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"Black-Mesa-Calendar-Texture.png A relatable developer message is hiding in the alpha channel of a calendar texture. "

I think the message is actually indicating what the picture on the calender is of. A quick check of caffeine on Wikipedia shows a very similar looking compound. I'd change it but chemistry isn't my field so I could be wrong. --Agiletek (talk) 03:25, 2 July 2017 (EDT)

Xen leftovers

Before I throw my phone out of the nearest window for having the return key be so close to the backspace key and making me mess up an edit. I'm currently unable to reliably edit the article to add my findings so I just plopped it into a ToDo for others to finish.

scientist zombie has id badge but isnt uv mapped. should this be documented?

on the texture map of the scientist zombie there is a id badge, it isnt uv mapped anywhere on the model, should this be documented?