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Cacti removal is best done with gloves. Very thick gloves.
This page or file is awaiting consideration for deletion.
Please make sure it is not linked anywhere before deleting it!

If a page needs to be deleted ASAP for any reason (e.g. abuse or vandalism), please report this to a staff member, preferably on Discord!

You can either use {{delete}} directly, or add a reason for deletion like so: {{delete|Not actually unused}}.

The tag is NOT to be used as your personal seal of disapproval! Pages/files will usually only be deleted under certain circumstances:

  • Vandalism
  • Complete nonsense
  • Not wiki-worthy (content actually used in-game, JPEG replaced with a clean PNG, page/file breaks ALL the rules, etc.)
  • Files uploaded long, long ago and never linked anywhere

In short, if there's no reason to keep a page, put it here. Otherwise it'll be kept... so it really works more as a "Look here!" template.

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