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Tekken Tag Tournament HD

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Tekken Tag Tournament HD

Developer: Bandai Namco
Publishers: Bandai Namco (JP/US), SCEE (EU), SCE Australia (AU)
Platform: PlayStation 3
Released in JP: December 1, 2011
Released in US: November 22, 2011
Released in EU: November 25, 2011
Released in AU: November 24, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

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Tekken Tag Tournament HD was included in the PlayStation 3 exclusive Tekken Hybrid, a collection which also included the Blood Vengeance movie and a demo for the upcoming console version of its sequel, Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Prologue.

Unused Graphics

Placeholder load/save graphics with the character Unknown from this wallpaper.

TekkenTagHD loading.pngTekkenTagHD ICON1.png

Unused Model

Found in the game files, is this character model. It uses Bryan Fury's model, but there are floating eyeballs that are above his shoulders, his head, and floating next to where his hands are. This was likely used for testing.


(models-resource.com: Model was ripped by Doronetty)