for;
    • Sakura
    • Morrigan
    • Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei
    • Felicia
    • Tessa/Tabasa
    • Ibuki
    • Zangief
    • Dan
    • Akuma/Gouki

In the Japanese version, all fighters have 12 additional Win Quotes, which will be different depending on the opponent who had lost the match to it. They were never translated for the Western version, which makes them all go unused.


Character Japanese Win Quote Translation
Ryu (Mirror Match) 「人の真似だけでは鍛えたことにはならんぞ!」 "Imitating another will not amount to any training on your part!"
Ken 「どんな姿になっても・・・やはりお前は強いな!」 "Regardless of how you are, you're always strong!"
Chun-Li 「そのスピードを十分生かせなければおれは倒せん!」 "As long as you don't capitalize on your speed, I won't be losing anytime soon!"
Sakura 「(スタスタスタ・・・)・・・あまり関わらない方がよさそうだ」 "(walking off) ...It seems like I would do well to avoid her."
Morrigan 「・・・・・・(鼻血)はっ、いかんいかん」 "...(nosebleed) No, I can't allow this to happen."
Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei 「中国秘伝の技・・・しかと見届けた!」 "The secret Chinese arts... I have felt its power for sure!"
Felicia 「・・・その・・・早く服を着たまえ」 "Mmm... It would do you well to change your clothes soon."
Tessa/Tabasa 「怪しい術・・・、どこで覚えた?」 "Such bizarre techniques... Where did you learn them?"
Ibuki 「変わった攻めをする・・・何流だ?」 "Those were quite the strange assortment of moves... What style is it?"
Zangief 「その姿でこのパワー・・・大した鍛え方だ!」 "Such power in that form... Your training must be phenomenal!"
Dan 「最強なんてそんなに簡単になれるものじゃない」 "Being the strongest isn't something that can be obtained that easily."
Akuma/Gouki 「・・・おれとお前は同類なのかもしれないな・・・」 "You and I... Perhaps we're the same..."


Character Japanese Win Quote Translation
Ryu 「おいおい、また足が短くなったんじゃねえか?」 "Come on, don't tell me your legs have shortened again!?"
Ken (Mirror Match) 「おれはそんなに足が短くねえ!断じて違う!」 "My legs aren't that short! They're way off!"
Chun-Li 「おいおい、その足・・・ダイエットした方がいいんじゃ?」 "Come on with those legs... Don't you think they're in some need of trimming down?"
Sakura 「なぁ、聞いていいか・・・なんで俺じゃなくて、リュウなんだ・・・」 "Hey, lemme' ask you this... Why did you not choose me, but Ryu..."
Morrigan 「決着もついたことだし・・・これからメシでもどう?」 "Seeing as we're done and all, how about we go for a meal now?"
Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei 「その体にその武装・・・重くないかい?」 "Carrying those weapons with your body... You sure they aren't heavy?"
Felicia 「そんなガキっぽい色気じゃおれを惑わすことはできないぜ!」 "Such a childish portrayal of your appeal won't ever seduce me!"
Tessa/Tabasa 「おいおい、そりゃ動物虐待ってもんだぜ!」 "Wow wow wow, that surely looks like animal abuse to me!"
Ibuki 「ふつうの女の子に戻んなよ!・・・どこかで聞いたセリフか?」 "Go back to living your life as a typical girl! ...Huh, have I heard that line from somewhere before?"
Zangief 「筋肉バカはこれだから・・・」 "And this is what a musclebound goof looks like..."
Dan 「なんだぁ、そのしけた技は?1億年早いぜ!」 "What's with those sloppy moves? No amount of years will help you in defeating me!"
Akuma/Gouki 「目がいっちまってるぜ・・・こうはなりたかねえな」 "Your eyes are mad crazy... Sure hope mine don't end up like those."


Character Japanese Win Quote Translation
Ryu 「やっぱり主人公は正義の味方で美人がいいと思わない?」 "Doesn't it come to your mind that the main character should be both an ally of justice and a holder of beauty?"
Ken 「声かけてくれたのに悪いんだけど私ってみんなのアイドルだから・・・」 "I heard you calling over to me. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm everyone's idol..."
Chun-Li (Mirror Match) 「捜査は足が基本よね!深い意味はないわよ」 "Legwork is core to investigations! Don't worry, there's nothing profound about it."
Sakura 「リュウの追っかけ・・・それはまたワールドワイドな話ねぇ」 "You're chasing after Ryu... Japan's one thing, but around the whole world, wow."
Morrigan 「昼間からその格好は社会人として問題あるんじゃない?」 "Don't you think it's a problem as a member of society to be wearing that from midday?"
Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei 「子供のころに絵本で見たけど・・・まさか本当にいるとはね!」 "I saw them in picture books as a kid, but who knew they actually existed!"
Felicia 「ミュージカルスター!? それ以前にしゃべるネコってだけでスゴイわね」 "A music star!? What's even more amazing is the fact that you're a talking cat."
Tessa/Tabasa 「寒いところに住んでるわりにノースリーブなのね・・・」 "You've done well to live in such a frigid place with no sleeves on your clothes..."
Ibuki 「アイスクリーム!?おごってあげたいけど給料日前なの・・・」 "Ice cream!? I wouldn't mind treating you to some, but it's the day before I'm paid..."
Zangief 「ちょっとどいてよこの辺はお昼混むんだから!」 "Butt out of the way. It's going to be crowded here once it hits afternoon!"
Dan 「コラコラ!勝手に空き地にテントを張らないの!」 "Hey, hey! Don't just set up a tent in an empty lot without permission!"
Akuma/Gouki 「さぁ、一緒に署にきてもらうわよ・・・あら?いない・・・」 "Well then, I'll have you accompany me to the station... Huh? He's gone..."

Unused Sounds

Additional Japanese Story Voices

The Japanese version has some extra dialog voices for every character's story cutscenes. These go unused in the Western versions.

Revisional Differences

Revision 970904

An in-game bug exists where the score would not calculate correctly after achieving a combo of 100 hits or more and KO-ing any opponent. This bug was fixed for the port of the game used in Capcom Fighting Collection (and it may also be fixed in the port of the game in Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium as well).