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The second sound technically isn't unused; If you go to Dingpot before exiting out of the place where the B.O.B. is (he's just to the left of the exit), you can jump in and get all the items restored. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_FAxf32qAc) --From: divingkataetheweirdo (EDT)

Oh, how could I forget about good ol' Dingpot? -- Liliana 18:55, 24 May 2011 (EDT)

Unused Maps

Thanks to Runehero123 and Coolboyman, they've found some unused areas that are unfinished. Those maps were like to be leftovers from a very early build.

The textures aren't part of the coding.

(Codes copied from the RWP post)

8101E006 XXXX - First Value

8101E012 YYYY - Second Value (Can be zero if no wish to merge)

8101BBB8 0800

8101BBBA 7800

8101E000 A08E

8101E002 FFFF

8101E004 201B

8101E008 3C01

8101E00A 8013

8101E00C AC3B

8101E00E 8608

8101E010 201B

8101E014 AC3B

8101E016 860E

8101E018 1CC0

8101E01A F6E3

8101E01C 0000

8101E01E 0000

8101E020 03E0

8101E022 0008


8012704C 0006 - Turns you into the bee, so you don't fall to your death and can fly around.

80127643 0000 - Maps "WARP TO" 00, used to attempt to avoid "wide angles".


1CF9 - SM - Spiral Mountain A

1CFA - SM - Spiral Mountain B

1CFB - SM - Banjo's House A (Cutscene)

1CFC - SM - Banjo's House B (Cutscene)

1CFD - SM - Grunty's Lair A

1CFE - SM - Waterfall A

1CFF - SM - Waterfall B

1D00 - Humba's Wigmam A

1D01 - Mumbo's Skull A

1D02 - Mumbo's Skull B

1D03 - TDL - Humba's Wigwam (Big) A

1D04 - SM - Digger Tunnel A

1D05 - WW - Humba's Wigmam B

1D06 - Humba's Wigmam B

1D07 - JRL - Wumbas Wigwam B

1D08 - SM - Banjo's House A


1D0A - MT - Mayhem Temple A

1D0B - MT - Mayhem Temple B

1D0C - MT - Prison Compound A

1D0D - MT - Prison Compound B

1D0E - MT - Collumns Valut A

1D0F - MT - Kickball Stadium Lobby B

1D10 - MT - Code Chamber A

1D11 - MT - Jade Snake Grove A

1D12 - MT - Jade Snake Grove B

1D13 - MT - Treasure Chamber A

1D14 - MT - Kickball Arena A

1D15 - MT - Targitzan's Slighty Sacred Temple A

1D16 - MP - Targitzan's Temple A

1D17 - MT - Targitzan Temple Lobby A


1D19 - GGM - Fuel depot A

1D1A - GGM - Crushing shed A

1D1B - GGM - Flooded Caves A

1D1C - GGM - Water storage A

1D1D - GGM - Waterfall Cavern A

1D1E - GGM - Power hut basement A

1D1F - GGM - Chuffy's Cab A

1D20 - GGM - Inside chuffy's boiler boss A

1D21 - GGM - Gloomy Caverns A

1D22 - GGM - Generator caverns A

1D23 - GGM - Power hut A

1D24 - GGM - Train station A

1D25 - GGM - Glitter Gulch Mine A

1D26 - GGM - Waterfall Cavern B

1D27 - GGM - Canary Cave A

1D28 - GGM - Crushing shed B

1D29 - GGM - Power hut B

1D2A - GGM - Gloomy Caverns B

1D2B - GGM - Power hut basement B

1D2C - GGM - Prospector's Hut A

1D2D - GGM - Flooded Caves B

1D2E - GGM - Generator caverns B

1D2F - GGM - Toxic gas cave A

1D30 - GGM - Water storage B

1D31 - GGM - Canary Cave B

1D32 - GGM - Fuel depot B

1D33 - GGM - Inside Chuffy's Wagon A

1D34 - GGM - Ordnance storage A

1D35 - GGM - Ordnance Storage entrance A

1D36 - GGM - Glitter Gulch Mine B

1D37 - GGM - Prospector's Hut B

1D38 - WW - Witchyworld A

1D39 - WW - Crazy castle stockade A

1D3A - WW - Crazy castle Pump Room A

1D3B - WW - Crazy castle lobby A

1D3C - WW - The Inferno A

1D3D - WW - Cave of Horrors A

1D3E - WW - Haunted cavern B

1D3F - WW - Train Station A

1D40 - WW - Star Spinner A

1D41 - WW - Dodgem dome lobby

1D42 - WW - Dodgem challenge

1D43 - WW - Mr. Patch A

1D44 - WW - Witchyworld B

1D45 - WW - Star Spinner B

1D46 - WW - Crazy Castle Baloon game/Hoop Hurry



1D49 - BETA - Three Doors

1D4A - WW - Train Station B

1D4B - MP - Balloon Burst

1D4C - JRL - Inside the UFO A

1D4D - JRL - Ancient Swimming Baths A

1D4E - JRL - Ancient Swimming Baths B

1D4F - JRL - Electric Eels lair A

1D50 - JRL - Electric Eels lair B

1D51 - JRL - Seaweed Santchum A

1D52 - JRL - Seaweed Santchum B

1D53 - JRL - Inside the Big Fish A

1D54 - JRL - Inside the Big Fish B

1D55 - JRL - Temple of the Fishes A

1D56 - BETA - Two Floors / Ceilings

1D57 - JRL - Jolly's A

1D58 - JRL - Lord Wu fak fak A

1D59 - JRL - Pawno's emporium A

1D5A - JRL - Pawno's emporium B

1D5B - JRL - Blubber's wave race hire A

1D5C - JRL - Seabottom A

1D5D - JRL - Temple of the Fishes B

1D5E - GGM - Water supply pipe A

1D5F - GI - Water supply pipe A

1D60 - JRL - Sea Bottom Cavern

1D61 - JRL - Beta Pipe A

1D62 - JRL - Beta Pipe B

1D63 - JRL - Jolly's B

1D64 - JRL - Inside the UFO B


1D66 - TDL - Terrydacty Land A

1D67 - TDL - Bonfire Caverns A

1D68 - TDL - Styracosaurus family cave A

1D69 - TDL - Inside the mountain A

1D6A - TDL - Inside the mountain B

1D6B - TDL - Terry's nest A

1D6C - TDL - River Passage A

1D6D - TDL - River Passage B

1D6E - TDL - Train Station A

1D6F - TDL - Oogle boogles cave A

1D70 - TDL - Unga Bunga's Cave A

1D71 - TDL - Stomping plains A

1D72 - TDL - Terrydacty Land B

1D73 - TDL - Inside chompa's belly A


1D75 - TDL - Terry's nest B

1D76 - GI - Grunty's Industries A

1D77 - GI - Floor 1 A

1D78 - GI - Floor 2 A

1D79 - GI - Floor 3 A

1D7A - GI - Floor 4 A

1D7B - GI - Floor 1 - Elevator shaft A

1D7C - GI - Basement A

1D7D - GI - Floor 1 - Train Station A

1D7E - GI - Floor 1 - Trash Compactor A

1D7F - GI - Floor 3 - Boiler Plant A

1D80 - GI - Floor 2 - Electromagnet Chamber A

1D81 - GI - Basement - Waste Disposal A

1D82 - GI - Floor 1 - Workers quarters A

1D83 - GI - Floor 4 - Cable Room A

1D84 - GI - Floor 4 - Cable Room B

1D85 - GI - Floor 4 - Quality Control A

1D86 - GI - Basement - Waste Disposal B

1D87 - GI - Floor 1 B

1D88 - GI - Grunty's Industries B

1D89 - GI - Floor 4 - Quality Control B

1D8A - GI - Floor 3 - Packing Room A

1D8B - GI - Basement - Repair Depot A

1D8C - GI - Floor 1 - Train Station B

1D8D - GI - Floor 4 - Clinkers Cavern A

1D8E - GI - Sewer Entrance A

1D8F - GI - Floor 2 B

1D90 - GI - Floor 3 B

1D91 - GI - Floor 4 B

1D92 - GI - Floor 4 - Cable Room B

1D93 - GI - Basement B

1D94 - GI - Floor 3 - Boiler Plant B

1D95 - GI - Floor 1 - Workers quarters B

1D96 - GI - Sewer Entrance B

1D97 - BETA - Small Map

1D98 - HFP - Icy Side - Boggy's Igloo A

1D99 - HFP - Lava Side A

1D9A - HFP - Lava Side B

1D9B - HFP - Icy Side A

1D9C - HFP - Icy Side B

1D9D - HFP - Icy Side - Boggy's Igloo A

1D9E - HFP - Icy Side - Train Station A

1D9F - HFP - Icy Side - Train Station B

1DA0 - HFP - Lava Side - Train Station A

1DA1 - HFP - Icy Side - Icicle Grotto A

1DA2 - HFP - Icy Side - Icicle Grotto B

1DA3 - HFP - Lava Side - Colosseum Kickball Stadium Lobby A

1DA4 - HFP - Icy Side - Inside the Volcano A

1DA5 - HFP - Lava Side - Chilli Billi A

1DA6 - HFP - Icy Side - Chilli Willy A

1DA7 - HFP - Coliseum Kickball A

1DA8 - HFP - Icy Side - Boggy's Igloo B

1DA9 - HFP - Lava Side - Chilli Billi B

1DAA - HFP - Icy Side - Chilli Willy B

1DAB - CC - Cloud Cuckoo Land A

1DAC - CC - Central Cavern A

1DAD - CC - Inside the Pot o' Gold A

1DAE - CC - Inside the Pot o' Gold B


1DB0 - CC - Inside the Cheesewedge A

1DB1 - CC - Inside the Trashcan A

1DB2 - CC - Inside the Trashcan B

1DB3 - CC - Cloud Cuckoo Land B

1DB4 - CC - Central Cavern B

1DB5 - CC - Zubba's nest A

1DB6 - CC - Inside the Cheesewedge B

1DB7 - CC - Zubba's nest B


1DB9 - CK - Cauldron Keep A

1DBA - CK - Cauldron Keep B

1DBB - CK - Gun Chamber A

1DBC - CK - The Gatehouse A

1DBD - CK - Tower of Tragedy Quiz A

1DBE - CK - HAG Inside A

1DBF - CK - Final Boss A


1DC1 - JV - Jinjo Village A

1DC2 - IOH - Wooded Hollow

1DC3 - IOH - Wooded Hollow - Jiggywiggy's Temple

1DC4 - IOH - Plateau

1DC5 - IOH - Pine Grove A

1DC6 - IOH - Pine Grove B

1DC7 - IOH - Wooded Hollow - Heggy's Egg Shed A

1DC8 - IOH - Cliff Top A

1DC9 - IOH - Wasteland A

1DCA - IOH - Quagmire A

1DCB - IOH - Wasteland A

1DCC - IOH - Inside Another Digger Tunnel A

1DCD - IOH - Inside Another Digger Tunnel B

1DCE - IOH - Plateau - Honey B's Hive

1DCF - JV - Jinjo Houses

1DD0 - JV - Bottles House A

1DD1 - JV - Throne Room A

1DD2 - JV - Zombie Throne Room A

1DD3 - JV - Bottles House B

...and the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyWW4cj0wi0

PS: The codes which makes the game freeze may have been even very early areas, but removed entirely. -- From: simisagejittens 19:21, 24 November 2013

Crash Debug Menu

I would like to know if there is a code to access the Debug Menu Crash? (www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCSsz5xXf6c)

--Gilgamesh (talk) 12:27, 31 December 2015 (EST)

I don't have the code, but I would like to point out that you would want to use such a code on console, since it seems that modern emulators don't keep drawing the screen after a crash. At least, as far as I know. --TGlitschen (talk) 17:00, 31 December 2015 (EST)

Unused Game Mode

Okay, so I haven't actually PLAYED Banjo-Tooie, (Maybe I'll have to buy it sometime) but uh....there's an entire unused game mode, and all TCRF has to show for it is a short badly compressed Youtube video? Come on, guys, you can do better than that! Robotortoise (talk) 19:12, 30 January 2014 (EST)

Van Swimming Animation Removal

I think this section should be removed. All characters in the game share the same skeleton, so technically every single character, NPC, and enemy has an "unused" swimming/drowning/whatever animation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcCJK1izj1s&t=3m20s --Cronikeys (talk) 18:16, 18 February 2015 (EST)

Unused Objects - Purple Lights

If I recall right, this object is used in-game but is rarely seen. I believe these are the EM Waves generated by the Giant Electromagnet on Floor 2 of Grunty Industries. When you enter the room as a Washing Machine but DO NOT have the magnet jammed via Mumbo's Magic, the magnet will trigger and prevent you from reaching the large switch in the room used to open the door to the Weldar boss fight. The sounds that it produces when dropped in-game also make sense for this. Since most players avoid this room until the Mumbo Pad is dropped into it, that is why it goes unseen. --Sparky4217 07:05, 17 January 2018 (EST)

Unused Room Renders

I made a few renders for the rooms, but I don't know if it's necessary to add them to the page:

Unused Pipe Render - Unused Doors - Unused Floor/Ceiling

The Unused Jinjo House's color can render as purple or white/grey, and the color seems to be directly tied to the exit you use to access the level. The unused floor/ceiling is huge.

Something that I'd like to note is that, 1964 v1.1 and Project64 v2.3 really don't like loading any of the unused areas. The unused pipe and Jinjo House both display an empty screen when loading through GameShark codes, and freeze the game when loading using save-states, although the music will still play sometimes. The three unused background areas are more interesting. Simply activating these codes crash Project64 v2.3, and they don't have any effect on v1.7 or 1964 v1.1.

Since Ocarina of Time's Room 125 crashes in N64 hardware and in Project64 v2.3, I believe there's...something there that should be making the game crash, whatever it is. --RanASTC 07:39, 30 March 2018 (EDT)

Meaning of "BCKB"

Under "Unused Text, Warp Text", there are various placeholder "REFUSE" lines. Characters listed include Banjo, Kazooie, the two together, Mumbo, and appropriate transformations from Wumba. Also listed is "BCKB" - maybe I'm being forgetful, but that I can't come up with a character that would fit that name. Any ideas? --2WaterGuns (talk) 11:49, 6 October 2018 (EDT)

No idea what the first B could stand for, but the rest could stand for Clockwork Kazooie Bomb, as in the ones that come from Clockwork Kazooie Eggs. It's the only playable 'character' other than the obvious ones that can be used in every stage. Keep in mind this is only speculation and should be investigated more thoroughly before adding it to the content page. --Mattrizzle (talk) 09:15, 6 October 2018 (EDT)
Ah, perhaps given the knowledge that Clockwork Kazooie is known as "babykaz" elsewhere in the code, the first B could be for Baby? Also just speculating, I won't add it to the article yet. --2WaterGuns (talk) 12:00, 6 October 2018 (EDT)

Japanese Kick Around

Grunty's head is replaced with a sack in the Japanese version --TurboPebble 8:55, 27 February 2019 (AEST)

Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 is listed in the platforms in the bob, but is all the unused content in the N64 version also in the Xbox 360 version? Ifnot , as per guidelines, "Xbpx 360" should be removed from the bob, or at least the differences in unused content between the platforms should be noted on the page. --Hiccup (talk) 04:34, 7 March 2019 (EST)

Some of the content like the unused audio and textures are still in the 360 port but all of the unused text was completely removed. I don't know if the unused models and maps are still there since my pc can't run xenia and there aren't any tools that I'm aware of that could extract them. Ferrox (talk) 12:30, 24 March 2019 (EDT)

Crash Debugger Codes Not Working

The crash debugger GameShark code listed in the article as well as the rest of the debug codes from the linked forum thread don't appear to work for me. On a real N64, the codes just crash the game on boot and nothing shows up. Same happens with newer emulators. On Project 64 1.6, the codes don't appear to do anything beyond corrupting the copyright text on the title screen with garbled text. There were some screenshots posted in the forum thread but none of them exist anymore, so I have no idea what they're supposed to look like. Ferrox (talk) 12:51, 7 May 2019 (EDT)

Yeah no, they don't work. Looking at that thread, the guy who "hacked" them obviously had no clue what he was doing and was just messing around with random data (the others even call him out on it lol). I'll take the code down and leave a todo for now. --Alley (talk) 18:40, 7 May 2019 (EDT)