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Talk:Yume Penguin Monogatari

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Pirate Mode Explained

I checked out some ancient emails from 2003 which detailed the piracy that I unknowingly triggered while hacking the game into English. The mysterious mystery person who helped me out called himself "Vorname Nachname". Here's a transcript of what he sent me on June 5, 2003:

Yes. The protection is invoked right at bootup at
$F894 by JSR'ing to $D424. It calculates a checksum
over various memory locations (including the
protection check routine itself), and if the checksums
match (game is unmodified), it writes the value 00 to
$7FE; if the checksums do not match, it writes the
value 06 to $7FE. $7FE is then copied to $7F3, which
is checked at various points in the game.

The easiest solution would be to just disable the
protection routine. In the .NES file, change the
following bytes (first byte: original, second byte:

0001D436: 85 8D
0001D437: 00 FE
0001D438: 85 07
0001D439: 01 60

This will just write $00 to $7FE and then immediately
return from the protection routine, thus (hopefully)
fixing all problems.

As for an "older dump" working without problems, I
suspect that this older dump came from a bootleg cart,
and the bootleggers had already removed the

I decided to post this here for historical purposes. Maybe someone can use this info in a later edit. // Foxhack 01:06, 15 May 2012 (EDT)