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Tasogare no Ode

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Title Screen

Tasogare no Ode: Ode to the Sunset Era

Developer: APIS
Publisher: Tonkin House
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 27, 1996

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Tasogare no Ode is an RPG where you fight monsters using music that is composed with input lyrics.

Cacti may speak Japanese, but do they speak it well?
...But does it make sense?
The translations on this page need to be proofread. If you are fluent enough in this language, please make any corrections necessary!

Debug Menu

Tasogare no Ode Debug Menu 1.pngTasogare no Ode Debug Menu 2.pngTasogare no Ode Debug Menu 3.png Tasogare no Ode Debug Menu 4.pngTasogare no Ode Debug Menu 5.png

Use the following code, after that press Select to display a debug menu.

80014828 0000
8001482A 0000
(Source: Original TCRF research)

アトリビュート表示 (Display Attributes)

Tasogare no Ode Debug Attibute.pngTasogare no Ode Debug Attibute 2.png

Toggle enable/disable display the map attributes.

当り無視 (Ignore Map Collision)

Toggle hit check.

フィールドジャンプ (Field Jump)

Tasogare no Ode Debug Field Jump.png

Jump to selecting map.

モニターメーター表示 (Display Monitor Meter)

Doesn't work.

高速移動 (High-Speed Move)

Toggle normal/fast move of protagonist.


Doesn't work.


Doesn't work.

戦闘 (Battle)

Battle test with field placed enemies.

パーティ最強 (Party power up)

Doesn't work.

デバッグメッセージ (Debug Message)

Tasogare no Ode Debug Display.png

Display the debug messages.

効果音 (Sound Effect)

Tasogare no Ode Debug Sound Effect.png

Sound effect test.

歌作成 (Compose Song)

Tasogare no Ode Debug Compose.png

Compose song.


Doesn't work.


BGM test.


Doesn't work.

みるみるモード (Watching Mode)

Disable battle.

PCレベルアップ (PC Level Up)

Tasogare no Ode Debug Exp.png

Gives EXP to character.

PCパラメータ表示 (Display PC Parameter)

Tasogare no Ode Debug Character Status.png

Display the character parameter.

戦闘アニメーションコマ送り (Battle Animation Frame Advance)

Doesn't work.

アイテム取得 (Get the Item)

Tasogare no Ode Debug Item.png

Get the item.

モンスター戦闘パターン変更 (Changes Monster Fighting Pattern)

Doesn't work.

パーティ戦闘パターン変更 (Changes Party Fighting Pattern)

Doesn't work.

メンバー追加 (Add Member)

Add member to party.

メンバーはずす (Remove Member)

Remove member from party.