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Tekken (PlayStation)

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Title Screen


Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: March 31, 1995
Released in US: October 11, 1995
Released in EU: November 1995

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Tekken is one of the earliest 3D fighting games made, with a huge influence from Sega's Virtua Fighter.

Unused Graphics

Unused Used
TekkenPS1SaveUnused.png TekkenPS1SaveUsed.png

An alternate save icon depicting Kazuya is present on the disc. Interestingly in Paul Phoenix's ending, there's a poster of Kazuya's face that resembles the unused sprites for the save memory icon.

TekkenPS1logo1.png TekkenPS1logo2.png

A couple of unused Namco logos, most likely meant for the title screen.


The logo for Namco's NeGcon controller, which the game does not support.

Placeholder Text

Present in TEKKEN.EXE at 0xD074, next to Memory Card related strings.


Alternate Namco Logo Animation

An alternate version of the Namco intro cinematic, called NAMCO.STR is present on the disc. This was used in the arcade version.

Galaga Related

The file SLUS_000.06 contains debug data related to the included Galaga minigame that can be played during loading.

Execute failed !
HdLoad start [%s]
Sectors %d
EXE_HEADER at $%08x
 EXE_EXEC  at $%08x
First CdReadyCallback == $%08x
First CdDataCallback  == $%08x
CD-ROM mode reset ...Byebye from GALAGA.

Create execute prosess.
Src $%08x - $%08x
Dst $%08x
OpenHead(Galaga) Start...
TransBody(Galaga) Start...
TransCompleted(Galaga) Start...
[%s] not found.
Unknown read job %d
TIM [%s] not found.
TIM read defused.
Tim read error.
Tex job complete.
Unknown TIM job.
Wave head [%s] not found.
Wave body [%s] not found.
Read wave head defused.
Wave head at $%08x
Wave head read error.
Read wave body defused.
Wave body at $%08x
Wave body read error.
Unknown VAB trans job.
Error at wave #0.
Error at wave #1.
Wave job complete.
Unknown Wave job.
TIM OPEN ERROR! in LoadTim()
Exe file [%s] not found.
Unknown tekken job.