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Tecmo Cup: Soccer Game

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Title Screen

Tecmo Cup: Soccer Game

Also known as: Captain Tsubasa (JP), Tecmo Cup: Football Game (EU)
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo
Platform: NES
Released in JP: April 28, 1988
Released in US: September 1992
Released in EU: 1992

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Tecmo Cup: Soccer Game is a rather unique take on a soccer video game; rather than controlling one of the players directly, it's instead command based, sort of like a JRPG. It also sees Tecmo really flexing their Tecmo Theater cutscene style with almost the entire game being made up of it, perhaps not surprisingly since it was originally based on a soccer manga/anime.

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Unused Music

Goal In!

To do:
Audio Rip (Insert the respective 'Goal In!' audio clips from the sequel, Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker, as a comparative reference).

While these songs are used, it's impossible to hear the whole loop because it cuts 4 seconds in. Both loops are included in its entirety within the sequel, albeit being rearranged.

Player team variation Rival team variation

Unused Graphics

There are some sprites of Tsubasa in the international versions.

Regional Differences

The original Japanese version is based on the famous Shonen Jump soccer manga Captain Tsubasa. The international versions lack the license and instead replace all of the characters with original ones.


The names of the players were changed.

Japan International
Tsubasa Ozora Robin Field
Taro Misaki Cecil Field
Genzo Wakabayashi Lucas Wilder
Ryo Ishizaki Brook Garfield
Yuzo Morisaki John
Shingo Takasugi James
Mamoru Izawa Ralph
Teppei Kisugi Kevin
Hajime Taki Brett
Makoto Soda Simon Bruno
Tetsuo Ishida Jean
Minoru Takei Eric
Kazuo Tachibana Paolo Ponti
Masao Tachibana Marco Ponti
Hiroshi Jito Nigel Dickens
Mitsuru Sano Peter
Hikaru Matsuyama Roger Dewar
Kojiro Hyuga Damon Stark
Ken Wakashimazu Eddie Heese
Takeshi Sawada Otto
Kazuki Sorimachi Hans
Jun Misugi Elvis Lawrence
Shun Nitta Karl
Macher Jabir
Ramon Victorino Jawhar Abebe
Gino Hernandez Jozef Gyorgy
Juan Diaz Osman Ziyad
Alan Pascal Yahya
Elle Sid Pierre Stefan Victor
Louis Napoleon Franz Weber
Karl Heinz Schneider Ayrton Piquet
Deuter Muller Arthur Silva
Hermann Kaltz Nelson
Roberto Hongo Terry Field
Sanae Nakazawa Anne White
Tatsuo Mikami Lance/Vogel
Munemasa Katagiri Gloria

The team names were also changed.

Japan International
Nankatsu Razors
Nishikigaoka Gems
Minamiuwa Roses
Azumaichi Bombs
Hanawa Frogs
Meiwa-Higashi Rocks
Hirado Zaps
Furano Ninja
Toho Seals
Toho Institute Seals
Japan Tops/Ours Jr
England Japan Jr
Poland Argentina Jr
Uruguay Cameroon Jr
Italy U.S.S.R/CIS Jr
Argentina U.A.E/Arabia Jr
France Germany Jr
West Germany Brazil Jr

And the Super shot names were changed as well.

Japan USA
Drive Shot Hyper Shot
Kamisori Shot Passion Shot
Skylab Shot Acrobat Shot
Twin Skylab Shot D-Acrobat
Eagle Shot Jet Shot
Tiger Shot Howling Shot
Goinna Dribble Force Dribble
Sankaku-Tobi Wolfish Jump
Neo Tiger Shot Blast Shot
Drive Tiger Hyper Howl
Falcon Shot Powerful
Golden Combination Slalom Pass
Slider Shot Leopard Shot
Cannon Shot Bear's Smash
Eiffel Attack Passion Pass
Fire Shot Sonic Shot


Almost all graphics were changed after the Captain Tsubasa license was dropped.


Japanese USA Europe
CaptainTsubasa-Title.png Tecmo Cup- Soccer Game-title.png Tecmo Cup Football Game 2017-04-08 19.52.24.png


Japanese International
CaptainTsubasa-Intro1.png TecmoCupNES-Intro1.png
CaptainTsubasa-Intro2.png TecmoCupNES-Intro2.png
CaptainTsubasa-Intro3.png TecmoCupNES-Intro3.png
CaptainTsubasa-Intro4.png TecmoCupNES-Intro4.png

Charlie the Announcer

The JBS reference was removed. Also, the "ON AIR" graphic was changed to simply "TECMO".

Japan International
CaptainTsubasa-Charlie.png TecmoCupNES-Charlie.png


The board was changed to blue and the players were removed, giving the feeling that the coach is speaking directly to the player.

Japan International
CaptainTsubasa-Reunion1.png TecmoCupNES-Reunion1.png


Most animations (notably the shot animations) have their speed increased.


Some of the music tracks were changed in the international versions after the Captain Tsubasa license was dropped. Interestingly, some Japanese tracks were ported to the European versions instead of the American tracks or received changed instruments.

Game Start

Japan International

Player Team Possession (National Tournament)

Japan International

Player Team Possession (World Cup)

Japan International

Rival Team Possession (National Tournament)

Japanese USA Europe

Penalty Shootout

Japan/USA Europe


Japan International


The "Find Misaki" part was dropped in the international versions. In the Japanese version, after completing this quest, the game would allow Misaki to join the Japanese selection. In the international versions, Cecil joins after the practice match instead.

The strength of the goalkeepers was increased in the international versions.