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Tak and the Guardians of Gross (PlayStation 2, Wii)

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Title Screen

Tak and the Guardians of Gross

Developer: Blitz Games
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Wii
Released in US: October 13, 2008
Released in EU: October 31, 2008
Released in AU: October 23, 2008

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Add unused voice clips.
  • See if there's any unused models or textures.

The fourth and last console title in the Tak series is a decent but VERY short and linear platformer that's mostly brought down due to someone's weird decision to not include camera control.

Unused Text

localstrings_testspeech text.ps2 has random text most likely used for testing subtitles. The first part is identical to a file of the same name found in SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis, also made by Blitz Games, while the rest is just the names Jibolba, Tak, Zaria, Jeera, Lok, Chief and Keeko repeated multiple times.

Testing Testing ONE Two Three
This is a test
Hello Spongebob
Hello Patrick
This is a conversation test
I know
I am a little sponge
Shut up spongebob
gosh its like looking at a mirror
shut up shut up shut up
dance dance dance
boogie boogie boogie
I hate my life
Hello Spongebob
I hate my life
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Jibolba Jibolba Jibolba
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak Tak
Tak Tak Tak
Zaria Zaria Zaria Zaria Zaria
Zaria Zaria Zaria Zaria Zaria
Jeera Jeera Jeera Jeera Jeera
Jeera Jeera Jeera Jeera Jeera
Lok Lok Lok Lok Lok Lok Lok Lok
Lok Lok Lok Lok Lok Lok
Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief
Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief
Keeko Keeko Keeko Keeko Keeko
Keeko Keeko Keeko

residentstringtable.us has text for options to play the concept art puzzle minigames in either an easy mode with a 3x3 board, or a hard mode with a 5x5 board. The game automatically always uses the easy mode with no options to change difficulty.

Concept Art
Easy 3x3
Hard 5x5
You completed the puzzle!

The same file also has text for a Language Select option that includes languages for which the game was never translated into like Korean and Japanese.

Language Select

The same file also has this that goes unused as characters automatically talk as you approach them.

Press XXX to talk to other characters

modelviewerstringtable.us has some text for a model viewer.

Use A to orbit around the object
Use A and B to zoom in and out
Use A and B to flick through models

frontendstringtable.us, which contains all the text used in the main menu, once again references a model viewer option.

Model Viewer

Development Text


Found on the PS2 version.

CreditsWorld.fetm 610498
CutScene Intro Level 02.fetm 513901
CutScene Intro Level 03.fetm 778379
CutScene Intro Level 06.fetm 778355
CutScene Intro Level 08.fetm 778338
CutScene Intro Level 10.fetm 778400
CutScene Outro Level 03.fetm 778306
CutScene Outro Level 06.fetm 778290
CutScene Outro Level 08.fetm 778277
CutScene Outro Level 10.fetm 778323
driving_L13_Chug.fetm 70634
fedev_devpackage.fetm 778263
fefull_FrontendWorld.fetm 54
Fondue Fort World.fetm 774840
Goo Gunked World.fetm 774816
PauseMenuWorld.fetm 696130
platform_L01_Shrine_PT1.fetm 513861
platform_L01_Shrine_PT2.fetm 164916
platform_L01_Shrine_PT3.fetm 687482
platform_L04_Ruins.fetm 1520
platform_L05_Trashthulu_arm.fetm 777257
platform_L05_Trashthulu_back.fetm 777167
platform_L05_Trashthulu_belly.fetm 777366
platform_L05_Trashthulu_flank.fetm 1318
platform_L05_Trashthulu_head.fetm 777014
platform_L07_Slopvia_Crown.fetm 438162
platform_L07_Slopvia_Head.fetm 70865
platform_L07_Slopvia_Internal.fetm 157798
platform_L07_Slopvia_Plates.fetm 437929
platform_L07_Slopvia_Surfing.fetm 776621
platform_L09_Gorgonzilla_PT1.fetm 1254
platform_L09_Gorgonzilla_PT2.fetm 1082
platform_L09_Gorgonzilla_PT3.fetm 610250
platform_L11_Rapids.fetm 775654
platform_L12_Stinkol_Body.fetm 875
platform_L12_Stinkol_Head_PT1.fetm 695244
platform_L12_Stinkol_Tower.fetm 608826
rail_L02_Escape_PT1.fetm 777763
Skunk Slider World.fetm 774872
Slide_ConceptArt.fetm 774911
Tiki Shoot World.fetm 774896
TransitionWorld.fetm 610430


Found on the Wii version.

CreditsWorld.fetm 2266341
CutScene Intro Level 02.fetm 2169743
CutScene Intro Level 03.fetm 2434225
CutScene Intro Level 06.fetm 2434205
CutScene Intro Level 08.fetm 2434189
CutScene Intro Level 10.fetm 2434248
CutScene Outro Level 03.fetm 2434156
CutScene Outro Level 06.fetm 2434142
CutScene Outro Level 08.fetm 2434129
CutScene Outro Level 10.fetm 2434174
driving_L13_Chug.fetm 1726367
fedev_devpackage.fetm 2434121
fefull_FrontendWorld.fetm 1655885
fefull_FrontendWorldPal.fetm 1581369
Fondue Fort World.fetm 2430687
Goo Gunked World.fetm 2430658
PauseMenuWorld.fetm 2351987
platform_L01_Shrine_PT1.fetm 2169626
platform_L01_Shrine_PT2.fetm 1820710
platform_L01_Shrine_PT3.fetm 2343287
platform_L04_Ruins.fetm 1657276
platform_L05_Trashthulu_arm.fetm 2433069
platform_L05_Trashthulu_back.fetm 2432981
platform_L05_Trashthulu_belly.fetm 2433159
platform_L05_Trashthulu_flank.fetm 1657146
platform_L05_Trashthulu_head.fetm 2432826
platform_L07_Slopvia_Crown.fetm 2093961
platform_L07_Slopvia_Head.fetm 1726688
platform_L07_Slopvia_Internal.fetm 1813599
platform_L07_Slopvia_Plates.fetm 2093727
platform_L07_Slopvia_Surfing.fetm 2432381
platform_L09_Gorgonzilla_PT1.fetm 1657030
platform_L09_Gorgonzilla_PT2.fetm 1656847
platform_L09_Gorgonzilla_PT3.fetm 2266073
platform_L11_Rapids.fetm 2431394
platform_L12_Stinkol_Body.fetm 1656634
platform_L12_Stinkol_Head_PT1.fetm 2351038
platform_L12_Stinkol_Tower.fetm 2264641
rail_L02_Escape_PT1.fetm 2433551
Skunk Slider World.fetm 2430713
Slide_ConceptArt.fetm 2430761
Tiki Shoot World.fetm 2430743
TransitionWorld.fetm 2266283
w_stock_revhbm_common.fetm 2642272
w_stock_revhbm_language_eng.fetm 2642271
w_stock_revhbm_language_fra.fetm 2642270
w_stock_revhbm_language_ger.fetm 2642269
w_stock_revhbm_language_ita.fetm 2642268
w_stock_revhbm_language_jp.fetm 2642267
w_stock_revhbm_language_ned.fetm 2642266
w_stock_revhbm_language_spa.fetm 2642265


Found on the PS2 version.



Found on the Wii version.



The SLUS file in the PlayStation 2 version contains an error message in case the volume for the music has any problems. It references Steve Bond who was one of the programmers for the game.

Music SubStream
Volume Info not found for "%s" - please tell Steve Bond if you see this!

This file also references David Woo, another programmer.

Did you miss a comma?
We have a linked list leak - get David Woo to fix it

Another reference to Steve Bond.

Smart Bomb Effect manager has run out of array space. Please tell Steve Bond!

Yet another reference to Steve Bond.

Landfill Magic Group "%s" has too many stones - please talk to Steve Bond

Yet another reference to Steve Bond.

Landfill magic trail effect failed to restart - please talk to Steve Bond

The file also contains references to option entities in the menu, most of which appear in-game except the LiveInfo option, for some reason, and the invert camera options which don't appear due to it notoriously using an automatic camera.


Also things calling for programmers to solve various issues.

Out of attachments (max %d). Find a programmer to solve this.
CallCallbackOnNodes has caused node with children "%s" to be moved to a different sector. This is bad, please tell a programmer!

And lastly the build date of this version.

Jul 23 2008
- Publisher -

Dummy File



This is real.

No Checkpoint Error

Tak GoG No Checkpoint Error.png

If somehow Tak manages to fall off the stage without previously triggering a checkpoint (which is a task in itself as the game constantly feeds you with them), the following message appears on-screen and the game freezes as there's no respawn point for him to come back from. So far this has only proven to be possible through hacking at the start of Swollen River Ruins.

Internal Project Names

Many files refer to the game as being titled either Tak08 or Tak 4, the latter is the one most frequently used.

Console Differences

Most likely due to technical and size constraints as the PS2 version is 1 GB smaller than the Wii version, the former got the short end of the stick in some areas.

  • The PS2 version has dimmer lighting and textures are more compressed, which has the effect of making certain sections like the beginning of Swollen River Ruins and Trashthulu look darker.
PlayStation 2 Wii
Tak GoG l3 PS2.png Tak GoG l3 Wii.png
Tak GoG l4 PS2.png Tak GoG l4 Wii.png
  • Water overall has a much more clean and reflective effect on Wii than PS2.
  • The Wii version has Zaria, Lok and two villagers as NPCs in the beginning of the first level, with the first two also having some lines of dialogue if you approach them; they were all removed in the PS2 version. Weirdly, the voice clips for Zaria and Lok are still on the disc, rendering all of them unused.
  • At the end of Swollen River Ruins, in the Wii version you have to face-off against a single giant Woodie, in the PS2 version he's replaced by three smaller Woodies.
  • The various parts of the interior of Trashthulu's head from the final section of his level are constantly shaking and moving around for ambient effect in the Wii version, they're completely static on PS2.
  • The final cutscene of Slopviathan's level has him bleeding green goo from his eyes before turning to stone on the Wii version, the goo color is changed to black/purple in the PS2 version (which may or may not look more gruesome depending on who you ask).
  • Gorgonzilla's level has a cutscene that's slightly different depending on the version: on the Wii version the camera zooms out on his back showing a bit of the next level section before switching to an aerial view of him from the front, in the PS2 version it doesn't show the detailed level section and the front view is from the ground.
  • Stinkolossus spends most of his titular level just there in the background, in the Wii version he's constantly spinning in a somewhat poorly looped animation while in the PS2 version he's mostly static.