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Tempest 2000 (Jaguar)

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Title Screen

Tempest 2000

Developer: Llamasoft
Publisher: Atari Corporation
Platform: Jaguar
Released in JP: December 15, 1994
Released in US: April 1, 1994

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Jeff Minter's magnum opus, merging arcade gameplay, hallucinatory visuals, and thumping techno to thrilling effect.


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Development Info

Rotary Controller Support


Atari planned on developing a rotary controller for the Jaguar, but eventually decided against it. Despite the hurdle of the controller never actually existing, support for it is present in Tempest 2000.

Open the Options menu and hold Pause on both controllers. A voice shouting "Excellent!" and a "Controller Type" option appearing will confirm correct entry. The new option allows you to choose between a standard joypad or a rotary controller for each player. If rotary control is activated for Single Player mode, a standard joypad in Port 2 will be used for menus and high score name entry.

Of course, now you just need an actual rotary controller. There are a number of guides online to convert an Atari 2600 Driving Controller into something that works, which is also more or less what Minter did during testing.

(Source: Console Database, Wikipedia)

Cheat Mode

Hold 1 + 4 + 7 + A on the main menu. A voice shouting "Excellent!" will confirm correct entry, which enables a few simple cheat keys:

  • Press Option at any time to skip to the next level.
  • Press 6 at any time to start a Warp Bonus Round.
(Source: Console Database)