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Talk:Lemmings (SNES)

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Revisional Differences

According to this there's some sort of difference between the english 1.0 and 1.1 involving time assigned in-game. I can't be arsed to find the specific level, though, so I'll just mention it here. West (talk) 06:20, 15 March 2014 (EDT)

Mysterious unused graphics

I was looking inside the game if I could find more unused graphics and I stumbled into this:

LemmingsSNES SunsoftLogoRip.png

This is loaded in the Sunsoft logo screen, with its own palette and stuff, this also reveals that the Sunsoft logo appears to use an entirely different graphic and palette than what is seen in-game!
Do this could belong to a lost hidden Easter Egg, perhaps? -Doggycharly (talk) 15:29, 5 January 2017 (EST)