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Terra Cresta (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Terra Cresta

Developer: Nichibutsu
Publisher: Nichibutsu
Platform: Arcade (custom)
Released internationally: October 1985

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Terra Cresta is Nichibutsu's follow-up to Moon Cresta (although it originally wasn't planned to be) and their most well-known game, arguably as influential to the shoot-'em-up genre as Xevious, Gradius, and R-Type.

Version Differences


To do:
The recordings from emulation seem to run a bit slow compared to the actual arcade version. If so, upload corrected versions or recordings from actual hardware.

There are two versions of the soundtrack composed by Kenji Yoshida, made for the Yamaha YM2203 and YM3526 chips. The latter chip was in short supply at the time of development, so the former was used as an alternative.

Based on this, it can be said that the FM version of the soundtrack is the original, and the SSG version was done afterwards.

One significant difference between the two versions is that songs run a lot shorter in their SSG versions:

Song title FM (YM3526) SSG (YM2203)
Game Start
Theme of Terra Cresta
Last Start
Raddish / Dycoon
Game Over
Marching Roster (Name Entry)

Sound Effects

To do:
Rip the sounds for both versions and compare.

Although the YM2203 soundtrack uses the SSG part of the OPN chip, the game uses the FM channels for sound effects anyways. Even then, there are differences due to the way both chips process FM sound.