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Talk:Beavis and Butt-Head (Genesis)

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Unused Text

It's used on the password screen, the pieces changing every time it's brought up. I don't remember if all of them were used, though. Andrew Rae (talk) 16:59, 1 March 2015 (EST)

Yeah, my bad! I'll look into which if any are unused, I'll move the text here for now. TheBluegeek (Talk) 2 March 2015

A box is twice as wide as it 
is  high  and  3  times its  
length.  When  crushed,  how 
big will the box be? 

Two  trains  leave  N.Y.  at 
3pm,  each  train travelling 
at  80 mph. How fast can the 
first train go? 

Ian is 4 feet  tall and Alan 
is 6.  How  tall will Ian be 
when Alan is as tall as Ian, 
in dog years? 

Mike  is  twice  as  old  as 
Colin.  In  3  years  he  is 
still twice as old as Colin. 
How old is Mike? 

A  pool  is  9x30x12  feet.  
If  8  liters  of water can  
drain  per  hour,  how  many 
liters are there in 9 feet? 

If a man  weighs 5 pounds on 
mars and 130 on  earth after 
a  good  meal,  what  does a 
hungry man weigh on mars? 

An electric train moves west 
at 90 mph, into an east wind 
of 40 knots.  What direction 
will the smoke blow? 

A pot  holding  2 gallons of 
water is boiling on a stove. 
When   will   the  negative  
metreoken condition occur? 

If you have 9 feet of fence, 
what is the maximum area you 
can  surround  without  the  
fence touching itself? 

Edgar  is  3  years  old and 
Tony is 9. How old is Edgars 
dog if Tonys cat is 17? 

How  fast  is  the  speed of 
speedx2  if  no solar  infra 
red rays are emitted by the 

If  x+2y-x+3y is equal to 10 
cents,  what is the value of 
x in dollars? 

What  is  the   average  air 
speed velocity of a migrating


I was thinking that list of unused text could be special passwords? The longest is 15 characters, which is how long passwords are. Also the password system includes hyphens (or minus signs). But I tried testing them out before and I don't think they worked. Could require something else? --Rabidabid (talk) 20:55, 8 June 2016 (EDT)