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Team Fortress 2/es/Sonidos no utilizados

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This is a sub-page of Team Fortress 2/es.

Hay muchos sonidos en los datos del juego que no están añadidos aún. Muchos de ellos fueron improvisados a la hora de grabar los diálogos de TF2 (o cualquier otro juego de Valve), así que es comprensible.

Música no utilizada

¡Hay música que no se ha llegado a utilizar!

A rendition--perhaps the original version--of Intruder Alert in MIDI format.
A 1-minute loop of elevator music that presumably would play in Mann vs. Machine when players were at an Upgrade Station.



Nota: All lines below lack lip-syncing

"Are you even tryin'?"
"Yo, did ya even see me hittin' ya?"


Muerte crítica con el lanzacohetes


Llevando el set del Soldado de plomo

Respuestas generales

"It is a full moon! I have turned into a robot again! Awoo-ooh!"

Al encontrar un fantasma

"Beep beep. I am scared."
"Beep boop. I am terrified."
"Oh no! That robot is a ghost!"

Al dominar a un Demoman

Nota: The following lines have no human equivalent. They possibly hint at the Demoman's and the Soldier's friendship from the WAR! Update.

"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "Call me later, we can talk about our day."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "Boy, I have something I want to tell you about the Engineer. Call me later pal."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "I cherish these moments we spend together."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "I'm still your friend."
"DOMINATED! I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!" (sotto voce) "Bye. See you soon."


Al dominar a un Soldier

Nota: The following lines have no human equivalent. They possibly hint at the Demoman's and the Soldier's friendship from the WAR! Update.

"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "But you're a good man and I love you."
"EVERYBODY! I DON'T LIKE THIS MAN. HE IS A SOULLESS MONSTER!" (sotto voce) "I do like you, it's just for show."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "But you're still me best mate, heh."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "But I treasure your friendship."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "You are okay though, right lad?"
"MY GREATEST ENEMY IS DEAD!" (sotto voce) "We should be friends forever, eh?"


Al matar al Medic de un enemigo mientras está curando

"Where is your doctor, coward?"


Nota: This voice response would play after the Heavy exited a Teleporter. It is unknown which patch removed this.

"до свидания!" (pronunciado "Da svidaniya!", significa "¡Adios!" en español)


Nota: These are earlier versions of various lines used in the game. The sound quality is lower than the final versions. None of these lines have lip-syncing data.

"Cry some more!"
"Cry some more!"
"You are so small! Is funny to me!"
"Time to hide cowards!"
"I am coming for YOU!"
"Keep crying, baby!"
"Who sent all these babies to fight?"
"All of you are babies!"
"It's good time to run, cowards!"
"I am bulletproof!"
[Mimicking Minigun revving noise then laughing] "Vzzzzzt! Rahrahrahrah! Vrrrrr! Wajajajaaaaaa!"
[Mocking] "Ooohhhh, run, run, I'm coming for you!"

Condiciones desconocidas

"Who. Touched. My. Gun."


Condiciones desconocidas

"Hello, Fräuleins!" (Cheery, taunting voice. Translation: "¡Hola, chicas!")



Nota: This line is missing its lip-syncing.

"That there was a mercy kill, stay down, lad."


Posiblemente dirigido a una clase en concreto.

"There was you, very full of yourself. Then, very briefly surprised. Then, dead."


Dominando a un Demoman

"'Kaboom' to you sir"

Al iniciar la burla Choca esos cinco

"Slap it now!"
"Who will join me?"
"Trust me."
"This is not a trick."
"I'm waiting."
"Who is with me?"
"Up high!"
"Leave me hanging and you will regret it."
"Slap my hand."
"Slap it now!"
"Come on, I don't have all day."
"Who will join me?"

Al realizar la burla Choca esos cinco

"Mission accomplished!"

Condiciones desconocidas

"I feel très bon!" (Translation: "I feel very good!")

La administradora

Respuestas no utilizadas

Inicio del partido

"Mission begins in twenty seconds."
"The mission has commenced."
"The round has started."
"The round has commenced."
"The mission has started."

Fin del partido

"Mission ends in twenty seconds!"


"We have succeeded."



Respuestas en puntos de control

"Alert! The center control point is being captured!"
"Alert! The center control point is being contested!"
"Prepare to defend our control points."
"Success! We have captured the enemy's final control point."
"Success! We have captured the enemy's last control point."
"Success! We have secured the enemy's final control point."
"Success! We have secured the enemy's last control point."
"We have captured the center control point!"
"We have lost the center control point!"

Respuestas en capturar la bandera

"Prepare to capture the enemy's intelligence."
"You must defend our intelligence."
"You must defend our intelligence."
"Success! We have captured the enemy intelligence."


"Do not fail me again."
"Do not fail this time."
"You must not fail me again."
"You must not fail this time."
"You failed."


"Stop the courier." (Courier)

Respuestas no utilizadas en arena

Inicio de la partida

"Start fighting, now!"

Punto de control desbloqueado

"Get to the control point."
"Get to the control points."
"Seize the control point."
"Seize the control points."


"Yes, yes, YES!"
"Well done!"
"You're a maniac!"
"You're a crazed killer!"
"Good job. Let's see some more."
"Oh, I love this."
"Crazed killer!"

Al quedar el último

"Your friends are all dead. Good luck."
"You are the last one alive."
"It's all up to you now."
"Your team is dead. Good luck."

Al quedar el último y perder por que capturan el punto

"You were always a disappointment."
"You're an embarassment."
"You disgust me."

Respuestas no utilizadas de entrega especial

Cuando el portador no se mueve

"Get the Australium to the rocket!"
"Get the suitcase to the rocket!"
"Get the device to the rocket!"
"You have the Australium! Get to the rocket!"
"You have the Australium! Get to the lift!"

La carga a punto de explotar

"The Australium is about to self-destruct!"
"The suitcase is about to self-destruct!"
"The device is about to self-destruct."