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Talk:ClayFighter 63⅓

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This is a discussion page for ClayFighter 63⅓.

Possibly Unused Sounds?

While I was online looking for Mugen stuff, I found a folder with sounds someone had ripped from the game. When I opened the folder, I found two sounds I have never heard during gameplay. They consist of the announcer saying "Combo!" (no adjective or anything, just "combo" by itself) and "Check this out!". If you have heard these sounds during gameplay, please notify me before I put them on the page. And before you say the sounds might have been "beta" (i.e. not in the final ROM), let me say this: While finding beta images is common, have you ever seen/heard beta sounds?

Forever random, --SpongeBat1 16:03, 13 April 2012 (EDT)