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This is the talk page for Dark Seed (DOS).
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TOSTEXT.BIN has all the text for use within the game and can be correctly viewed with help of a text editor like notepad++, using regular notepad just brings up Chinese characters. TOS.EXE (The main game executable) has a title for just about every examinable and inexaminable object in the game listed. .ROM files are what I'd imagine are for the rooms/screens within the game. .DIG, .PCS, .SIT (not to be confused with stuffit files), and .SBR seem to relate to the game music in the floppy release (CD release uses midi files located within an added music directory instead). Judging by there being a LEECH1.SBR, .SBR could also relate to sound effects within the floppy release. Within the art directory are various art and animations which are in .IMG and .ANM format, I'm assuming they can be opened within a version of deluxe paint, though I haven't had that much luck with deluxe paint 2 enhanced for DOS, but I have heard that one person had success in viewing the images within a version of dpaint. Voices are in .VOC format and can easily be imported into audacity for conversion. As for text changes between Floppy and CD releases, there are tons, so it's probably best to stick with listing text changes that have much more variation between versions than just a "you" replaced with "I". --MitchZer0 (talk) 19:59, 28 October 2019 (EDT)

Searched through a good bit of the graphics from the .NSP in the game with tiledGGD, there's not much in unused game graphics but Kataengi on discord did find graphics relating to the game's editor. Eventually going to have to find a way to view the .IMG and .ANM files in the art directory of the game--MitchZer0 (talk) 01:51, 31 October 2019 (EDT)