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Refitted version of the Bob, used for userpages exclusively. Include only the information you feel comfortable sharing if you use this template, of course!



When creating or editing your userpage, copy-paste this, edit the right fields, and remove the blank ones and the fields that you don't wish to include. Simple as that.


  • noavatar: Assign a non-empty value to this parameter to omit the avatar image.
  • avatarimage: Avatar filename (e.g., "(Your Username)-avatar.png"). This can be omitted, in which case you can click the "no image" placeholder to upload an image. Images used here should be tagged with the {{personalimage}} template if not from a game's page.
  • avatarwidth: Width of the above image, in pixels (e.g., "320px"). Leave blank for auto. Images that are 400px or wider should be resized to 320px to keep the bob at a decent size.
  • title: Your profile's title. If blank, it will use the userpage's title.
  • name, surname: Your name and surname, respectively.
  • pronouns: Your pronouns.
  • birthdate, birthplace: Your birth date and place, respectively.
  • location: Your current country location.
  • From battledotnet to youtube: Your username on the respective service. It optionally can be a link.
  • aka: Your usernames and/or links to it for websites not listed before. List them and use commas to separate each one.
  • personalwebsite: A link to your personal website.