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Talk:Final Fantasy V Advance

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Hishou and Patarillo

Firstly, this is my first time making a Talk page, so sorry if I did it wrong. Secondly, I'd like to ask if anyone's done any research on what Hishou and Patarillo mean? Google doesn't recognize the latter, but tried correcting it to Patalliro. Since the the japanese language lacks an 'L', and they're always changed to 'R's instead when converting non-japanese words to Katakana, it's possible the version in the game is supposed to be a reference to the manga and anime Patalliro, which was mangled a bit in translation. I'm not sure, however, since I've never read the manga nor watched the anime, so I don't know what the move might have to do with the source material, if there even is a connection beyond cooincidence.

Hishou, however, is far clearer. The word is japanese primarily for Flight, Flying, or Soaring. It can also mean 'Petty/Trifling' or 'You/This Wretch', depending on the Kanji used and context. Since it's a clone of the Dragoon's Jump command, I hypothosize that they were going to create a flight command for either a new or possibly existing class, and used the Dragoon's Jump command as a template, but ditched the idea soon after. Maybe it would have been similar to how Fly functions in pokemon. The Dragoon's Jump command already does act sorta like Pokemon's Fly, maybe Hisou would have functioned like Edward's Hide command(as best I can remember), letting you leave the screen for a while, then come back later, only this time letting you do damage when you return? Corvus (talk) 22:40, 11 August 2016 (EDT)

Regional Patches

While not as convoluted as its predecessor, FFVA does have at least two patches between the North American and European releases, for the Return spell and quicksave resumption RNG for enemy formations, as mentioned here. I do not know (or recall) anything further or between other regional (re)releases. TJF588 (talk) 02:25, 30 April 2020 (UTC)