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Talk:Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

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Here's some tools to help look into the game if anyone interested.

There's not a lot of interest in looking into Dream Drop Distance files and the ones that were pretty much disappeared along with tools to help look into the game mostly vanished with dead download links everywhere since it's been years. But luckily I came access a to a Mega folder which contains tools to extract Dream Drop Distance ".rbin files" which contains PMOs(3D models?) and ".ctt" files(image files or textures) to view. Unfortunately I'm a bit confused on some steps so I can't do much currently. But I'm sure anyone interested will probably will be able to do all of the steps to find the unused content.

Also there's some uploaded unused stuff found Here. although it's not all. There's also some interesting stuff to note in this video.(Notably test messages like Madoka.)