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Tetris (DOS, 1986)

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Title Screen


Developer: Vadim Gerasimov
Publishers: AcademySoft (1986), Elorg (1988)
Platform: DOS
Released in RU: 1986

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The DOS Tetris is one of the earliest versions of the game, and is currently the oldest version covered on this site — unless something unused is discovered in the Electronica-60 version.

To do:
Version 3.12 added an Easter egg, but how do you access it?

Alternate Save Key

At Tetris setup, you can read at the bottom Press SPACE to start, INS to save setup. There are two keys that has the saving setup function: INS and R. The latter isn't documented anywhere, and it's very difficult to discover without disassembly (as saving makes no sound or text message).

Revisional Differences

Version 1.0 Version 3.12
Tetris10-(DOS, 1986)-title.png Tetris (DOS, 1986)-title.png

The title screen became slightly fancier in newer versions, gaining an outline around the game's name. The color cycling also affects the whole title screen in v3.12, rather than just the logo in v1.0. In addition, a trademark symbol was added and the R was touched up.

  • Internally speaking, v1.0 is a .com file and v3.12 is an .exe file.
  • v1.0 uses Σ (sigma) to show the sum. This was changed to "Sum" in v3.12, likely because the Greek letter didn't show up properly with some encodings.
  • v3.12 added a pause key.
  • The score is shown in brown in v1.0 and yellow in v3.12.
  • v1.0 only allowed the player to set their level. A new setup screen was added to v3.12. It also added the option to set how much garbage the player starts with. Phantom mode is also added here.
  • An Easter egg was allegedly added in v3.12, but it's unknown how to see it in the game.