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Title Screen


Also known as: Itsu no Ma ni Kōkan Nikki (JP), Nintendo Letter Box (EU)
Developers: Nintendo, Denyusha
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: December 21, 2011
Released in US: December 22, 2011
Released in EU: December 22, 2011
Released in AU: December 22, 2011

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of October 31, 2013) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.
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Swapnote was made to be the 3DS' PictoChat, but most users didn't use it since it lacked the instant messaging feature. It's still an interesting concept, though, especially with the 3D pen.

Swapnote also introduced Nikki, the app's mascot/tutorial guide, whose adorable appearance, expressions, and drawings are probably what's most remembered about the app. She reappeared in the same role for the successor app Swapdoodle, and appears as an Assist Trophy in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Revisional Differences

To do:
For the December 15, 2020 update, confirm that it was the base title that was updated as opposed to the update title.
  • The July 5, 2012 update allowed for six ink colors, although only one color was allowed per message.
  • The October 31, 2013 update took away SpotPass support, as the feature was being misused to send content that violated the terms of service. All that remains now is StreetPass functionality.
  • On December 15, 2020, an update fixed an exploit reported to Nintendo by 3DS modder MrNbaYoh. Unusually, the page calls this update "Remastered", but this is simply Nintendo's internal terminology (as seen in 3DS SDK documents) for a revised base title.