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Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition

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Title Screen

Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition

Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: October 21, 2010
Released in US: December 12, 2010
Released in EU: December 3, 2010
Released in AU: December 2, 2010
Released in KR: December 11, 2010

DummyIcon.png This game has unusual dummy files.

Don't be fooled by the name - this is just the original SNES compilation (not even the + Super Mario World version!) but sold on a Wii disc for $40, made further insulting in that it came a year after Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Opera Leftovers

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
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Found in the folder content5 is a file called Opera.arc which contains more files such as filter.ini, input.ini, opera.ini, and