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Talk:Ni no Kuni (PlayStation 3)

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Unused Cutscenes

I've added the Unused Ghibli cutscene for entering the other world, and I've also removed the notice which says to rip it. However, the notice also said to rip the FMV for Oliver entering "Goronail". The closest I could find to a "Goronail" was "Goroneeru Kingdom", Which is Ding Dong Dell, but that FMV does play in game. If there IS another Ghibli cutscene, it doesn't appear to be in the PC version, at least. --Fiend (talk) 07:22, 20 August 2022 (UTC)

I've deleted the "Unused Cinematics" section because that Ghibli cutscene can be viewed via the ingame theater in the postgame. --Fiend (talk) 06:59, 27 August 2022 (UTC)

File type list

I've gone through and tried to figure out as much as I can about all of the file types in the PC version as I can, hopefully this will help to figure out what is and isn't used.
Hopefully this isn't too hard to read, it is a lot...

".actbin" - No header, specifically in "data/script/chara/action/0.35d", filenames seem to correspond with character IDs
Visual paramater CFG Files:
NOTE: these are all in plaintext! they all have "lastupdate" timestamps and some have a comment which says "Modified by LightningTool" I don't see a program *called* LightningTool on the internet anywhere but there is a company called that who makes various data visualization and editing software, which seems pretty similar to what these files are used for. Seems to be similar to CSV, but notably has some sort of "function" before each line of data like "BEGIN_OBJ" or "ADD_PROP"
these all seem to be per "event" which i assume in this case could be cutscenes, or even stuff like casting a spell or taking damage.
All of these are in subfolders of "data/light-env/event"
".chrligcfg" - character lighting cfg files?
".chrligcfg.bak" - older versions of these files! neat!
".effligcfg" - effect lighting cfg files?
".mapligcfg" - map lighting cfg files?
".mapenvcfg" - map environment cfg files? these ones are a bit more interesting since they seem to contain variables for a LOT of things related to the environment, how rivers look, wind, sun, clouds, and even lod bias! interestingly, references "DEBUG_CAMERA_FOV", which I had discovered existed in the EXE but assumed it was a debug menu option, now I'm not entirely sure what it is
".camanicfg" - camera animation files? these lack lastupdate timestamps and overall seem to be a bit less formatted than the other cfg files
".camcfg" - same as above, quite literally seemingly the same file format, BUT these ones have comments which appear to have all templates for all of the variables, the text for the actual template name in these is either corrupted or just in a weird text format, likely just japanese text, but they read:

// SET_CAMERA_MOVE_EYE		���_�ʒu(X, Y, Z)<br>
// SET_CAMERA_MOVE_REF		�Q�Ɠ_�ʒu(X, Y, Z)<br>
// SET_CAMERA_MOVE_ROLL	Z��]�p�x(Degree)<br>
// SET_CAMERA_MOVE_FOV		��p(Degree)<br>

".ch1ligcfg" - only 1, "110_c02.ch1ligcfg", older version of "evm0110_c02.chrligcfg". not sure why its such a different name, especially since the ".bak" files already exist elsewhere.
".ma1ligcfg" - same as above, even the same filename.
".mapblkcfg" - very small, and has a bunch of "BLOCK_DEFINE" followed by what seems to be a filename (minus the filetype), could maybe be folder name? I guess this is how they split the map up into blocks?
".objsecfg" - Judging by the file path "data/light-env/sound/map", I think it stands for object sound effect cfg. interestingly near the top of the file the filepath is listed, but its specifically a PS3 path, for example "/app_home/USRDIR/data/light-env/sound/map/bt_t02b01_00.objsecfg"
".cfg.bin" - Appears to be standard text files that underwent some conversion to a binary format, still has a lot of plaintext, including timestamps for last edit and it seems like even *who* edited it, although some files lack this, could be interesting to document, but there's probably so much that it might need its own page.
".fpcfg.bin" - Unknown, seems very similar to regular ".cfg.bin" files, there appears to be one for many folders in "rc/"
".txt.bin" - Unknown, also very similar to "cfg.bin", could actually be a mistake since the only files that use this are "pandora_league_system_text" files so its possible they just messed up the format a bit.
".bin" - Only used in 2 places, text language setting and voice language settings in "data/system". just one byte which determines the language. text language has "template" files for each language which just have the byte you need to select it.
".bin.bak" - backup of the text language setting file.
".stb" - appears to be some sort of script files?
".p3igg" - Unknown, my guess is image file, the file i looked at had mostly identical characters, which makes me think of color channels for images that aren't super detailed
".p3img" - Unknown, could be material file, or maybe some sort of image header?
".p3acm" - Maybe stands for "Anime Camera Movement"? All of the files are cameras for cutscenes, and they seem to call "cutscenes" "Anime" quite a bit
".p3lip" - lipsync data, stored in "data/event/lipsync/LANGUAGE/XX" replace "LANGUAGE" with either en or ja and replace XX with a number. Header is "lip"
".hpk" - Unknown, maybe havok related? Header is "HP10", perhaps havok physics 10? references ".p3igg" and ".p3img" files.
".pkchr" - Unknown, there appears to be one per every dynamic ENTITY in a cutscene, including lighting. Header is "HP10"
".imgpak" - very similar to hpk, header is "HP10", references ".p3igg" and ".p3img" files but it seems like slightly differently?
".mnupak" - header is "HP10", but seems quite different from the others, references cfg files but seems to have a weird starting location for filepaths, for example, one file path is "NINO/build_svn/usa/menu/battleMenu/animLink/kalb/bt04go01.cfg.kalb"
So on top of knowing that the project folder is NINO, we know they use Subversion, could be neat to document! unsure why all of the different languages go in the usa folder, but the folder names here don't quite match up with where they are in the final build, these are in "data/menu/gui/battleMenu" in the retail PC build.
Also, on top of the ".kalb" file they reference, there are also references to ".guib", ".lia", ".p3igg", ".p3img", ".cfg.bin". There are no ".kalb", ".guib", or ".lia" files in the retail build, I have no clue what they are. mnupak probably stands for "menu package" though
".sgb" - OGG Vorbis files with a different file extension attempting to load it with any audio player that supports OGG Vorbis will work.
".sgh" - header files for ".sgb" files? Header is "SGXD", which I assume is where the SG in the name comes from. Header extends for 12 bytes, with all but 2 bytes seeming to be the same between all? The next 5 bytes are WAVEH. 75 bytes follow, notably near the end there seems to always be 8 FF bytes in a row. Afterwards, is NAME. 44 bytes, with all but the last 16 bytes being the same amongst all files? last 16 bytes are 8 digit long versions of the file name/id (all file names for sounds are 7 digits, likely just padded here for ease of use)
".sgd" - header is also "SGXD", unfortunately doesn't seem to open as easily as ".sgb"...
".bk2" - standard Bink video format, viewable with RAD video tools
".dat" - shows up in a few places, the book has "content.dat" and "gvd.dat" files for every language, they all have the header "TGDT0100", no clue what it could mean. for "content.dat", while there's a bunch of unreadable binary data at the top, it soon becomes XML! "gvd.dat" is just binary, but still has the same header, seems formatted to 16 bytes
the sound files have "vol_set_XX.dat" files, no header, just binary data, seemingly padded to 3 bytes?
".db" - all of these are "Thumbs.db" I've seen this file before in various places in and out of games, so i assume its a Windows file of some sort? no clue.
".dds" - standard texture format, there's only a few textures in this format including "tgs2010_title_image.dds" which unfortunately doesn't load, unlike the other ones. HOWEVER, looking in a hex editor it looks rather normal, so its likely pretty trivial to fix... if i knew how.
".efp" - Unsure, has the header "FPAC", references "img" files, "DDS", "DXT5" (common texture format), models, vertices, a bunch of other stuff. All of these are data/effect folders so i assume they're special effect related
".gtf" - Unknown, only one in the whole game, "selection_frame.gtf" in "data/book/Frame"
".img" - Unknown, not a disc image file, only one in the whole game, "kiseki.img" in "data/effect/resource/kiseki". unsure what kiseki means, could maybe be a dev name?
header is "IM3". I noticed that it reminded me of a ".efp" file and I looked back and noticed that in every ".efp" file, 112 bytes down, it says "IM3" and goes into the same sort of data as this! this seems to be an unpackaged ".efp" file! although its so similar it probably doesn't matter.
".kfapak" - Unknown, only one in the whole game, "cmn_anim.kfapak" in "data/menu/common-resource", header is "HP10", but doesn't seem to resemble any of the other ones with that header
".m3area" - likely map data? header is "M3XAREA" and its always in subfolders of "data/map/"
".md3" - likely another development file, specifically for a model? Header is "GBF MDS" and there's a lot of references to materials as well as "mdsToolVersion Export MDS3 ver 6.4"
unsure if thats an internal tool or if you can buy that from some company somewhere
".mpk" - package file for 3 other files types:

  • "m3main" - Unknown, header "M3XBLOCKF"
  • "p3gpul" - Unknown, seems to just be binary, without even a header
  • "p3main" - Unknown, header "img"

All of these files are in "data/map/XXXX/pack", XXXX is likely a map ID.
".nutb" - scripting files, all in subfolders of "data/script" judging by the file name and the fact that the files reference some ".nut.i" files, I think its very likely that this is compiled Squirrel code! unfortunately since its compiled I'm not sure how much you can get out of it
".pac" - header is "PACK", seems to be compiled HLSL shader code (you can find "Microsoft (R) HLSL Shader Compiler 10.1 ISGN1" in the file) probably can be decompiled with pre-existing tools
".tss" - Unknown, only one in the game, "NPWR02389_00-0.tss" in "data/tss". judging by the file name its likely leftover PS3 data, since PS3 games are ID'd with usually BL or NP, the region, and then a number.
NP i believe is install, regions is usually US, ES, AS, JS, or JM. so I assume WR is worldwide or no region.
the actual ID number doesn't match with any retail disk redump.org lists, but they only list version 1.01 the Asia and Japan releases. plus that ID is so low i'm wondering if maybe its an ID specifically for game dev? I'm not particularly familiar with how this stuff works.
".rt" - Unknown, packed alongside map files and all of these files are suffixed with "route" so maybe its pathfinding stuff for entities in maps?
".npcbin" - Some sort of NPC data, references a ".pkchr" file and also seems to reference some pathfinding stuff?
".qlaf" - header is "QLAF", added by QLOC for the Remastered version, unlikely to have unused content
".cur" - cursor file, I believe also added by QLOC? very unlikely to have any unused content

I also took a very quick look at the PS3 files as well and it seems like most of it is packed into other files, so it'll be much harder to see version differences if there are any.

--Fiend (talk) 08:35, 10 January 2023 (UTC)