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Possible Anti-Piracy Function?

Hey there, I'm pretty new here as you can see. Anyhow, I'm not exactly a guy who is versed in finding unused content at all (though I love reading about it!) and I'm not sure how easy it is to find any evidence of this but here's my story.

Many years ago I bought a Mega Man Zero 3 cartridge from Gamestop because I really wanted to play the game. It was fun, really hard of course, but I was never able to beat it because of reasons I'll get into a bit later. Today, my younger bro noticed that the text, namely on the ESRB label, was extremely weird, almost like a pirate copy. Upon a quick google image search and we realized our copy was a very blatant fake, between the differences in the background and lack of "Licensed by Nintendo".

Now this leads into why I was never able to beat the game. The last group of Guardians you can choose to fight includes Volteel Biblio's Stage. Whenever we tried to access this stage, the initial transfer sequence would play out as normal. However, instead of the game going to the stage after the fade to black, the game faded back to the transport area, just like what would happen if you cleared a stage. Ciele's dialogue is whatever dialogue she would have said in the last stage you cleared. As an example, in one of our files we played Tretista Kelverian before attempting to enter Biblio's stage, so the dialogue that follows attempting to transfer to Volteel Biblio's stage is:

"Transferring... Two... One..."

"Transfer Complete"

"Thank you, Zero. It looks like that elevator was being used to carry mass amounts of E-Crystals. But, I wonder... What was Weil up to with all that energy?" [all the same dialogue that plays from clearing Tretista Kelverian's stage]

Perhaps this means there is an anti-piracy check of some sort that is called whenever an attempt is made to enter Volteel Biblio's stage? I can't think of another possible explanation, and, unlike Pokemon Diamond and Jade, there aren't any other noticeable differences in the game compared to the original (I also own an actual copy of MMZ Collection). I'm not quite sure how to go about finding something like this but I wanted to bring this up and see if there was anyone here interested in taking a look into this more ^_^

If needed, I can provide pictures of my cart and a video of what happens whenever I try to enter Volteel Biblio The preceding unsigned comment was added by MrU (talk • contribs)