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It exists!

Chrono Trigger Prototype

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Released: N/A (unreleased prototype), Super Nintendo

A prototype of Chrono Trigger presumably used at trade shows and/or by reviewers, that was eventually leaked and released on the internet. The game contains four pre-set demo areas for players to explore, spanning from the start of the game to shortly through Magus' Castle.

Going outside the demo boundaries reveals that much of the rest of the game is present and in a fairly complete state, with a lot of interesting differences both major and minor. Many items differ from their final counterparts; numerous graphics are different, missing, or were removed from the final; some of the music is in an unpolished state, while others are absent or were removed from the final; and the world as a whole is different in numerous ways.

Perhaps most interesting of all are the presence of several dungeons that were removed entirely from the final! These include an entire area underneath the sealed ruins north of Medina, a strange series of catacombs under Zeal Castle, and the famed Singing Mountain.

This prototype is truly a treasure for Chrono Trigger fans!