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Super Mario Maker 2

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Title Screen

Super Mario Maker 2

Developer: Nintendo EPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: June 28, 2019

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Super Mario Maker 2 is the sequel to the Wii U original, featuring a new style based off of Super Mario 3D World with unique features, a full-fledged Story Mode, local and online multiplayer (in both co-op and competitive flavors), new elements in Course Maker, various tweaks around the edges, and the removal of Mystery Mushrooms (you’ll get your chance one day, Windows logo).

That’s pretty much it, outside of being on a console that people actually bought.

Unused Graphics

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Placeholder Castle Bridges

Your favorite graphics from Super Mario Maker are back. Once again, there are castle bridge graphics that resemble the Super Mario Bros. ones, and once again they're unused. Somehow, the bottom of the bridge appears in all the retro styles.

SMB3 Castle Block

A block from Super Mario Bros. 3 used in castles is in every style in the tilesets, but unused. It even has unique graphics for the other games' styles.

Super Mario World

Squares, now in light and dark!

Random squares found in the Plains tileset, with a night variant. Its use is unknown, but it might have been a placeholder graphic.

Marty i'm scared

This graphic is... interesting. It only appears in the Forest tileset, it has dark coloration, and it has a night variant. It is also transparent, which is interesting too. They might be crudely drawn placeholder graphics for the Clear Pipe - in the final game however, Clear Pipes were limited to SM3DW.

Unused Sounds

Some sounds are left over from the first game.

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Check for any other unused sounds that the voice was going to say or will say in a later update.

Super Mario Bros.


Leftover sound from Costume Mario when appealing.



Two sounds of Weird Mario from the first game still exist within the game data.


A sound of Gold Mario from New Super Mario Bros. 2, used for the gold and silver costumes in the first game.

(Source: ecumber [1])


The sound that played in the first game when placing a Mystery Mushroom. Located in Pack\StaticHighFreqSound.pack\M1_EditKinokoFunny.bars.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Removed Course Parts

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Specifically: See if there is any code for using these.

The files which contains the names of the course parts as used on the parts menu ( MessageData\ReferenceMsg_*\PartsIconName.msbt, *\OtherPartsName.msbt and &PartsIconName_plural.msbt) contain some names for course parts that don't exist in the game. Alternative pluralisations of these do not exist, whereas they do for some used objects.

Label USA English
NokonokoShell Koopa Shell

Presumably a form of the Koopa Troopa, like with Buzzy Beetles and Spinies.

Label USA English
Stone Stone

This is for the Stone object used in the Story Mode levels that use the Story Mode exclusive "Reach the goal while holding a stone" Clear Condition.

Label USA English
BuilderBox Builder Box

Builder Mario's boxes can't be placed in the course maker.

Label USA English
Fireball Fireball

No kind of Fireball can be placed in the course maker.

Label USA English
QueenShoes Stiletto

The Stilettos cannot be placed directly.

Label USA English
Shell Shells


Label USA English
Shoes Shoe


Label USA English
Yoshi Yoshi
Yoshi_Red Red Yoshi

Yoshis can't be placed directly.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Removed Text Files

The msbp file contains references to some (uncompiled) text files that don't have equivalents in the game:

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Behavior

If you hack the game to remove the invisible edge barriers in Story Mode and fall from the front, the screen will fade out and the game will bring you back to the middle of the hub world. This was likely intended as a failsafe if the player managed to glitch past the invisible walls, but it may just be a leftover as the Story Mode hub runs on the same engine as past 3D and 2D Mario games.

(Source: Skelux)


New Super Mario Bros. U Pipes

New Super Mario Bros U pipes

Unlike in Super Mario Maker, pipes in the New Super Mario Bros. U style are shinier than they are in the source game. They somewhat resemble an early design of the pipes seen in pre-release footage of the source game.

Missing Clear Condition

In the clear conditions string file, FollowKinopo_01 and FollowKinopo_03 (used for the Story Mode-only Toad clear conditions) exist, but no FollowKinopo_02.

(Source: Original TCRF research)
(Source: image)

Internal Project Name

The game's codename is "Slope", according to strings in the executable. The first game's codename is "Block", for reference.

(Source: ecumber [2])

Revisional Differences

Version 1.0.1

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  • A few bug fixes.