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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Early Boxing Ring Screenshot

Smash 3DS vision test01.png

Located in data\stage\melee\PunchOut_c\model\S51_vision\normal.bch as vision_test01 is a low resolution (resized) early picture of Super Smash Bros. 4 depicting Mario and Link fighting on an early version of the Boxing Ring stage. This picture was probably taken at the start of the game's development, when it was relatively close to its predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The layout of the stage is very similar to the final version, but the background is different and much simpler. The fighter icons, the interface, Mario, and Link are still in Brawl's style. Interestingly, visible on the jumbotron is a placeholder version of the character blurb screen, ripped directly from the arcade Super Punch-Out!!, that depicts the player fighting Vodka Drunkenski.

(Source: smb123w64gb)

Brawl Leftovers

Kirby's Old Final Smash

Unused leftovers pertaining to Kirby's Final Smash in Brawl, Cook Kirby, found in Kirby's model directory under the "cookhat", "nabe", "flyingpan", "stick", "pepper" and "flygaeshi" files. It would appear that Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has more leftovers from its predecessor than the Wii U version.

(Source: SeñorLuigiSmash)

"c01" Variations

A few models have a c01 folder (usually used for character's alternate costumes) containing unused, slightly different variations.

Golden Interior

c00 c01
Smash3ds goldstylec00.png Smash3ds goldstylec01.PNG

The Golden Interior trophy is at an angle and has the trophy base as part of the model.

Fiend's Cauldron

c00 c01
Smash3ds devilpotc00.png Smash3ds devilpotc01.png

The Fiend's Cauldron trophy has slightly brighter textures.

Wii Fit Trainer

c00 c01
Smash3ds wiifitc00.png Smash3ds wiifitc01.png

The Wii Fit Trainer trophy has its polygons in slightly different places and her left calf is...remarkably pointy, more than likely a mistake with polygons.

Mii Ninja Hat

c00 c01
Smash3ds ninjahatc00.png Smash3ds ninjahatc01.png

The Mii Ninja Hat is higher poly than c00.

Magnus Trophy

The Magnus trophy has a c01 folder, but it's empty.

Character Select Screen Buttons

Smash 3DS Chr 10 page 1.tex (EE12AE87-55.bin) 0.png Smash 3DS Chr 10 page 2.tex (AFE29875-56.bin) 0.png

Present among the menu texture files. They match the style of the buttons used on the stage select screen used for switching between pages once the first page is full, which can only happen if DLC stages are downloaded. Despite the DLC characters being moved to a separate screen as of version 1.1.3, these buttons still weren't used, instead made obsolete with an "Extra Fighters >" button and a "< Normal Fighters" button.

Stage Select Icons

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Strangely, Stage Select icons for All-Star mode and Smash Run exist, but are not used in any way.

Unused Font

Smash 3DS Debugfont.png

A rather large font with many Japanese characters, likely used for debugging purposes.

Master Core

Master Core has graphics for its name. It follows the same style of the on-screen Classic names. Presumably, at some point Master Core was a stand-alone boss. Furthermore, enemy data for Master Fortress was found in the 3DS files. It is unclear if Master Fortress was also going to appear in the 3DS version, or if the boss data was merely shared (as Ridley, Nabbit and Metal Face are also present) between the two versions.

This nameplate also appears in the Wii U version, where it is still unused.

Unused Stock Icons

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The Mii stock icons from the E3 demo are still present.

Classic Mode

The bottom graphic mentions a partner, suggesting that Classic Mode was going to be co-op at one point in the 3DS version, like in the Wii U version.

Unused Stage Clear Graphics


The game uses Stages 1-6, Results and the Classic and All-Star versions of Final Results, but these indicators suggest they may have had more stages during development.

Unused Smash Run Tutorial Pictures

Several images in the "How to play" guide for Smash Run were given overhauls, with changes ranging from minor to large.

Unused Final
SSB43DS-FieldTut01A.png SSB43DS-FieldTut01B.png

The second image in the tutorial has an older version with a different picture of Donkey Kong. They seemingly replaced it with something that is a bit more exciting.

Unused Final
SSB43DS-FieldTut03A.png SSB43DS-FieldTut03B.png

The third image replaces a bland picture of four players that are motionless with something a bit more action-packed.

The fourth image retains a placeholder graphic in the game's data.

Unused Japanese Unused English
SSB43DS-FieldTut04B.png SSB43DS-FieldTut04A.png

The seventh image displays different powerups in the inventory. Compare with the final version:

Final Japanese Final English
SSB43DS-FieldTut05B.png SSB43DS-FieldTut05A.png

Also note the very slight changes to the stat icons that are to the left, and the addition of a 0 beside each of them.

Smash Run Powerdown Patches

Inside the item folder for Smash Run specific content, there exists files for powerdown stat patches reminiscent of the similar powerdown patches in Kirby Air Ride. In the final game, the only way to lose the stats you collected in Smash Run is to die, or to get hit by certain enemies' attacks that make you lose specific stats.



Some kind of portrait for the bottom screen, similar to the one seen for update notices.

Alternate Costume StreetSmash Tokens

Tokens for Wireframe Little Mac, Female Villager, Alph, Female Robin, Mario Series Wario, Male Wii Fit Trainer, and the Miis exist, but you cannot choose alternate costumes for StreetSmash Tokens, and you cannot choose the Miis for the same reason you can't choose them in the online mode "With Anyone."